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  • How to Stay in Shape By Doing What You Love

    Andrea Scott, MS, "Gee, I Forgot How Much Fun This Was,": How to Stay in Shape Doing What You Love, Andrea Scott, LLC

    Many of us struggle to stick to an exercise program. We even forget that our own fitness is the legacy we leave our families. Learn to fit your exercise into your life, not your life into your exercise.

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  • Be Your Own Personal Trainer

    Andrea Scott, MS, "Gee, I Forgot How Much Fun This Was,": How to Stay in Shape Doing What You Love, Andrea Scott, LLC

    Andrea is an athlete and fitness expert. She is also a comic who performs around the Midwest. Her talk is a humorous take on committing to an exercise program for life.

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  • Essential Considerations for the Adult Child of Aging Parents

    Teri Dreher RN, CCRN, iRNPA, Owner / CEO, NSHORE Patient Advocates

    This program has two parts: one for the family that does not understand all the options for long term senior care today and how much each of them cost: emotionally, physically and financially. The second part will discuss estate planning strategies and documents that should be in place as parents age to conserve funds and help ensure that mom and dad can make the wisest, safest decisions when their health begins to fail. MORE >

    NShore Patient Advocates' owner/CEO Teri Dreher RN CCRN iRNPA will discuss medical/health considerations and Jeff Story, JD, a well known north shore estate planning attorney will share new strategies and best practices from the financial/legal standpoint. This dual program will be sure to educate, equip and inspire many from the "sandwich generation" who are facing difficult decisions with aging parents.
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  • Self-Defense

    Peter Honigmann, Founder and Head Instructor, Best Defense Concepts

    I am available to speak to any group, organization or company regarding all aspects of self-defense. My presentations can include a discussion of the law of self-defense, situational awareness and de-escalation, different levels of force (from simple deflections to joint locks to striking and the use of weapons), discussing the various weapons and targets of the body, and explaining the basic concepts of self-defense (from proper stance to specific techniques for dealing with common street attacks). The discussion can also include concepts for dealing with attacks with clubs, guns and knives, as well as how knives, clubs and improvised weapons can be used for self-defenses. MORE >

    My presentations can either be general in nature, covering many of the above topics, or I can focus on any issues or topics which the group specifically wants to cover, and can include some basic demonstrations of the techniques and concepts which are being discussed.
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  • Success in Any Relationship

    Molly Hillig Rodriguez, Molly Hillig, RN, MPH, Relationship Expert, Molly Hillig Rodriguez - Empower Yourself Coaching

    Have you felt distant in your relationship(s)? Has it been far too long since you have really had fun with your partner or children? Do you feel like you are alone in your relationship(s) or are unsure how to reconnect? What happened? Where did the love and respect go? Are you unsure as to how to re-engage? Research has proven that healthy dynamics in relationships being with you. Join Molly Hillig in one of her interactive workshops and learn to be successful in any relationship. MORE >

    This workshop is for anyone wanting to improve their relationship(s), marriage, is a parent or thinking of dating. Here you will learn Be Successful in Any Relationship and tools to make create lasting value in your relationships..

    Be Successful!
    It all starts with you!

    Contact Molly for more details.

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  • If you never ever experience an ache or pain don’t read this!

    Michael J Volpi

    Be your own pain therapist! Myofascial release is a centuries old form of muscle therapy practiced by various therapists and clinicians the world over. Michael offers a method of self treatment using simple household items everyone has. If you've ever used a foam roll at a health club, physical therapy center or chiropractic clinic You're halfway there. MORE >

    Many people have gained the benefits of this simple device but for most of us they're awkward, difficult to use on the floor, or just downright painful to use. This short seminar demonstrates how anyone can experience profound, virtually instantaneous benefits of myofascial muscle release therapy by using these methods a few minutes a day in their home, office, or even their car! Think of how sitting at your computer or being stuck in traffic can actually be theraputic! Really!

    I can truly speak before a group of people and offer no exaggeration, overstatement or fabrication of any kind. Give me ten minutes of your time and I guarantee you'll be convinced.

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  • Taoist Tai Chi Demo

    Stella "Sally" Bryant, Instructor, Taoist Tai Chi Society

    My presentation of Taoist Tai Chi includes the background of the Taoist Tai Chi Society. Then I will demonstrate the first 17 moves of the 108. I will teach the audience the first three moves so they can feel what Taoist Tai Chi is like. Then, Q & A.

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  • The Roadmap to Abundant Energy: 5 Essential Health Habits to Be Your Best

    John Godoy, Speaker, Inventor, Crowdfunder, Ironman, Coach, Trainer

    In this energetic and entertaining presentation, renowned wellness expert John Godoy, will reveal the 5 essential health habits necessary to achieve your highest levels of productivity, health, and personal freedom. MORE >

    Based on his experiences as an entrepreneur, trainer, and coach, John Godoy’s eye-opening and engaging presentation will leave you with a new perspective of what it takes to develop the energy required to work achieve all your goals and a burning to desire to act on them. A content- rich, fun program on how to live and work at your best! And the tools necessary to stick to adhere to them!
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  • 15 Days to Better Health-The 30 minute workout

    Michael Gow, CEO, Vision Worldwide Consultants, LLC

    My presentation is intended for all those who want to become healthier as soon as possible. For as little as 30 minutes a day you can achieve better health and fitness. I believe there is nothing more important in our lives than good health. Many days we wake up either feeling great or not and how we deal with our health dictates how our lives will be mentally or physically. I am not a physician or a professional physical trainer/therapist. MORE >

    I have taken no medical classes or use trainers at health clubs. But what I have is a lifetime of sports activities and experiences that I believe will be beneficial to everyone. It is very important to take action sooner versus later not only to maintain good health but to address any health related issues where physical activity will be beneficial. Why did I choose the title “15 days to better health? I believe if someone who dedicates 15 consecutive days of proactive exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes they will not only see signs of better health but more importantly it will lay the foundation to a change in your lifestyle as your health is very important and those 15 days will be the start of a lifetime of better health.
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  • Second Act – Seminar for Breast Cancer Survivors

    Pattie Cagney Sheehan, Owner, Second Act Cancer Recovery Boutique

    Pattie talks about early detection, how to do a proper self-breast exam, Medicare and insurance issues, and more. Second Act is Chicago's only accredited cancer recovery boutique.

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