Tom Coleman

Sustainability Analyst, Climate Reality Chicago Metro Chapter

Free Climate Speaker in Chicago

  • Electric Vehicle Total Cost of Ownership and Role in Sustainability


    Tom discusses electric vehicle (EV) costs from battery manufacturing to charging to driving. He also discusses a comparison of internal combustion engine and EVs on pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and costs. Other points covered are: MORE >

    • The current state of EV range and charging.
    • The role of hybrid, plug-in-hybrid, fuel-cell (hydrogen) electric, and battery electric vehicles.
    • Automaker initiatives and EV availability.
    • The value proposition of EVs.
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  • Climate Crisis Urgency and Remedies


    Learn from Tom about the scientific consensus on climate change, as well as fossil fuel pollution, climate warming problems, and other challenges. Tom will also discuss the pillars of needed change and market approaches and business solutions for change. Also covered is: MORE >

    • The role of business in the convergence of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) forces.
    • The value proposition for change
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