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  • Democracy Under Duress

    Ed Spire, Co-lead, Restore our Democracy Project, NWSOFA-Indivisible

    Right-wing populism is rising in many western nations, but here in the US it is beginning to actually threaten our democracy. This presentation points out why this is happening uniquely here in the US: Because the country is becoming a true multi-racial democracy, a transformation that no other country is undergoing. And the US constitution actually empowers the minority that wishes to stop this transition. MORE >

    We will discuss why this is happening, and what we need to change in our governmental structures to alleviate this attack on our democracy.

    And we must address these very thorny issues, starting now. Because the US will become a multi-racial democracy - or it won't be a democracy any more.

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  • Why the Student Loan Bubble is Now Your Problem

    Joseph Orsolini, President, College Aid Planners, Inc.

    If you thought the student loan bubble was only a Millennial problem, think again! The trillion dollar student loan bubble is bursting. This eye-opening program details the depth of this country’s student loan crisis, how it is spreading beyond the millennial generation, and why it is becoming your problem as well.

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  • Don’t Pay the College Sticker Price!

    Joseph Orsolini, President, College Aid Planners, Inc.

    The program will highlight the three key areas of opportunity to reduce the overall cost of a college education. The presentation will focus on strategies to maximize need-based financial aid eligibility, target the right colleges for merit-based financial aid, and exploit tax-saving opportunities.

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  • Exploring Careers with a Social Impact

    Matt Kinnich, CEO, Roland, Ruth & Mitchell

    This presentation is for individuals, teams and/or organizations that want to explore careers with a social impact. The presentation is a combination of Matt’s social impact journey and an interactive workshop for participants. Participants will engage in the following: MORE >

    • 1-2 things you hope to get out of today’s presentation
    • Matt’s social impact career journey
    • What are you Passionate about?
    • What are your Strengths?
    • Passions & Strengths – what’s the intersection?
    • How do I explore options & opportunities?
    • Individual/Group questions
    • What actions am I willing to do next?
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  • Planning for Old Age is Fun! Said No One Ever.

    Renee N. Duba, Founder, Sonder Private Wealth Management

    "Live fast and hard, die young and have a good looking carcass!" Noel Duba, my father. MORE >

    It really does seem as though no one plans for what may happen as they age. If you have ever cared for an aging parent, then you know how important having a plan for aging can be. This fun, somewhat irreverent talk will provide audience members with a complete guide to establishing a plan for aging that will support family and caregivers should the time come. We will cover the legal, financial and other issues that make up the components of a good plan.
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  • Long Term Care: Don’t Go Broke!

    Tom Kedzie CFP®, MBA, Financial Planner, RetireWell

    In this presentation you will learn:

    * How to protect your house and income.
    * What Medicare and Medicaid cover.
    * Types of care: home, assisted living, and nursing home.
    * How to pay for long term care without paying annual premiums.

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  • Energy Efficiency, Utility Bills, & Your Home

    Kate Shonk, Sustainable Communities Liaison , Citizens Utility Board (CUB)

    Wouldn’t it be great to do your part to save the environment, and save money at the same time? Here in Illinois, it’s possible--thanks to a number of statewide policies that CUB fought long and hard for. In this talk, I’ll give you the lowdown on how you can benefit from cost saving energy efficiency programs. MORE >

    CUB is a non-profit, statewide utility watchdog organization created in 1983 to work for lower gas, electric and telephone rates. CUB has been on your side for 30 years—blocking utility rate hikes, winning consumer refunds and helping to pass important consumer protection laws. Our outreach team has spoken at hundreds of community meetings across Illinois and would love to come to yours!

    Please note that depending on my availability, another one of our trained outreach staff may take my place as speaker at your meeting, but I will confirm when you contact me.

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  • A Consumer’s Guide to Going Solar

    Kate Shonk, Sustainable Communities Liaison , Citizens Utility Board (CUB)

    Are you interested in going solar? Learn if solar is right for your home and how to get the most value out of your solar system from consumer advocate experts. In 2019, CUB staffers gave over 70 solar presentations, and we are excited to answer all your solar questions! MORE >

    CUB is very excited about new solar incentives available to homeowners in Illinois. However, we know that with all the new advertising and high pressure sales pitches it can be confusing to know what is best for you. At this presentation we will go over solar basics, including:
    ---why now is the best time yet to go solar,
    ---how solar panels work with your home and the grid,
    ---an overview of state and federal incentives,
    ---why it is almost always better to purchase, rather than lease solar panels.

    Please note that depending on my availability, another one of our trained outreach staff may take my place as speaker at your meeting, but I will confirm when you contact me.

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  • What’s an Assault Weapon, and why are they so deadly?

    Ed Spire, Co-lead, Restore our Democracy Project, NWSOFA-Indivisible

    There's been a lot of discussion lately about tighter regulations on assault weapons like the AR-15. If we are going to regulate these weapons, we will need a legal definition describing them. And instead of a definition that depends upon specific configurations or cosmetic appearance, we propose a definition based on the factors that make this class of weapons so deadly. MORE >

    This presentation focuses on the development of this class of weapons, the factors that make them so deadly, and how we can use those factors to legally define an "assault weapon" for future regulation thereof.
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  • Congress Doesn’t Care What You Think

    Ed Spire, Co-lead, Restore our Democracy Project, NWSOFA-Indivisible

    this presentation addresses the problem of unlimited political money corrupting our democracy. We explain the problem clearly, and discuss the causes and possible solutions, including steps that we can take in our own communities to begin addressing this structural problem in our country. The presentation is non-partisan and brings issues to light which are of concern across the aisle. MORE >

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