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  • Why Settle For Less?

    Robb Hill, Founder/President, R Hill Enterprises Inc

    Why Settle For Less, When You Can Be The Best? Many people settle for far less than they can have or achieve. Complacency becomes their biggest enemy, as disappointment becomes the norm. Knowledge is not power, APPLIED knowledge is power, and learning this application, can change the life out come. MORE >

    Financial advisor, author and inspirational speaker, Robb Hill has for over 18 years helped people not only put their financial house in order, and reorder their thinking processes for a better life outcome. His powerful lectures on basic financial planning, corporate communication and personal development are revolutionizing the way people look at their lives, their choices, and their futures.
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  • Pathological: What 25 Years of Living with Mental Illness Taught Me About Self-Stigma and How to Eradicate it

    Sarah Fay, Ph.D., MA, MFA, Award-winning Author and Mental Health Advocate, Northwestern University

    In this gripping and inspiring talk, Sarah Fay shares her experience of mental illness and psychiatric diagnosis. She received her first diagnosis at age twelve: anorexia. While in the mental health system for the next twenty-five years, she was given five more diagnoses: anxiety, depression, ADHD, OCD, and bipolar disorder. Sarah has since healed. This talk explains how she overidentified with her first psychiatric diagnosis, mistakenly using it against rather than for herself, and continued that pattern into adulthood. MORE >

    Sarah helps us better understand what a psychiatric diagnosis is and what it isn’t and how to use it to heal and flourish, not stigmatize ourselves.

    Topics covered:

    - Mental illness, mental health, and psychiatric diagnoses
    - Stigma and self-stigma
    - Self-talk and self-empowerment
    - The power of self-joy

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  • You Are a Visionary: How to Create True Mental Wellness in the Workplace

    Sarah Fay, Ph.D., MA, MFA, Award-winning Author and Mental Health Advocate, Northwestern University

    In this engaging talk, Sarah shares her own experience of mental illness and psychiatric diagnoses and the extensive research she completed for her journalistic memoir Pathological: The True Story of Six Misdiagnoses (HarperCollins). Everything we think—and Sarah thought—about mental health and psychiatric diagnoses is wrong. Believe it or not, when it comes to eradicating stigma and self-stigma, that’s a very good thing. MORE >

    We know that stress, suffering, and trauma take a toll on workers, employers, companies, and organizations. 85% of workers report the workplace negatively affects their mental health and wellbeing. Long-term stress increases the risk of mental health issues and mental illness. When a worker isn’t feeling mentally and emotionally well, their safety and the safety of others are at risk. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), depression alone costs employers $17 billion to $44 billion and causes an estimated 200 million lost workdays each year. Stigma and self-stigma against mental health conditions have been shown to increase stress and therefore exacerbate mental health conditions producing a negative and costly looping effect.

    How then do we eliminate stigma and self-stigma in the workplace?

    Topic covered:
    - Mental health in the workplace
    - Stress and how it affects mental health and psychiatric conditions
    - Mental illness and psychiatric diagnoses
    - Stigma and self-stigma
    - Being a visionary

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  • Knowing and Loving: The Keys to Real Happiness

    Robert Beezat, Owner and President, Robert A. Beezat. Inc.

    Be Joyful! Have Fun! Be the happy person you were born to be. As human beings, we are born to know and love. With a grasp of this basic concept, we can make choices and decisions which will enable us to live good, authentic, happy lives in the short term and long run. Understanding, developing, and nurturing the human capacities of knowing and loving are the keys to finding deep and long lasting human happiness. It is never to early or too late to be deeply happy!
    MORE >

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  • Reducing Deadly School Violence

    Kasia Wereszczynska, Clinical Director / Executive Director, Counseling Speaks / In Her Shoes Foundation

    Learn from Kasia Wereszczynska about reducing deadly school violence in a thought provoking presentation that focuses on prevention through understanding behavioral health.

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  • The New American Dream

    Marcus Carter, Marcus Carter, Carter Property Solutions LLC

    This presentation spans the fabric of our most polarizing attitudes on health, family, wealth, career and romance. Learn to identify, compartmentalize and execute personal goals through a hands-on examination of the process of self-fulfillment.

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  • Dealing with Conflict

    Michael Garlin, Passionate Speaker and Transition Coach, Garlin Consulting

    All of us deal with Conflict almost everyday of our lives. Understanding why Conflict exists and facing it with your own personal style will help you manage conflict in a very diplomatic and strategic way. Conflict can bring out feelings that many of us would like to avoid. Some of us take on conflict head on and many of us avoid conflict as if it's a plague. Let's spend an hour understanding and finding ways to deal with Conflict in new and interesting ways. MORE >

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  • Leading A Positive Lifestyle

    Joshua Reed, Founder, Tier One Consulting LLC

    It is easy to fall into a slump and even harder to get out of it. This presentation guides you on how to limit those slumps and the length of which you stay in them. Focusing on the process of information and how it affects everyday life personally and professionally I can give you a pathway to maintain a positive and productive attitude throughout your day to day tasks. MORE >

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  • Becoming An Innovator

    Stephen A. Di Biase, Ph.D., President, Premier Insights, LLC.

    "10 Keys To Unlock Your Innovative Self" offers the reader a short, simple, easy and fun treatment teaching anyone how to use the basics of innovative behaviors for becoming a more effective problem solver leading to a higher quality of life. Specifically, this treatise touches on why every human being is an innovator at birth, how we can maximizes, this natural trait, the importance of curiosity, imagination, inquiry, methods of learning, the importance of play and passion and how to use the scientific method while being careful of formal education. MORE >

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  • Get Off Your Buts! How to Make Progress Instead of Excuses

    Tammy Cook, Productivity Coach, Tammy Cook Coaching

    “I was going to do that last week – but...” Are you tired of feeling like you’re always struggling to catch up, while you only wind up falling further and further behind? If you’re ready to start making small changes that will have a HUGE impact on your life, step up to the plate and… Get off your “but…”s! MORE >

    Tammy’s 3 easy-to-remember keys give you immediate, actionable tools to use to begin conquering procrastination and creating new habits.

    Tammy will share tools and techniques that will enable you to;
    • Increase personal productivity at work AND at home
    • Conquer procrastination
    • Reduce pressure & stress
    • Develop a highly effective mindset
    • Feel better mentally and physically
    • Have more energy
    • Increase self-discipline… AND self-esteem!
    • Have time left over for things you really WANT to do

    Discover how to live a limitless life and finally… FULFILL YOUR POTENTIAL!

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