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  • Leadership: How To Bring Results By Leading Your Team

    Robb Thompson, President & Founder, Progressive Life

    There are many people and organizations that crave leadership with their teams inside their organization, but they don't want to utilize the people that know how to take them from nothing to a point of success. MORE >

    We show you how to lead a healthy environment, how to have right relationships inside your company, how to build a team, how to stay positive, and how to get results.

    All companies want results. We will show you how to unlock ideas and open new doors of productivity.

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  • Scuba Therapy: The next big thing

    Tinamarie Hernandez, Executive Director, Diveheart

    What is Scuba Therapy? What research has been done around scuba diving and spinal cord injury? autism? PTSD? Chronic pain? How is Diveheart helping to inspire and partner with the medical community to delve more deeply into what scuba diving can do to for people of all abilities.

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  • Bringing Green Energy to Your Home

    Sarah Moskowitz, Managing Director of Outreach, Citizens Utility Board (CUB)

    Wouldn’t it be great to do your part to save the environment, and save money at the same time? Here in Illinois, it’s possible--thanks to a number of statewide policies that CUB fought long and hard for. In this talk, I’ll give you the lowdown on how you can use renewable energy and become more efficient at home every day. MORE >

    CUB is a non-profit, statewide utility watchdog organization created in 1983 to work for lower gas, electric and telephone rates. CUB has been on your side for 30 years—blocking utility rate hikes, winning consumer refunds and helping to pass important consumer protection laws. Our outreach team has spoken at hundreds of community meetings across Illinois and would love to come to yours!

    Please note that depending on my availability, another one of our trained outreach staff may take my place as speaker at your meeting, but I can let you know for sure when you contact me.

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  • GMOs: Deciphering Fact from Fiction

    Illinois Farm Families, Farmers, Illinois Farm Families

    Ask most consumers their opinion about GMOs and their answers will likely range from concern to avoiding them at all costs. In this session, a local Illinois farmer will answer some of the questions being asked about GMOs today including: Are they safe for human consumption? Do they cause cancer and allergies? What crops and foods are currently being modified? Are farmers forced to grow GMOs by large companies? MORE >

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  • Positive Psychology: A Fascinating Perspective on Achieving our Best

    Michael Bromberg, M.A., Speaker, Actor, Psychology Enthusiast

    Much of psychology looks at what is wrong with the world: research for disorders will examine those that have the disorder. What if we looked at those that don't have the disorder and ask, "What are they doing right?" This fascinating field looks at how we can improve ourselves by examining those of us who are above average, so that we can help those that are going through the rough patches of life. MORE >

    The field gives compelling, scientific proof on how we should change our mindset to promote self-improvement, overcoming disorder, and achieving our goals. Every time I have given this presentation I have people coming up to me requesting more info as it makes us expand our way of thinking psychologically! This is appropriate for all ages.
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  • Solving Climate Change with a Solution We Can All Like

    Mike Zanillo, Volunteer and Illinois State Co-Coordinator, Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL)

    In today’s media-rich environment, many policy issues are in the news, but, often not at a significant level of depth. One of the topics of growing interest to many engaged groups is the topic of Climate Change. The discussion related to Climate Change can be confusing to many. Often, there is uncertainty of what Climate Change is, what are its effects and what can be done about it. MORE >

    The Citizens Climate Lobby, is a national nonprofit, non-partisan organization that provides presentations to groups such as Rotary Clubs, League of Women Voters, college clubs and other local groups

    The presentation will educate, enable, and entertain your group members. The presentation can include short videos, slides, stories and time for audience questions. While the length of the presentation is at your discretion, the following topics will be covered:

    • How will climate change impact the Chicago area ?
    • What climate solutions exist ?
    • How can we solve the problem and create jobs, grow GDP, increase household income and improve US competitiveness at the same time ?
    • What actions can ordinary citizens take to ensure a stable climate in the future ?

    After participating in our meetings, participants often feel more informed, energized and hopeful for a future stable climate. There will be no solicitation of donations or attempts to sell anything.

    Please contact me if you would like to discuss this opportunity for a presentation of this timely topic.

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  • Demonstrating and Teaching Mental Math Methods

    Cliff Petrak, Retired Teacher, Brother Rice High School

    Learn to master a multitude of little-known, super-shortcut computational methods involving addition, subtraction, fractions, squaring and multiplication. Unfortunately, our country consistently finishes among the bottom third of industrialized countries in the annual mental math competition for students. Learning these strategies and methods will leave your calculator-dependent friends in the dust!

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  • Getting Your Voice Heard As An Author

    James H. Carpenter Barnes, Ph.D., Founder, All I Imagine, Inc

    This topic is intended to benefit those who desire to become successful as published writers. Every person who has written a book has faced two significant concerns. The first concern is will they accept what I've written, is it good enough? Only time and exposure can answer that question. The second concern is, who is going to purchase my book? How will I reach enough people for them learn about this amazing new talent that has created this masterpiece of fiction or non-fiction? MORE >

    You have chosen your genre, your muse has gifted you with an idea and the grit to finish your literary work. An editor, (and a few trusted readers of the early draft), have placed a seal of approval on the manuscript. And you agree that it's good, maybe even very good. But now what, you may ask, is the next step? You have put yourself and your manuscript through the editing crucible of examination and scrutiny, now your work is ready to be published. Either by you as the self-published author, traditional publishing or something in between called hybrid publishing. Alrighty then... you're ready for the recognition and royalties to start rolling in, right? In the majority of cases, wrong!

    Here's the harsh reality. Once a writer has finished their book, they must then begin another phase the modern day writer must invariably face, which is getting a book cover seen and their literary voices heard by the book buying public. Books are usually written with the door closed. We as writers need to shut out distractions freeing us to create another reality on the page. Ah, but here's the twist, the marketing of that book must be executed with the doors and windows of communication wide open. This is an entirely different mindset that must be embraced if one intends to sell books to more than a few relatives, friends and co-workers. Not being properly prepared for this challenge has discouraged many talented writers into giving up their dream to avoid this intimidating proposition. To be honest, the marketing of your book should begin well before your work is finished.

    When presenting this topic, we will share some basic principles of social media marketing specifically for authors from a writers perspective. We will target the importance of the length and depth of ones reach with their target audience, and methods to accomplish this task.

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  • The Medicare Puzzle: Do You Know Your A, B, C, & D’s ?

    Tom Kedzie, Financial Planner, Lincoln Financial Advisors

    In this presentation you will learn:

    * How Medicare enrollment periods work and how to avoid late penalties.
    * What you can expect to pay after going on Medicare.
    * What Medicare covers and doesn't cover.
    * Why you must plan for higher health care costs in retirement.
    * What about Long Term Care?

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  • Career Readiness Before College

    Georgia Koch, Community Outreach Coordinator, Career Vision

    College planning is not just for college but for career planning as well. Believe it or not, sophomore year of high school is not too early to start. Georgia will show audiences why.

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