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  • Job Search in the Digital Age

    Dee Reinhardt, Social Media Strategist, Time2Mrkt, Inc.

    Living in the digital age, as a job seeker in today's market, you will need to develop and maintain a digital presence so that potential employers can find you. We will cover a list of many social media outlets that job seekers can use to amp up their job search efforts. MORE >

    If you haven't already created a LinkedIn profile, that would be your first step. This workshop will go beyond this professional network that everyone is using.

    Learn about a few new tools to keep your social media presence positive and professional. This workshop is packed with great tips and examples of how to use these social media outlets to your best advantage.

    This workshop requires a minimum of 45 minutes and includes live demonstration. Internet access is required.

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  • A Diverse Workforce is Smart Business

    Pamela Bozeman-Evans, Founder & Senior Consultant, ProPlanProject

    Workplace diversity impacts your bottom line. Pamela discusses best practices in recruitment, retention, target marketing, and product/service innovation. She provides valuable insights that will empower your team and impress your client base. Learn more about customized presentations, tailored to diverse stakeholders, including sales teams, C-Suites, boards, and investors.

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  • Women in Leadership

    Bette Lawrence-Water, Founder and Principal Consultant, Spectrum Strategic Solutions

    In the United States today, women make up half of the workforce. Unfortunately for women, their male colleagues are promoted at a much higher rate. Women offer great work ethnics, and bring something different from men to the workforce, but many times it goes unnoticed. In this workshop, you will learn about how organizations can develop women leaders, about the benefits of women in organizations, as well as advancements for the future of women. You will learn how women in the workplace cannot only benefit the women themselves, but also the organization. MORE >

    Through this engaging, enlightening, and empowering discussion of Women in Leadership, the audience will learn how women are changing the workforce. The discussion helps participants gain a new perspective on the workforce, and uncover the benefits that come from hiring and promoting women to higher positions.

    Presentation Objectives:
    • Discuss the leadership gap between men and women
    • Learn about women in various powerful positions
    • Discuss different traits associated with women in management
    • Understand the different barriers facing women in leadership positions
    • Learn about the benefits of having women in the workforce

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  • The Real Estate Crisis

    Paco Aramburu, Broker, Touchstone Group Real Estate

    The talk focuses on what we can do to protect ourselves and take advantage of the “buyer’s market.”

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  • Why social media marketing?

    Dee Reinhardt, Social Media Strategist, Time2Mrkt, Inc.

    Gone are the days of saying, I really need to start using social media to reach my customers. If you are still wondering why you should use social media, you are missing potential customers. This session covers the basics of how you can level the playing field and how you can implement some basic tactics to get on-board with social media marketing. If you only had time to use one social platform, what would it be? We answer that question for you. MORE >

    This session works best in a 20-30 minute time period.
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  • “It’s Always the People”

    Tim Reynolds, Principal, Clover Lane Partners LLC

    You often hear of the need to create an exceptional "experience" for your customers. But how do you actually go about building a culture that delivers on that mission statement? This interactive presentation/workshop focuses on three key steps. Who you hire, how you train them and how you set them free.

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  • How to Turn Social Media into Face to Face Meetings

    Franklin D. Rivera II, Founder/CEO, The V2M2 Group, Inc.

    Franklin Rivera built his entire business off of Twitter. In 2011 no one online knew who he was. In 2015 he was ranked in the top 10% of Twitter accounts worldwide for most senior level management connections and followed by most of the Forbes top 10 digital marketers worldwide. Today his connections on social media number over 10,000 quality followers! MORE >

    His company, V2M2, has consistently utilized social media for lead generation for both V2M2 and its clients with great success. Franklin will help you understand how to make the right social connections and get the face to face meeting.
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  • Civility in the Workplace During Turbulent Times

    Bette Lawrence-Water, Founder and Principal Consultant, Spectrum Strategic Solutions

    While a discussion on workplace manners and courtesy may seem like overkill, the reality is: rudeness is an epidemic costing industry millions a year. Indeed, what society seems to be gaining in terms of both knowledge and technological advancement, it’s losing out on basic social values that directly impact the bottom line. MORE >

    This discussion introduces the concept of civility, its importance to an organization, as well as its typical causes and effects. Audience leaves with skills needed to effectively practice civil behavior, as well knowledge of different ways organizations can systematize civility in the workplace.
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  • Building Trust to Enhance Excellence in Your Organization

    Laura Lewis-Barr, Founder, Training 4 Breakthroughs

    In decades of research across all industries, the presence or absence of trust is the most important ingredient in an organization’s performance. High trust teams collaborate more effectively, operate faster, and achieve sustainable results. The number one job of any leader is to inspire trust. Trust releases the creativity and capacities of individuals to do their best work. The great news is that trust can be repaired and high trust cultures can be created and sustained. MORE >

    Participants will:
    • Examine two dimensions of trust
    • Explore the costs of low cost and the benefits of high cost cultures.
    • Use EI to increase congruence and trust at work.
    • Understand the power of stories communicate positive intent and build a trusting culture.
    • Analyze organizational structures that build or decrease trust.
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  • Using Emotional Intelligence Skills to Survive and Thrive During Tough Conversations

    Laura Lewis-Barr, Founder, Training 4 Breakthroughs

    Prepare yourself to face difficult conversations with courage and confidence. Discover best practices in preparation and delivery of challenging content. During this interactive workshop participants will: MORE >

    > Explore how basic Emotional Intelligence concepts of self-awareness, empathy, triggers, and hijacking can help or hinder us during emotional conversations.
    > Recognize the many benefits of not avoiding, but instead “leaning into” challenging conversations.
    > Understand and practice a proven 3-part method for conducting difficult conversations to produce good outcomes.
    > Explore different delivery habits that help and hinder communication including observation vs. evaluation, and owning vs. projecting a message.
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