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  • Talent Management

    Ozias Washington, Career Coach, Constant Organizational Development

    “People are our greatest asset” is a cliché. Smart organizations don’t just want people; they want talented partners—people who fit the organizational culture and can perform within it at a high level to achieve mutual benefit. An organization’s talent strategy represents perhaps the single greatest factor in its success, and an opportunity to differentiate itself from competitors. MORE >

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  • Leadership and Coaching

    Julie Bronsteatter, Personal and Executive Coach, J Bronsteatter Coaching

    There’s more to leadership then, well, leading. In fact, the most successful leaders use coaching techniques to get the most out of their teams. This session offers 5 easy tips on how to approach leadership through a coaching lens, creating a powerful connection with lasting impact.

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  • Customer Experience And How To Drive Retention

    Joshua Reed, Founder, Tier One Consulting LLC

    Too often we get caught up in other parts of the business and lose focus on the outside perspective. Creating the perfect atmosphere for your customers is crucial to growth and expansion of the business. We will cover everything from presentation of the business down to how you interact with your customers. The key to a happy customer is making them comfortable and wanted throughout their experience with your business. MORE >

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  • Character Based Management: A Key to More Productive & Effective Organizations

    Robert Beezat, Owner and President, Robert A. Beezat. Inc.

    Improve your organization’s effectiveness and productivity as well as your job satisfaction by improving your character. Now is the time to start! Learn about how your character impacts the workplace and how you can improve your character using the free app BABU - Be A Better You. Learn communication, leadership, and decision-making behaviors which promote good character in yourself and build a high-functioning team with and among the people you manage. MORE >

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  • Why Should I Buy From You?

    Thomas Herman, Managing Director, CRO RoundTable

    Whether you own a business, lead a sales team or are an individual contributor, this question is constantly being posed to you by potential customer(s). Even existing customers ask the question when they are trying to decide if they should continue to do business with you. It does not matter how big or small your business or team is, nor does it matter what your product or service is ... this question is being asked. The question comes in many formats and learning to recognize the question and, more importantly, learning how to answer this question is critical to a successful outcome. What are the underlying reasons you are being asked this question? What is the most effective way to answer? MORE >

    The proper response is not what most business owners and leaders expect and is not the response that is given the majority of the time. You can improve your 'win ratio' by understanding the motivation behind the question and learning techniques that speak to the underlying motivation.
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  • Enriching Your Nonprofit Through Planned Giving

    Robert J. Varak, Law Offices of Robert J. Varak

    Learn how to establish a system whereby your organization can systematically improve its funding via the estate plans of potential donors. Most nonprofits receive periodic and inconsistent donations via this revenue stream, but I will explain how to utilize planned giving programs to improve fundraising across the board, not only via bequests. MORE >

    A small investment of time and resources on behalf of your nonprofit can result in a significant return, as well as improved branding and standing in your field. It's an overlooked aspect of development, and my presentation will draw on my experience advising nonprofits to give you all the tools necessary to leverage this opportunity to the fullest.
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  • The Four Core Distinctions of Leadership: (How to lead your business to the next level–easy and powerfully)

    Ben Dooley, Master Certified Coach (MCC), BeDo Coaching

    It's pretty simple. Every business has its issues, it's challenges, it's obstacles and problems.
    And regardless of the fires that flare, they all fall into one of four categories: Your Customer Relations, Your Team Dynamics, Your structure and system, Your Leadership.
    I repeat: every problem that you and your business has to deal with will be in one (or more) of these categorize. MORE >

    And what happens?
    Well, it's pretty obvious--you have a problem, you deal with the problem. A fire flares up, you put it out.
    But what happens after that?
    Yeah. You're right. Typically another fire pops up, so you have to scramble to attend to that one. And then another appears, and another. And there you go, bouncing from one problem to the next, one obstacle to the next, and one more thing that keeps getting in the way of you and your company growing and thriving.

    It's a deadly trap that ALL businesses can easily fall into. And it's hard to get out.
    * Your business is out of Balance.
    * Your organization is in reaction, rather than creation.
    * Your team is reverting to old patterns and survival modes.
    * Your Leadership isn't working.
    * Everything is hard.

    What's missing is a simple, yet solid, foundation to build your business upon.
    The Four Cornerstones of what makes a successful business.
    The Four Pillars of Leadership which solidifies your structure.
    And with these two in place, amazing things happen:
    * The fires and problems don't show up as often. Often they even disappear.
    * The problems and issues that do pop up are easily dealt with and require much less time and energy (and money)
    * You and your team have an easy "reset" button to get back on track.
    * There's a clear focus and flow.
    * Your business shifts from SURVIVING to THRIVING

    This interactive and engaging Experience will begin to Transform your Leadership as you walk through the Four Cornerstones and the Four Pillars and then apply this technology and system to your real business circumstances.

    By the end, you'll have a clear insight as to what is missing in your business, that you can easily fill yourself, and take back to your team to implement and get into a new, and powerful, action.
    And that's what creates the results that you want to have.

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  • Using the Power of Play — Explore Emotional Intelligence with Legos

    Laura Lewis-Barr, Founder, Training 4 Breakthroughs

    A workshop filled with play and insights into how we communicate, what gets in the way, and what we’d like to change or build in ourselves, our teams, and communities. This is the ultimate "hands-on" workshop. A fun way to explore basic concepts in emotional intelligence and communication.

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  • Millennials Are Uniquely Designed for Innovation. Now If I Could Just Understand Them!

    Pamela Bozeman-Evans, Founder & Senior Consultant, ProPlanProject

    Our 21st century problems are very complex and require our best and brightest to solve them. Millennials are uniquely prepared for the challenge. Their parents have positioned them for success and they will boldly transform our world. MORE >

    While this should be exciting news for the corporate and nonprofit community, today's multi-generational workplace struggles to find the sweet spot between Gen X experience and Gen Y exploration. Pamela Bozeman-Evans describes the myths and realities of multi-generational workplaces, and offers best management practices for the "new norm".
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  • The Coach’s Toolkit: The Silver Bullet to Developing Sales Producers

    Bill Bartlett, Owner & CEO, Corporate Strategies & Solutions, Inc. A Sandler Training Center

    This practical and engaging workshop will teach you how to roll out a simple, yet effective, prospecting plan that will fill your team's pipeline, leverage technology and set better appointments.

    If your salespeople are: MORE >

    -Avoiding cold and warm calls
    -Concerned about new business numbers and constantly feeding the funnel
    -Worried about a revenue plateau or shrinking market share

    Walk away with a coaching strategy to drive more productivity, consistency and accountability when it comes to new business development.

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