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  • Culture Trumps EVERYTHING

    Mike Shereck (PCC), Founder and President, Mike Shereck Group and Transformational Leadership Experience

    If culture really does trump everything, why is it so how to create change in our organizational cultures? (Here is a hint: It's not about tips and techniques) We look at how the culture was created, we look at what the culture is in service of, and we look at what is needed to day, this includes, diversity, inclusion, respect, productivity, and sustainability just to name a few. Don't miss this! MORE >

    "A nation's (and if I could add, an organization's) culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people." -Mahatma Gandhi
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  • ‘WOW’ Customer Service is Effective, Efficient and PERSONAL!

    Karyn Ross, Owner, Karyn Ross Consulting

    Did you know that more than 50% of customers switch service providers after just one poor customer service experience? And that most don't even tell the provider their dissatisfied with why. In today's increasingly more connected marketplace, it's easy for customers to find alternate service providers. So, unless your business is able to deliver 'WOW' service experiences, each and every time, you're in danger of losing your customers to your competitors. MORE >

    In this presentation, Karyn Ross, Shingo-prize winning coauthor of The Toyota Way to Service Excellence explains why "effective, efficient and personal' are the three elements of 'WOW' service that every customer wants!
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  • Millenial Onboarding

    Bette Lawrence-Water, Founder and Principal Consultant, Spectrum Strategic Solutions

    Onboarding new employees is a secure investment that will assist newly hired employees in developing their skills, knowledge, and value within the company. It will help match the technically skilled Millennial workforce with new and emerging needs of your company, which gives your company an advantage within the market. MORE >

    Millennial Onboarding is a specialized type of employee onboarding. With Millennials we are seeing a need to tweak the onboarding process to better suit the needs of the company and new hires. It will increase productivity and produce a happier and more skilled workforce. The new hire phase is a critical time for the employee and company and having a structured set of procedures will make this time run smoother and produce a greater chance of success.

    Presentation Objectives:
    • Define onboarding
    • Discuss the characteristics of Millennials
    • Create an onboarding process for Millennials
    • Start action plans for working with Millennials
    • Learn from introspection

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  • Murder by Meeting

    Marie Genevieve Pawlak, Managing Principal , Planning101 Group

    Life is too short to be killed by meeting!
    Meetings should be an opportunity to connect, learn, encourage, and get things done. So how do you make your meetings better for everyone? This talk will review the 11 ways people have tried to kill others in meetings and how to stop them. You will laugh, cry and admit that you have tried to kill your co-workers. In the end, you will walk out with an action plan on how to make your next meeting a great meeting. MORE >

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  • “Learning” to Win

    Bob Miller, Founder and CEO, PFCC Group

    In a world who's knowledge doubles every 5 years we all have to be continuous learners. If you are not growing you are coasting and coasters go down hill. I'm sure many of your competitors aren't coasting. MORE >

    The good news is that we have access to more information and knowledge than any other generation. The bad news is we have access to more information and knowledge than any other generation! As business leaders and associates we have to answer some serious questions.

    1. What do we need to learn?
    2. Where do we begin?
    3. How much time can we invest?
    4. How much is it going to cost?
    5. How will we get a return on my investment

    "Learning" to Win, addresses these concerns and provides some insights into how you and your organization can build and strengthen a continuous learning culture.

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  • Empowering the Multi-Generational Workforce

    Mary Erlain, President, Peak Development Strategies

    We work in a diverse workplace. Diversity can drive business growth if you empower your workforce to use their own unique gifts and values. The challenges organizations struggle with are finding ways to do just that, empowering their staff. Learn ways to help bridge the differences that can exist between staff members of different generations. Understand how we can be (without intention) enabling the problem instead of being part of the solution. MORE >

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  • Computer Security Essentials

    Jody Jankovsky, Founder and Managing Member, Black|Line Consulting

    Black|Line's Security Essentials presentation focuses on the most common computer security issues facing people and businesses today. The talk describes the 4 primary threat categories and a series of technologies and best practices to protect yourself. The presentation can be made to fit a 30-60 minute format.

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  • The Referral Process – Developing a Referral System for Explosive Growth

    Tom Kelly, Business Coach, Potential In Motion

    If referrals are a part of your business, then this presentation is for you! In this presentation, Mater Certified Business Coach Tom Kelly talks about potential sources for referrals, how to overcome your fears around asking for referrals, and how to build an effective referral system that will help you generate solid leads on a regular basis. MORE >

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  • Write a Book to Promote Your Business!

    Heidi Thorne, President, Thorne Communications LLC

    Thinking about writing and self publishing a book to promote your business? Heidi Thorne, author of over 20 self published books and eBooks, discusses how it's done and how to determine if it's right for you!

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  • “Establishing Your Professional Persona: 5 Steps to Crafting a Compelling Brand Identity”

    Tammy Cook, Professional Coach, Tammy Cook Coaching

    Are you a small business owner trying to build your following and your list?
    Are you ready to create a clear, compelling voice for your business, that magnetically draws ideal prospects to you? MORE >

    If you are struggling to find followers and build your presence, no matter the amount of marketing and outreach you do, it could simply be because this key foundational piece is missing.

    This foundational piece is most often skipped over when beginning a business - crafting a compelling brand identity that connects with your target audience. Once you get this step right, you will be positioned as the go-to expert in your niche, and you will attract ideal clients with much less effort.

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