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  • Solutions to Climate Change

    Andrew Panelli, Group Leader, Chicago South Suburbs, Citizens' Climate Education

    Here’s an opportunity to engage your audience in a fun way to learn more about the climate change issue, solutions, and the relative effectiveness of those solutions. As part of the exercise, we discuss various actions that can be taken. The audience is engaged to offer suggested solutions to slow climate change. MORE >

    Our trained facilitator will show the group how each suggested action(s) will impact climate change on a MIT/Sloan simulator that will model their proposed solution(s) instantly in “real-time”. This stimulates discussions as to why an action may or may not be as effective a course of action as expected. We’ll also share bipartisan actions that Congress is considering and evaluate what impact those actions have on climate change.

    Participants leave the discussion with new insights on how the problem should be addressed.

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  • Mitigation and Adaptation Solutions to Climate Change

    Kristina Murphy, Meteorologist, Water Resources Engineer, Confluence Climate Consulting

    Solutions for reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and addressing the impacts of climate change to public health and infrastructure. Individuals and organizations can take actions to improve our environment.

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  • Electric Vehicle Total Cost of Ownership and Role in Sustainability

    Tom Coleman, Sustainability Analyst, Climate Reality Chicago Metro Chapter

    Tom discusses electric vehicle (EV) costs from battery manufacturing to charging to driving. He also discusses a comparison of internal combustion engine and EVs on pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and costs. Other points covered are: MORE >

    • The current state of EV range and charging.
    • The role of hybrid, plug-in-hybrid, fuel-cell (hydrogen) electric, and battery electric vehicles.
    • Automaker initiatives and EV availability.
    • The value proposition of EVs.
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  • Climate Change in Illinois and Chicago: Impacts, Forecasts and Solutions

    Cynthia Linton, Chair, Climate Reality Project: Chicago Metro Chapter

    Although Illinois is not on a coast facing sea level rise, or in a severe drought area beset by wildfires, or in the South with it's increasingly severe hurricanes, we do have some serious climate impacts here in Illinois and they will grow in the future. Learn about severe weather, flooding and extreme heat in the Midwest and how Illinois and Chicago can cope with the changes. MORE >

    Linton will talk about what steps local and state government are taking and what you can do as residents.
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  • The Issues & Solutions to Climate Change

    Henry Moss, Outreach Educator, Citizens Climate Lobby

    Climate Change is humanity’s greatest challenge. Its solution depends on innovative policy and low-carbon technology that will catalyze and accelerate the global transition to a clean energy economy. Henry’s presentation will increase awareness of the urgency of Climate Change and how your members can be part of the solution to Climate Change. MORE >

    Presentation Overview:
    How to be part of the solution to Climate Change
    The importance of political will
    The basics of Climate Change
    The urgency of Climate Change
    An innovative bipartisan policy solution
    Pricing carbon to accelerate technical solutions
    Renewable energy to grow our economy & jobs
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  • En-Roads Climate Simulator

    Mark Ailes, Climate Advocate, Citizens Climate Education

    Can the audience solve the climate problem? They get to pick the levers they think will have the biggest impact and see what happens. Climate Interactive and MIT Sloan have worked together to build a simulator with most of the variables in a world wide climate model. I have been trained to run a workshop using the model that has also been used by the US Senate. It is interesting to see what is needed to solve the problem and what factors make the biggest difference. (About 1 hour) MORE >

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  • Why Net Zero Matters and How to Get There

    Mike Zanillo, Community Outreach Coordinator, Citizens Climate Lobby / Citizens Climate Education

    Climate Change has been called ’NOT the BIGGEST challenge of OUR time, but, the BIGGEST challenge of ALL time’. The topic can be confusing to many. Often, there is uncertainty of what Climate Change is, what are its effects and what can be done about it. MORE >

    In today’s media-rich environment, many issues are in the news, but, often not at a significant level of depth. One of the topics of growing interest to many engaged groups is the topic of Climate Change. The discussion related to Climate Change can be confusing to many. The Citizens Climate Lobby and Citizens Climate Education, are national nonprofit, non-partisan organizations that provide presentations to groups such as Rotary Clubs, League of Women Voters, college clubs and other local groups

    The presentation will educate, enable, and entertain your group members. The presentation can include short videos, slides, stories and time for audience questions. While the length of the presentation is at your discretion, the following topics will be covered.

    Learn about a simple, comprehensive, Climate Solution that is:
    - Supported by several major business organizations
    - Rapidly growing in public support
    - Is designed to appeal across partisan groups
    - Many view as the most effective climate policy
    - Will speed a transition to renewable energy
    - Considered as being a fair and just policy
    - Provides for economic growth and jobs

    After participating in our meetings, participants often feel more informed, energized and hopeful for a future stable climate. There will be no solicitation of donations or attempts to sell anything.

    Please contact me if you would like to discuss this opportunity for a presentation of this timely topic.

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  • What You Eat and How It Affects the Climate Crisis

    Cynthia Linton, Chair, Climate Reality Project: Chicago Metro Chapter

    Diet and food waste are two major drivers of greenhouse gases that cause the planet to warm. Learn the facts about food impacts and have a lively discussion about how you would be willing to change your diet to fight climate changes.

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  • Regenerative Agriculture, Nature’s Solution To Reversing Climate Change Now!

    Donald Viecelli, Climate Reality Project Leader, Climate Reality Project - IL Chicago Metro Chapter

    Regenerative Agriculture (RA) is a wholistic approach to restoring healthy soil as nature intended. RA principals and practices are required to stop the loss of our top soil and restore nature's balance between greenhouse gas emissions and CO2 draw down from our atmosphere. MORE >

    RA not only restores this balance, but can also reverse climate change and global warming through carbon sequestration much faster than any other means available. This presentation will show you how its done, provide proof from soil science field tests and how fast draw down can be achieved if RA methods are quickly initiated by farmers and ranchers.
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  • Solutions to Climate Change that benefit you and the Environment

    Dorelle Ackermann, Activist, Pachamama Alliance: Chicagoland Co-Hearts

    Every presentation is created to address the specific interests of your group. This presentation highlights 4 solutions that can benefit individuals while contributing to healing our planet. Food waste is the first solution discussed. One third of the world’s food is never eaten and is responsible for 8 percent of global warming emissions. Learn how you can reduce food waste, save money and at the same time create a more environmentally sustainable future. Reducing meat intake is the second solution. If everyone in the U.S.skipped red meat just one day per week for a year, it would be the equivalent of taking 7.6
    million cars off the road. Did you know that ComEd will give homeowners a free energy assessment, install low flow faucets and LED lights without cost? The third solution highlighted is home energy use. Save money and save the planet! The final solution discussed is transportation. Consider your options when traveling and quick trips to the store. Small behavioral changes can make a difference. Finally, in addition to individual solutions, the presentation will touch on our power to influence companies and government (especially local government) to move us to a more sustainable way of life. MORE >

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