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  • How to Find Your WOW, NOW

    Ben Dooley, Master Certified Coach (MCC), BeDo Coaching

    Let's be honest. What you offer--your product and service is likely not new. Not only that, but there are others out there who offer the same thing. Don't believe me? A one minute Google search will clear that up quickly. MORE >

    So how do you stand out in the crowd? What is it that makes your company, product and service unique? What makes your marketing attractive and successful? How do you make work easy and productive? Imagine if you could truly tap into your business's WOW. What would be possible then?

    Would you believe it all comes down to only FIVE words that will make an amazing difference?

    And I'm not kidding when I say these words will change your life!
    * Identify your team branding.
    * Establish an aligned team all working in the same mode and direction.
    * Access the power to overcome when your team feels stuck, overwhelmed and unmotivated.
    * Have an Affirmation that WORKS!
    * Leverage your five words to increase your customer relationship and experience.
    * Create deep and unshakable confidence in your team, your organization.

    This interactive workshop/presentation explores how to CREATE CONFIDENCE, DISCOVER IRREFUTABLE PROOF OF YOUR AWESOMENESS, and it reveals the 5 words that will completely EXPLODE your business!
    Perfect for large and small groups.

    This workshop can also be modified to focus on personal life development and success with equal awesomeness.

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  • US – China Trade War

    Bill Liu, President, NaviAsia Advisors

    US President Donald Trump has complained about China's trading practices since before he took office in 2016. The US launched an investigation into Chinese trade policies in 2017. It imposed tariffs on billions of dollars worth of Chinese products last year, and Beijing retaliated in kind. MORE >

    The trade war between the two largest economies shows no sign of easing. What's next? Who will blink first? This presentation will guide you through the trade war and lead you to rethink the future of US-China relationship.
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  • Leading Virtual Teams

    Marie Genevieve Pawlak, Managing Principal , Prime Alchemy a division of Planning101 Group

    Virtual teams present a unique set of challenges, but also a unique set of opportunities. How do you establish clear team expectations based on mutual trust and commitment when you are not face-to-face? Learn ways to foster an environment of trust, loyalty, and collaboration in a virtual world. We will explore ways to lead virtual teams and what the differences are from in-person team leadership. MORE >

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  • How to Get Your Business Featured In Trade Publications FOR FREE

    Robert Kravitz, President, AlturaSolutions Communications

    I have been writing for trade publications for more than 20 years. I write how-to, educational articles that weave in the value of my client’s products and services. This presentation will cover the following: MORE >

    - Why trade publications are still strong and still important
    - The steps to take to get an article about your company published in a trade publication FOR FREE
    - What editors are looking for in their publications
    - What is the difference between a quality, educational article, and an advertorial?
    - Steps to take once an article is published.
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  • Successful Supply Chain Strategies for Today’s Uncertain Times

    Lauren Pittelli, Principal, Baker Logistics Consulting Services Inc.

    Drawing on thirty year's experience shipping internationally, Lauren will discuss current supply chain challenges and provide strategies to navigate today's uncertain and competitive marketplace. Plan for success by increasing your company's flexibility while driving down transportation costs and risk. MORE >

    In this session, Lauren will cover specific strategies to capitalize on today's market opportunities by:

    - Reducing supply chain risk
    - Increasing efficiency and cost effectiveness
    - Incorporating new tools

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  • Utilizing Marketing Automation for Prospect Qualification

    Franklin D. Rivera II, Founder/CEO, The V2M2 Group, Inc.

    Many companies fail to utilize marketing automation. Most do not know what Marketing Automation is! Marketing automation refers to the software that exists with the goal of automating marketing actions. Many marketing departments have to automate repetitive tasks such as emails, social media, and other website actions. MORE >

    The technology of marketing automation makes these tasks easier (Hubspot). Even more importantly, marketing automation is like hiring a sales force to pre-qualify prospects without having to hire a sales force. Franklin will cover why marketing automation is so critical for the growth of your company and share the best software and practices for utilizing this amazing tool.
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  • From $0 to $1m in Monthly Recurring Revenue

    Brandon Bruce, COO & Co-founder, Cirrus Insight

    I love to talk about my experience starting a new company and growing it to $1 million in monthly recurring revenue. We've made a lot of mistakes and we've identified several strategies that work really well for us. MORE >

    I'm happy to speak about any aspect of the entrepreneurial journey including bootstrapping, fundraising, hiring, training, marketing, selling, and everything in between. I have experience speaking at meetings and conferences of any size – from United Nations conferences with thousands of attendees to user group meetings with a few dozen attendees. My promise is that we'll have a good time and learn a lot together.
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  • Align and Develop: A Framework for Developing Yourself and Your People for Success

    Bryan Krup, I/O Psychologist, Coach and Talent Consultant, Krup Consulting

    In this session, participants will be challenged to uncover their challenges that are stopping them from succeeding by utilizing their strengths and tools they didn't know they had. Out of this, they will be able to lead their people more effectively.

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  • Success Blueprint: Strategies to Increase Sales, Be More Productive, Dominate Your Industry

    Scott Hansen, CEO, Scott Hansen Consulting

    Entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking to GET THE EDGE in their business. You will walk away looking at yourself and business in an entirely new light. High Performance Coach, Scott Hansen, shares key strategies to help any business owner get to the next level in their business. MORE >

    In this riveting 60 minute presentation, Scott will leave you with key strategies on how to Increase Sales, Become More Productive, and Dominate Your Industry and Stand Out from the Competition.
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  • Top 5 Tips to Enhance Your Law Firm Marketing that are Free of Charge

    Barry Zlotowicz, President, LawFull Attorney Marketing

    The majority of law firms make the same mistakes when it comes to marketing their services. In this one hour presentation, LawFull Attorney Marketing President Barry Zlotowicz can provide attendees 5 or more simple tips to enhance their marketing efforts that cost the firm nothing. MORE >

    In addition, if provided advance notice of who will be attending the presentation, Barry can audit/analyze 5 or more attendees' internet presence and provide real life examples how they might improve their marketing efforts.
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