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  • eCommerce: Make $$$$ While You Sleep

    Michael Gow, CEO, Vision Worldwide Consultants, LLC

    I discuss how Vision Worldwide Consultants can help you make money while you sleep! If you are thinking about marketing your products on the internet or you currently have a website and want to increase global sales we can offer cost effective social media and email marketing ideas. I will focus on the following areas: MORE >

    * Using Shopify as your website platform
    * Effectively using FB as your primary Social Media marketing platform
    * Website branding and development
    * How to make $$$$ every day
    * Reduce your costs per click
    * Define your ideal market audience to increase your chances for success
    * Improve your mobile application to help generate more sales

    eCommerce can be very challenging to achieve profitable success but with 4 billion people on line the possibilities and endless!

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  • 9 Rules of Branding

    Sara Troyer, Branding | Marketing | Web Design,

    Why is branding so important in today’s marketplace? Are you wondering what it might take to develop your business brand? How is branding different than marketing? This workshop will cover the 9 Rules of Branding and the steps you can take today to create a better, and stronger image for your business. Establishing a great brand helps you create a clear and concise reputation as you grow your business. A brand identifies those core pieces of a business that set it apart from competitors. Strong brands create credibility and trust; both vital in maintaining and growing your customer base. MORE >

    You will learn:

    To define a “brand”
    The 9 key steps of branding your small business
    How to communicate your brand online
    Brand standards for your business
    How colors, fonts, and pictures affect your company image

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  • From $0 to $1m in Monthly Recurring Revenue

    Brandon Bruce, COO & Co-founder, Cirrus Insight

    I love to talk about my experience starting a new company and growing it to $1 million in monthly recurring revenue. We've made a lot of mistakes and we've identified several strategies that work really well for us. MORE >

    I'm happy to speak about any aspect of the entrepreneurial journey including bootstrapping, fundraising, hiring, training, marketing, selling, and everything in between. I have experience speaking at meetings and conferences of any size – from United Nations conferences with thousands of attendees to user group meetings with a few dozen attendees. My promise is that we'll have a good time and learn a lot together.
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  • Utilizing Marketing Automation for Prospect Qualification

    Franklin D. Rivera II, Founder/CEO, The V2M2 Group, Inc.

    Many companies fail to utilize marketing automation. Most do not know what Marketing Automation is! Marketing automation refers to the software that exists with the goal of automating marketing actions. Many marketing departments have to automate repetitive tasks such as emails, social media, and other website actions. MORE >

    The technology of marketing automation makes these tasks easier (Hubspot). Even more importantly, marketing automation is like hiring a sales force to pre-qualify prospects without having to hire a sales force. Franklin will cover why marketing automation is so critical for the growth of your company and share the best software and practices for utilizing this amazing tool.
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  • Success Blueprint: Strategies to Increase Sales, Be More Productive, Dominate Your Industry

    Scott Hansen, CEO, Scott Hansen Consulting

    Entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking to GET THE EDGE in their business. You will walk away looking at yourself and business in an entirely new light. High Performance Coach, Scott Hansen, shares key strategies to help any business owner get to the next level in their business. MORE >

    In this riveting 60 minute presentation, Scott will leave you with key strategies on how to Increase Sales, Become More Productive, and Dominate Your Industry and Stand Out from the Competition.
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  • So You Want to Be A Grant Writer?

    Tamora Walls Hughes, President, Tamora Walls Consulting

    Soliciting external funding can be a tedious and exhausting process for any organization. Creating a clear, complete and comprehensive proposal is a first critical step in that process. MORE >

    There is a fun and engaging why to write and submit a solidly completed proposal that represents you and your organization’s ability to get the job done. Also understanding the essential components of the review process is critical toward any award winning application.
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  • Networking: What, Why and How

    Lynn Shareef, CEO, STAR Enterprises

    Effective networking is a learnable skill, one that improves with practice. Four pointers are: prepare, be likeable, give away something of value and have a ‘Keep in Touch’ strategy. Another tip: make notations on the back of business cards.

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  • Project Management Essentials for the “Accidental” Project Manager

    Robert W. Starinsky, Management Consultant, Tradewinds Group, Incorporated

    People often start working on (and managing) projects almost by accident. When you suddenly find yourself responsible for managing an important project but aren't really sure about how to go about making it happen, you’re an "accidental" project manager. Whether you're the newly minted "accidental" project manager, or you're someone who frequently finds yourself serving on a client-focused project team, or you simply want to know more about project management, this is the right workshop for you. MORE >

    Have you recently "fallen" into the role of an accidental project manager? At one time or another, we all do (or will)! The good news is that you can be successful - without being an expert on project management! This short workshop is designed for individuals with little or no prior knowledge of project management, but who know what they’re doing now is either not enough, or simply isn’t working.

    This workshop covers what you need you know about managing a small to medium-sized project with confidence. You'll learn an easy-to-follow process for taking your project - regardless of its' purpose or size - from beginning to "done", as well as the critical "need to know" project management terminology, concepts and techniques that you can apply immediately toward helping you keep your project running smoothly.

    NOTE: This presentation is available to audiences in the west and northwest suburban areas only.

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  • Why Should I Buy From You?

    Thomas Herman, Managing Director, CRO RoundTable

    Whether you own a business, lead a sales team or are an individual contributor, this question is constantly being posed to you by potential customer(s). Even existing customers ask the question when they are trying to decide if they should continue to do business with you. It does not matter how big or small your business or team is, nor does it matter what your product or service is ... this question is being asked. The question comes in many formats and learning to recognize the question and, more importantly, learning how to answer this question is critical to a successful outcome. What are the underlying reasons you are being asked this question? What is the most effective way to answer? MORE >

    The proper response is not what most business owners and leaders expect and is not the response that is given the majority of the time. You can improve your 'win ratio' by understanding the motivation behind the question and learning techniques that speak to the underlying motivation.
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  • Oops: Turning failures and problems into opportunities and successes!

    Mike Shereck (PCC), Founder and President, Mike Shereck Group and Transformational Leadership Experience

    Yikes, that did not work? Has that ever happened? Of course. How do we take, failure, breakdowns, delay's, and problems into opportunities and success. Real success. In this presentation you learn the how this can be. How the phrase, "that, that does not kill you makes you stronger" can be a real thing. Learn about your team and the true capabilities, and learn that if you are still standing winning is an option. Not only will this presentation be enlightening it will be a ton of fun too. MORE >

    "Antifragility is a property of systems that increase in capability, resilience, or robustness as a result of stressors, shocks, volatility, noise, mistakes, faults, attacks, or failures."
    -Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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