Andrew Panelli

Group Leader, Chicago South Suburbs, Citizens' Climate Education

Free Climate Speaker in Chicago

  • Solutions to Climate Change


    Here’s an opportunity to engage your audience in a fun way to learn more about the climate change issue, solutions, and the relative effectiveness of those solutions. As part of the exercise, we discuss various actions that can be taken. The audience is engaged to offer suggested solutions to slow climate change. MORE >

    Our trained facilitator will show the group how each suggested action(s) will impact climate change on a MIT/Sloan simulator that will model their proposed solution(s) instantly in “real-time”. This stimulates discussions as to why an action may or may not be as effective a course of action as expected. We’ll also share bipartisan actions that Congress is considering and evaluate what impact those actions have on climate change.

    Participants leave the discussion with new insights on how the problem should be addressed.

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  • The Conservative Case for Smart Climate Action


    About 40% of all Americans either have some degree of skepticism regarding climate change as an issue or need more information on the subject. This presentation moves beyond scientific based arguments for taking action and refocuses on a compelling case for solutions that are both in-line with conservative principles and deliver desired outcomes that include: freedom of choice, quality of life, enhanced national security, and economic well-being. MORE >

    Throughout the presentation the audience is engaged in an interactive discussion providing feedback on shared values, approach, and whether the proposed solution meets a conservative “litmus test”.
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