Marcus Carter

Goal Mentor, MC Enterprises

Free Business Speaker in Chicago

  • Goal Actualization

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Educational

    This presentation spans the fabric of our most polarizing attitudes on health, family, wealth, career and romance. Learn to identify, compartmentalize and execute personal goals through a hands-on examination of the process of self-fulfillment.

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  • Paid 2 Pitch: Marketing Your Business Through Paid Speaking Engagements

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    A consultant was paid to speak at an investor relations conference. She met the CFO of a Middle Eastern technology company. They exchanged cards, but there was no time to talk. A year later, when the company was looking for consulting services, the CFO recommended the consultant. That led to a $50,000 contract -- all from one speech! MORE >

    In today's economy, small businesses are hard-pressed to grow. Advertising is expensive and business owners can't compete with corporate budgets.

    Speaking levels the playing field because there's little to no cost to giving a presentation. It increases visibility of your brand, establishes your expertise and creates trust because you're up front and personal with potential customers.

    During this talk I’ll share with you how you can get Paid 2 Pitch™ and market your business through paid speaking engagements.

    And the answer is yes! We can figure it out, because there are only three things we'll have to discuss. You'll learn:
    • What to say?
    • Who to say it to?
    • How to get paid to say it?

    Business is an art, and the art of speaking is key. Clarity sells. Do you speak frequently? Are the results what you want? Or maybe are you feeling completely lost when it comes to speaking? Well here's the answer!

    Paid 2 Pitch is about learning how to monetize the most cost effective and efficient form of marketing there is. PERIOD.

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