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  • Medicare 101

    Thomas Perrucci, Medicare Benefits Advisor, Premier Medicare Benefits

    Medicare can be challenging and confusing! Tom Perrucci, from Premier Medicare Benefits, offers a educational seminar to help you understand your options and feel confident about choosing coverage based on your needs budget and eligibility. He will review Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans, Part D Prescription Coverage, and cost saving strategies when you first enroll and every year after that. MORE >

    Tom Perrucci brings a wealth of experience to the health insurance field, and enjoys helping his clients get the most from their Medicare. Trust in one’s agent is extremely important, and Tom treats his clients as though they were his parents, always doing what is in their best interest and providing them with the best Medicare options for their needs, budget and eligibility.

    Tom is a 34+ year resident of the NW Suburbs, a business owner, husband, father, and grandfather.

    Tom and his wife Jackie are seniors, and have had personal experiences with a variety of different plans, so Tom can also provide a consumer perspective; something which is usually hard to find among agents.

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  • Stress Reduction – Have we ever needed it more?

    Dr. Frank Sassetti, PsyD, CPT

    It seems that lately, our inner resources are being taxed to our limits and it feels like relief is a long way away. In just a few minutes Dr. Sassetti will teach you simple, efficient stress reduction techniques. These techniques can be implemented immediately, practiced with minimal effort and give you much needed respite from the extraordinary stressors we are experiencing. MORE >

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  • Back in the Swing

    Betsy Voyles, President, FitGolf Performance Center

    Betsy will discuss golf-related health and fitness topics. Her talk is very interactive and any length of lecture/seminar is available.

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  • The Microbiome and Autoimmunity; Unlocking Clinical Opportunities for Health.

    Robert Zoboski, DC, DACO, MS, President, Family Chiropractic Care, S.C.

    There has been a tsunami of clinical research since the completion of the human genome project in 2001. Did you know that two thirds of the human body consist of bacteria, viruses, fungi, prokaryotes, and archaea? Collectively, these micro-organisms are known as the microbiome. Also coined the "second brain', the gut microbiota communicates with the human host in a symbiotic fashion. Our lifestyles and environment modulate our gut microbiota and can lead to imbalances in its composition resulting in increased intestinal permeability. Uncontrolled intestinal permeability can modulate our immune response, and if left unchecked, can lead to autoimmune diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disease and many others. With modern advances in diagnostic testing, it is now possible to detect antibodies early on in the disease spectrum. Early detection may allow preventative steps that may preempt disease manifestation via precise and precision treatment plans. This 'systems based' approach will fundamentally change the way medicine is delivered in the coming years. This presentation looks at the present status of how we, as "super organisms", have the capability to modify the way our genes express themselves, by changing our lifestyle, and healing our gut. MORE >

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  • Hey, Stop drinking that stuff ! Think about what you drink !

    Jim Rabb, Synergy Science

    Discover why most of the water and beverages we drink can actually have detrimental effects to our health. This eye opening presentation will have you, "thinking about what you're drinking". Once you understand the science behind the liquids we drink daily, you will change the way you look at what you use to hydrate and energize your body with. Learn the simple natural steps that could lead to relief for many health challenges including; Type 2 Diabetes, Acid-Reflux, High-Blood-Presure, Weight-Gain, Elevated Cholesterol, and even Low Energy. MORE >

    Consider the following:
    * 75% of all Americans are chronically dehydrated
    * 37% mistake thirst for hunger pangs
    * Staying properly hydrated can reduce back and joint pain
    * A lack of water is a leading cause of fatigue

    Your group will hear about the importance of consuming hydrogen enriched water to naturally address many health issues.

    Find out why many well know pro athletes have made this water the water of choice and no longer consume sports drinks, tap and even bottled waters.

    Free samples will be made available to your members.

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  • Medicare Benefits / Interactive Presentation

    Diane Adduci, Medicare Educator, Adduci Insurance Services

    Diane gives an interactive Medicare presentation describing preventive benefits under Medicare Part B.

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  • Optimal Performance

    Dr. Frank Sassetti, PsyD, CPT

    Dr, Sassetti has created a curriculum of how to be at your best to do your best. By creating a healthy body along with a focused and resilient mind, anyone can position him/herself to perform at optimal levels, no matter what the endeavor. Any audience will learn the importance of the relationship between the body and mind and how a this relationship forms the foundation for optimal performance/success. Participants will learn practical tools to implement immediately to being on their path to optimal performance. MORE >

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  • Self-Defense for Seniors

    Peter Honigmann, Founder and Head Instructor, Best Defense Concepts, LLC

    I've been teaching teaching self-defense to seniors at libraries, senior centers, park districts and retirement centers throughout Northern Illinois since 2012. My presentations to seniors focus on being observant, using verbal skills to de-escalate a situation, complying with demands for property, and then only as a last resort using very simple self-defense techniques to disable an attacker, including: the use of a cane or walking stick, improvised weapons such as pens, flashlights, and magazines, and the use of pepper spray. MORE >

    I include inspiring stories of other seniors who have successfully defended themselves against various attacks. My presentations are 1 hour or less, generally done on weekday evenings or weekends, and I usually limit my travel to a 25 mile distance from Lincolnshire.

    I am generally available to give presentations after 5:30 PM on weekdays, and almost any time on weekends.

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  • Organize Your Health History… and Get the Treatment You Deserve

    Denise Pozen, President, Pozen Services, Inc.

    An organized and thorough health history gives healthcare providers a more complete picture that can save precious time in recognizing symptoms and the correct diagnosis. This presentation will reveal how to be better prepared in a medical emergency.

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  • Start On The Road To Better Health!

    Scott Cabrera, DC, Clinic Director, Higgins Sports & Spinal Rehab, SC

    Hit the ground running on your way to better health. This entertaining presentation will give you simple and valuable techniques designed for you to reach your optimal level of health.

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