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  • First Page Search Results in 1 Day is Possible

    Darren Fox, Founder and President, Idea Marketing Group, Inc.

    There's a big difference between running successful Google Ads and wasting money on ineffective campaigns. MORE >

    When potential customers search for your company, your products or your services, competition can be intense. Google Ads (also called “Pay-Per-Click” campaigns) are the only way to guarantee your company will appear on the first page of Google’s search results.

    Google Ads can be expensive...if they’re done wrong.

    You can run your own Google Ads campaigns. But, if you don’t have the proper training and experience, you’ll end up spending a lot of money and see very little results.

    Key Points:
    What are Google Ads
    How they work
    Ways to get the most out of your click budget

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  • Enriching Your Nonprofit Through Planned Giving

    Robert J. Varak, Law Offices of Robert J. Varak

    Learn how to establish a system whereby your organization can systematically improve its funding via the estate plans of potential donors. Most nonprofits receive periodic and inconsistent donations via this revenue stream, but I will explain how to utilize planned giving programs to improve fundraising across the board, not only via bequests. MORE >

    A small investment of time and resources on behalf of your nonprofit can result in a significant return, as well as improved branding and standing in your field. It's an overlooked aspect of development, and my presentation will draw on my experience advising nonprofits to give you all the tools necessary to leverage this opportunity to the fullest.
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  • Extreme Time Management – 5 Keys to Creating an Abundance of Time

    Tom Kelly, Business Coach, Potential In Motion

    In our fast paced world, it seems that we are expected to do more and more with less and less. If you are finding that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get things done, then this presentation is for you. In this presentation, Master Certified Business Coach Tom Kelly discusses the 5 shifts that you need to make to create an abundance of time in your life and business. MORE >

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  • “The Power of Little Wows”

    Tim Reynolds, People Skills & Customer Experience, Clover Lane Partners LLC

    You often hear of the need to create an exceptional "experience" for your customers. But how do you actually go about building a culture that delivers on that mission statement? This interactive presentation/workshop takes a detailed look at your every touch with your customers while asking the question - How does that make them feel? MORE >

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  • Sales Mastery- 5 Steps To Connecting With Your Customer

    Robb Thompson, President & Founder, Progressive Life

    Connecting with your customer is the most important part of what you do... Learn the 5 simple steps to connecting with your customer...

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  • Why Should I Buy From You?

    Thomas Herman, Managing Director, CRO RoundTable

    Whether you own a business, lead a sales team or are an individual contributor, this question is constantly being posed to you by potential customer(s). Even existing customers ask the question when they are trying to decide if they should continue to do business with you. It does not matter how big or small your business or team is, nor does it matter what your product or service is ... this question is being asked. The question comes in many formats and learning to recognize the question and, more importantly, learning how to answer this question is critical to a successful outcome. What are the underlying reasons you are being asked this question? What is the most effective way to answer? MORE >

    The proper response is not what most business owners and leaders expect and is not the response that is given the majority of the time. You can improve your 'win ratio' by understanding the motivation behind the question and learning techniques that speak to the underlying motivation.
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  • “Establishing Your Professional Persona: 5 Steps to Crafting a Compelling Brand Identity”

    Tammy Cook, Professional Coach, Tammy Cook Coaching

    Are you a small business owner trying to build your following and your list?
    Are you ready to create a clear, compelling voice for your business, that magnetically draws ideal prospects to you? MORE >

    If you are struggling to find followers and build your presence, no matter the amount of marketing and outreach you do, it could simply be because this key foundational piece is missing.

    This foundational piece is most often skipped over when beginning a business - crafting a compelling brand identity that connects with your target audience. Once you get this step right, you will be positioned as the go-to expert in your niche, and you will attract ideal clients with much less effort.

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  • Non-Profit Business Strategies

    Lea Ann Skogsberg, Founder, Dollars and Sense

    With 30 years experience, Lea Ann offers customized talks on using social media, blogging, endowment, creating access for middle income donors, fundraising, new business models, grantwriting and trends across sectors.

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  • “Learning” to Win

    Bob Miller, Founder and CEO, PFCC Group

    In a world who's knowledge doubles every 5 years we all have to be continuous learners. If you are not growing you are coasting and coasters go down hill. I'm sure many of your competitors aren't coasting. MORE >

    The good news is that we have access to more information and knowledge than any other generation. The bad news is we have access to more information and knowledge than any other generation! As business leaders and associates we have to answer some serious questions.

    1. What do we need to learn?
    2. Where do we begin?
    3. How much time can we invest?
    4. How much is it going to cost?
    5. How will we get a return on my investment

    "Learning" to Win, addresses these concerns and provides some insights into how you and your organization can build and strengthen a continuous learning culture.

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  • Practical Creativity: Getting and Turning Ideas into ‘WOW’ Services!

    Karyn Ross, Owner, Karyn Ross Consulting

    Want to make sure your business stays one step ahead of the competition? Then you'll continuously need to create and deliver the innovative services that WOW your customers! And that's exactly what Practical Creativity is all about: using creativity to get new ideas, and then turning those ideas into reality so that your customers get what they want, when they want it right the first time! MORE >

    In this fun, interactive presentation, we'll practice getting creative, new ideas based on what we already know through experience...and then we'll learn the basic principles of turning those ideas into actual WOW services effectively and efficiently! And that's exactly what your business - and your customers - want!
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