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  • A Boomer’s Survival Guide in the post Coronavirus Era

    Terry Nugent, Partner, AlphasNext, LLC

    In the aftermath of the virtually unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic, how should the Baby Boomer manage the financial challenges posed by the virus crisis? In this session, you will lean: MORE >

    - What to do (and not do) in volatile markets
    - How to manage income and expenses
    - How retired, semi-retired, independent contractors, W-2 employees, and business owners can develop coping strategies tailored to their situations.
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  • Retirement Planning in a COVID 19 Environment

    Ted Buckley, Mooney Lyons Financial Services

    All who are currently retired or soon to retire -- Impacting from the COVID 19 world today and Changing political climates, market volatility, and surprising opportunities require investors to stay informed and get the latest news and information on trends and financial strategies.

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  • Need a Zoom Break? (Break up your at-home COVID workday)

    Sabrina Schottenhamel, Licensed Massage Therapist, Be Touched, by One Voice and Two Hands

    Most of us are sitting for way too long each and everyday. Half way through the day you realize your eyes are getting heavy from staring at your computer screen, your legs are falling asleep, and your energy is flat. If you have found yourself feeling any of these symptoms, then you are Zoomed out! It's Breaktime! Be sure to sign up for this presentation to learn simple self-care techniques to boost your energy and daily productivity. MORE >

    This presentation will give you:

    -The ability to take guilt free breaks
    -Ways to rejuvenate your body and mind
    -How to improve your posture and energy
    -Ways to increase your daily activities

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  • Eliminate the Fear of Leaving Your Comfort Zone During the COVID Crisis

    Susan Neustrom, Ed.D., Life, Leadership Coach, Author, Speaker, Educator, Leading to Action

    Change happened suddenly. You didn’t plan for major disruption. The COVID crisis turned your world upside down and thrust you right out of your comfort zone, big time. Certainly, leaving your comfort zone, especially without warning or preparation, is frightening and instead of moving forward in a new direction, you find yourself immobile, as if a brick wall was surrounding you. As a result, fear of leaving your comfort zone stifles growth, halts progress, and negatively impacts behavior leading to an overwhelming sensation of not in control. MORE >

    Instead of being comfortable doing your work, you find change discomforting, intrusive, and limiting your overall performance. From her book, The Comfort Zone Illusion and with over 25 years of experience leading personal, professional, and organizational change, Dr. Susan Neustrom unravels the mystery of the comfort zone, unmask the fears that hold you captive, and provide simple strategies to eliminate fear and create an adaptable work environment for successful change now and in the future.
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  • Navigating your utilities’ COVID consumer protections

    Christina Uzzo, Environmental Outreach Coordinator, Citizens Utility Board (CUB)

    Illinois utilities have publicly committed to additional consumer protections during the COVID 19 pandemic. Unfortunately, these protections can be difficult for consumers to navigate and there's a lot of misinformation out there. In this webinar we'll talk about how to make sure you're covered by the consumer protections, how to apply for bill assistance programs, and how to save on your bills with energy efficiency programs. MORE >

    The Citizens Utility Board (CUB) is a non-profit, statewide utility watchdog organization created in 1983 to work for lower gas, electric and telephone rates. CUB has been on your side for 30 years—blocking utility rate hikes, winning consumer refunds and helping to pass important consumer protection laws. Our outreach team has spoken at hundreds of community meetings across Illinois and would love to come to yours.

    Please note that depending on my availability, another one of our trained outreach staff may take my place as speaker at your meeting, but I will confirm when you contact me.

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  • The Science of Happiness: Positive Psychology in the Age of COVID-19

    Michael Bromberg, M.A., Speaker, Actor, Psychology Enthusiast

    Much of psychology looks at what is wrong with the world: research for disorders will examine those that have the disorder. What if we looked at those that don't have the disorder and ask, "What are they doing right?" This fascinating field looks at how we can improve ourselves by examining those of us who are above average, so that we can help those that are going through the rough patches of life. MORE >

    The field gives compelling, scientific proof on how we should change our mindset to promote self-improvement, overcoming disorder, and achieving our goals. Every time I have given this presentation I have people coming up to me requesting more info as it makes us expand our way of thinking psychologically! This is appropriate for all ages.
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  • Restoring Our Lives After COVID-19

    Gregory Kurinec, CFP®, MRFC, Bentron Financial Group, Inc.

    In this presentation, we discuss a three step plan that will help to get you back on track with your financial lives after this global pandemic. We will also discuss what you can do to remain vigilant and hold yourself accountable.

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  • Reopening, Cleaning, and Health in a Post-COVID World

    Robert Kravitz, President, AlturaSolutions Communications

    As facilities all over the country begin to re-open, the primary concern will be the health of building users. This applies to office buildings, schools, retail outlets, restaurants, hotels, and all commercial facilities. What steps should business owners and managers take to accomplish this? MORE >

    As a writer for the professional cleaning industry, I have written several articles about this and would like to discuss it with building and business owners and managers. Some of the topics covered in this presentation will include the following:

    • Why we must know how to conduct a "high-touch" audit.

    • Why we must find out if our cleaning contractor (or in-house staff) and their crew have been trained and certified in cleaning "best practices" and infection control measures.

    • Why we need to know what type of cleaning equipment is being used in the facility and why it matters.

    • Why we need to know the difference between cleaning and disinfecting

    • Why we need to know which types of disinfectants to use and how to use them properly.

    • Why cleaning validation is crucial now and how we go about it.

    The point of covering these issues is that building and business owners as well as managers are ultimately responsible for the health of building users.

    The more they know about cleaning, the healthier their buildings and business operations will be and the more likely they can begin their own financial recovery.

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  • Boost Your Immunity – Protect yourself from COVID!

    Sabrina Schottenhamel, Licensed Massage Therapist, Be Touched, by One Voice and Two Hands

    Are you looking to stay healthy and boost your immune system? Of course you are! This winter especially, it's important to stay ahead of the cold and flu season. Sabrina provides many tips, tricks, and techniques to support your immune functions.

    You will walk away from this presentation with: MORE >

    -Details about your immune system
    -Simple techniques to strengthen your immune system
    -Suggestions on what foods to eat
    -The best tips on hydrating your body, and what's best for hydration
    -Other immune boosting self-care tips and tricks!
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  • Mindfulness, Meditation and COVID-19: How to Navigate Through Stress and Uncertainty and Move Toward Inner Peace

    jacqueline McCarty, Owner Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, Om At Work

    In this experiential talk you will learn daily practices that build awareness, create resilience, and empower you to live from the place of center. Learn simple tools that positively affect your mind and body creating a stronger sense of focus and peace.

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