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  • Concussion Roulette

    Anthony Surrusco, D.C., Clinic Director, Clarendon Chiropractic

    Did you know these alarming statistics? 70% of Players Played with Symptoms of Concussions; 40% of Coaches Didn’t Know About the Injury; 33% of Concussions Occur at Practice. A 10 to 30 minute presentation for coaches and parent meeting on the seriousness of concussions and how performance can be affected for athletes.

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  • Organize Your Health History… and Get the Treatment You Deserve

    Denise Pozen, President, Pozen Services, Inc.

    An organized and thorough health history gives healthcare providers a more complete picture that can save precious time in recognizing symptoms and the correct diagnosis. This presentation will reveal how to be better prepared in a medical emergency.

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  • Iridology, Reflexology, Hydrotherapy and Bio Ray Energy

    Anthony P. Koufos, Naturopathic Doctor, Naperville Naturopathic

    Reading the eyes is an age-old testing method. Adding reflexology (pressure points) on the body and extremities show the way to alleviating pain and other symptoms.

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  • Home Access for Everyone

    Lea Ann Skogsberg, Founder, Dollars and Sense

    The number one desire of people as we age is to remain in our own homes. Yet many of us are one mobility impairment away from not even being able to enter or exit our homes. This challenge for society will continue to grow as Baby Boomers age. Most needs are short-term yet most commercial answers require permanent changes to a property making them undesirable to homeowners and impossible for renters. MORE >

    There is a community-based solution to address this growing need to make home accessibility affordable for everyone. If you ever carried anyone into your home for a Holiday meal or experienced even "minor" surgery that affected mobility, you'll know why this is such an important topic.

    Ramps provide access for people with both temporary and long-term mobility issues. Yet while Medicare and Medicaid as well as private insurance programs underwrite the wheelchairs, walkers and assistive devices individuals require for mobility—except in some cases for veterans—there is no standard way to acquire and/or pay for the ramps. This concept, a community-based inventory of modular ramps, seeks to establish a pilot project to demonstrate the value of borrowing (rather than owning) home access products. Rentals respond to occasional as well as temporary needs for residential ramps. Except for the screws, each component is reusable; the units are American made.

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  • Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

    Lydia Galan, Outreach Coordinator, Pillars Community Health

    A Pillars Community Health staff member can be available to present such topics as “Healthy Teen Relationships,” “Domestic Violence in the Workplace,” and “Smack’d” (separate presentations available for teens and adults).“Smack’d” involves a staff member offering statistics and a survivor sharing his/her personal story; this presentation is regularly provided to hospitals, schools, and churches, among other venues. MORE >

    A Pillars Community Health staff member could also present on sexual violence topics such as “Sexual Health,” “Stop Porn Culture,” “Stalking Awareness,” “Sexual Assault Awareness,” and “Child Abuse Awareness.”
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  • The Microbiome and Autoimmunity; Unlocking Clinical Opportunities for Health.

    Robert Zoboski, DC, DACO, MS, President, Family Chiropractic Care S.C.

    There has been a tsunami of clinical research since the completion of the human genome project in 2001. Did you know that two thirds of the human body consist of bacteria, viruses, fungi, prokaryotes, and archaea? Collectively, these micro-organisms are known as the microbiome. Also coined the "second brain', the gut microbiota communicates with the human host in a symbiotic fashion. Our lifestyles and environment modulate our gut microbiota and can lead to imbalances in its composition resulting in increased intestinal permeability. Uncontrolled intestinal permeability can modulate our immune response, and if left unchecked, can lead to autoimmune diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disease and many others. With modern advances in diagnostic testing, it is now possible to detect antibodies early on in the disease spectrum. Early detection may allow preventative steps that may preempt disease manifestation via precise and precision treatment plans. This 'systems based' approach will fundamentally change the way medicine is delivered in the coming years. This presentation looks at the present status of how we, as "super organisms", have the capability to modify the way our genes express themselves, by changing our lifestyle, and healing our gut. MORE >

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  • Stress – How to Minimize Its Impact on Your Health

    Scott Cabrera, DC, Clinic Director, Higgins Sports & Spinal Rehab, SC

    With the demands of work and family combined with a lackluster economy, people need to know how to minimize the physical effects of stress. This engaging seminar presents simple and healthy ways to deal with stress.

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  • 3 Myths about hormones that are keeping your health hostage

    Iuliana Lixandru, L.Ac., MSOM, Vitality Natural Wellness

    If you struggle with fatigue, brain fog, weight gain or mood imbalances this is the talk for you! You are probably wondering what caused these symptoms and if you’ll ever feel better. This presentation is not only going to provide information about how your body functions but also it will give you insight into how to overcome any hormonal imbalances and empower you to find a greater sense of well-being. MORE >

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  • Self-Defense for Seniors

    Peter Honigmann, Founder and Head Instructor, Best Defense Concepts, LLC

    I've been teaching teaching self-defense to seniors at libraries, senior centers, park districts and retirement centers throughout Northern Illinois since 2012. My presentations to seniors focus on being observant, using verbal skills to de-escalate a situation, complying with demands for property, and then only as a last resort using very simple self-defense techniques to disable an attacker, including: the use of a cane or walking stick, improvised weapons such as pens, flashlights, and magazines, and the use of pepper spray. MORE >

    I include inspiring stories of other seniors who have successfully defended themselves against various attacks.

    I am only available to give presentations weekday evenings and weekends, and limit my travel to suburbs north of Chicago.

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  • Stress Reduction – Have we ever needed it more?

    Dr. Frank Sassetti, PsyD, CPT

    It seems that lately, our inner resources are being taxed to our limits and it feels like relief is a long way away. In just a few minutes Dr. Sassetti will teach you simple, efficient stress reduction techniques. These techniques can be implemented immediately, practiced with minimal effort and give you much needed respite from the extraordinary stressors we are experiencing. MORE >

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