Robb Hill

Founder/President, R Hill Enterprises Inc

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  • Why Settle For Less?

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self-Improvement

    Why Settle For Less, When You Can Be The Best? Many people settle for far less than they can have or achieve. Complacency becomes their biggest enemy, as disappointment becomes the norm. Knowledge is not power, APPLIED knowledge is power, and learning this application, can change the life out come. MORE >

    Financial advisor, author and inspirational speaker, Robb Hill has for over 18 years helped people not only put their financial house in order, and reorder their thinking processes for a better life outcome. His powerful lectures on basic financial planning, corporate communication and personal development are revolutionizing the way people look at their lives, their choices, and their futures.
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  • Back to Basics – 4 Areas to Secure Your Financial Well-Being

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Financial

    According to the Social Security Administration: 94% of the Baby-boomers are not prepared for retirement. The sad reality is that retirement is a financial position not an age. Far too many people think of retirement in terms of time however; that is only half of the equation. MORE >

    Retirement is time+money and so many people miss the second part “money”. There are many reasons for this bleak statistic however, there is only one solution: EDUCATION! We need your help in sharing with as many people as possible the information that can change this statistic.

    We offer a series of 4 lectures designed to equip the attendees with enough information to make informed decisions in the areas of Wills & Trusts, Long-Term Care, Safe Alternatives to the Stock Market and Final Expense.

    For the highest quality educational lectures in personal finance; the most trusted name in Illinois is R Hill Enterprises, Inc. Prominent organizations such as AARP, Manor Care Corporation, and the National Association of Retired Federal Employees have featured these very lectures and workshops and they have also been presented at many National Credit Unions and Fortune 500 companies.

    There are many proven strategies that will aid in keeping more of our assets in our families and away from the government. These lectures are limited to a maximum of 30 participants in order to facilitate interaction between the audience and the speaker(s).

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  • Levels & Stages of Success

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    Life is lived on levels and arrived at in stages, at every new level you come to there is a stage that you must go through or you will remain where you are currently. The different levels in life are easy to see however, comfort and fear keep us from venturing out of our comfort zone. For me that comfort zone was drugs and alcohol. For 18 years that was my focus. Along with this line of thinking came consequences. You see, "we pay the highest price for the lowest level of living,". My eyes were opened March 1, 1993. I realized that I was so much more than what I had become. I quit using drugs and alcohol which left a void in my life. There was a "missing piece" that I had to find. The rest of the story will be continued at the meeting/event. MORE >

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  • Get your “BUT” out of the way!

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    We all have those awesome thoughts dripping with possibility, we get a smile on our face and consider how nice it would be then, out of nowhere comes "BUT". The whole show stops when the "BUT" gets in the way. The thinking then turns to all the reasons why we "CAN'T" realize the vision that we were given. We must not let what we can't do get in the way of what we can do. For me this has made all the difference. There was a time in my life when it seemed that failure was following me around however, that was not the case, you see; I was following failure around. I was being mis-informed by mis-informed people. This realization has made all the difference in my life. MORE >


    I spent a lot of time in bad company;

    I thought it was with friends, but they were robbing me;

    By choice so many times I let them, steal my day;

    I was robbing them too, in exactly the same way;

    As I’ve grown older with the passage of time;

    And the ladder of success, I started to climb;

    And oh how I wanted my friends to go;

    In the midst of their comfort, to life they said no;

    I started reading books, I found myself inside the zone;

    Anything worthwhile is never accomplished alone;

    This statement spoke volumes and resonated in my head;

    For in order to lead, you must first be led;

    With the law of association at the forefront of my mind,

    My past associations, I had to leave them all behind;

    To seek out those that shared my desire;

    For achievement in life that was several levels higher;

    For life is lived on levels and arrived at in stages;

    A simple fact that I learned, cause I kept turning pages;

    As I write these words, to the past that I look;

    My very first mentor was in the form of a book;

    His name is David Schwartz and doctor is his gig;

    He spoke to me through the pages of, The Magic of Thinking Big.

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  • The Art of Communication

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    A forcefully energetic and entertaining speaker, Robb hill knows how to deliver content-driven programs designed to empower and encourage your team. A financial adviser for over 18 years, Robb has helped hundreds of people redefine their financial objectives and prepare for a better financial future. MORE >

    Communication is the foundation of relationships, whether it is with family, community, church or business- communication can make or break relationships. Excellent communicators are also attentive listeners. Robb Hill will decipher the communication conundrum and help improve communication resulting in accountability and productivity.

    Robb Hill inspirationally empowers others to rise to higher levels and overcome the inertia to see the changes they desperately desire. Robb shows audiences how to move from inactive, to proactive, and step out of their negativity into a positive and creative life path.

    The Effective Communication Environment:

    The ability to engage your customer is a skill that needs to be cultivated for maximum effectiveness. The non-verbal aspects of communication are of special importance. Participants learn techniques to gain cooperation from others and help customers express their ideas with clarity which in turn allows the service aspect to exceed the customers expectations.

    Identify and apply different communication styles.
    Gain a better understanding of verbal and non-verbal communication.
    Communicate ideas more clearly and project a positive image.
    Learn the assertive language to get your point across.
    Tap into their own personal style to become a more authentic communicator.
    Learn how to effectively give and receive feedback, and much, much more.

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  • Outstanding! I love the “Crystal Clear Communication” part; especially Robb’s take on non-verbal communication. J. Fitzgerald, MO

    In the past I have signed myself up for training programs and mentorships that, frankly, left a lot to be desired. This was NOT the case for this training! I am ecstatic! Pete R., CO

    I found his story fascinating, he is definitely an inspiring individual! L. Carlisle, MI

    He (Robb) really got me thinking, amazing how much we run on autopilot! Rev L. Barker, MS

    Robb Hill is one of the most delightful and inspiring guests that I have ever hosted on my radio show. His personal story is amazing and he is a brilliant communicator! Robb reaches out to an audience with wisdom and constructive suggestions!

    I look forward to hosting him many times in the future!
    January Jones

    Hi Robb,
    Yeukai and I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing the interview for our Show. We really appreciate you sharing your expertise with our audience so generously, I know they love learning from experts like you.

    EM JEI

    The WOS Team

    Good Afternoon Robb,
    Thank You for a Wonderful and Informative Show Last evening. I have heard from some listeners that appreciated the Honest way we went about our talk and the NO HOLES BARRED look at some suggestions for Addicts to Look for and Ask for Help.
    Bless / Peace / LOV
    Bob Charles - Pyramid One Radio Network - Florida Headquarters - Australia - Texas

    Thanks again for your most informative commentary.

    A wonderful holiday season to you & yours,

    Roy Richards

    January Jones