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  • Negotiating internationally with confidence

    Kirk Samson, Owner, Samson Atlantic LLC

    Negotiating effectively is critical to your business and personal success. The importance of this skill is reflected in the wide range of books you can find in libraries or bookstores on how to improve your negotiation savvy. Unfortunately, almost all of these books represent an American perspective on how to negotiate. The negotiation process and strategies can vary wildly around the world, and many of the techniques that business people use daily here in the U.S. will serve you poorly overseas. MORE >

    In this presentation, Kirk Samson will highlight some of the major differences you can expect while negotiating overseas and how you can 'shift gears' to negotiate with confidence around the globe.
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  • eCommerce: Make $$$$ While You Sleep

    Michael Gow, CEO, Vision Worldwide Consultants, LLC

    I discuss how Vision Worldwide Consultants can help you make money while you sleep! If you are thinking about marketing your products on the internet or you currently have a website and want to increase global sales we can offer cost effective social media and email marketing ideas. I will focus on the following areas: MORE >

    * Using Shopify as your website platform
    * Effectively using FB as your primary Social Media marketing platform
    * Website branding and development
    * How to make $$$$ every day
    * Reduce your costs per click
    * Define your ideal market audience to increase your chances for success
    * Improve your mobile application to help generate more sales

    eCommerce can be very challenging to achieve profitable success but with 4 billion people on line the possibilities and endless!

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  • Yes, and…: Improv Comedy Exercises to Build Teams and Bolster Creativity

    Marta Carlson Ph.D., E-gate22, Inc.

    Too often the workplace makes us feel as if we always have to have the right answer, the answer our supervisor wants. We become afraid to generate new ideas because we are afraid to fail or look silly. Improv comedy exercises gives people the opportunity to see how being a little silly can reduce anxiety, build teams who enjoy working together, and bolster creativity. In this presentation, participants will have the opportunity to experience improv comedy exercises and discus how they may be used in the workplace. MORE >

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  • Utilizing Marketing Automation for Prospect Qualification

    Franklin D. Rivera II, Founder/CEO, The V2M2 Group, Inc.

    Many companies fail to utilize marketing automation. Most do not know what Marketing Automation is! Marketing automation refers to the software that exists with the goal of automating marketing actions. Many marketing departments have to automate repetitive tasks such as emails, social media, and other website actions. MORE >

    The technology of marketing automation makes these tasks easier (Hubspot). Even more importantly, marketing automation is like hiring a sales force to pre-qualify prospects without having to hire a sales force. Franklin will cover why marketing automation is so critical for the growth of your company and share the best software and practices for utilizing this amazing tool.
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  • Align and Develop: A Framework for Developing Yourself and Your People for Success

    Bryan Krup, Human Capital Consultant and Professional Coach, Krup Consulting

    In this session, participants will be challenged to uncover their challenges that are stopping them from succeeding by utilizing their strengths and tools they didn't know they had. Out of this, they will be able to lead their people more effectively.

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  • From $0 to $1m in Monthly Recurring Revenue

    Brandon Bruce, COO & Co-founder, Cirrus Insight

    I love to talk about my experience starting a new company and growing it to $1 million in monthly recurring revenue. We've made a lot of mistakes and we've identified several strategies that work really well for us. MORE >

    I'm happy to speak about any aspect of the entrepreneurial journey including bootstrapping, fundraising, hiring, training, marketing, selling, and everything in between. I have experience speaking at meetings and conferences of any size – from United Nations conferences with thousands of attendees to user group meetings with a few dozen attendees. My promise is that we'll have a good time and learn a lot together.
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  • 9 Rules of Branding

    Sara Troyer, Branding | Marketing | Web Design,

    Why is branding so important in today’s marketplace? Are you wondering what it might take to develop your business brand? How is branding different than marketing? This workshop will cover the 9 Rules of Branding and the steps you can take today to create a better, and stronger image for your business. Establishing a great brand helps you create a clear and concise reputation as you grow your business. A brand identifies those core pieces of a business that set it apart from competitors. Strong brands create credibility and trust; both vital in maintaining and growing your customer base. MORE >

    You will learn:

    To define a “brand”
    The 9 key steps of branding your small business
    How to communicate your brand online
    Brand standards for your business
    How colors, fonts, and pictures affect your company image

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  • Success Blueprint: Strategies to Increase Sales, Be More Productive, Dominate Your Industry

    Scott Hansen, CEO, Scott Hansen Consulting

    Entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking to GET THE EDGE in their business. You will walk away looking at yourself and business in an entirely new light. High Performance Coach, Scott Hansen, shares key strategies to help any business owner get to the next level in their business. MORE >

    In this riveting 60 minute presentation, Scott will leave you with key strategies on how to Increase Sales, Become More Productive, and Dominate Your Industry and Stand Out from the Competition.
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  • So You Want to Be A Grant Writer?

    Tamora Walls Hughes, President, Tamora Walls Consulting

    Soliciting external funding can be a tedious and exhausting process for any organization. Creating a clear, complete and comprehensive proposal is a first critical step in that process. MORE >

    There is a fun and engaging why to write and submit a solidly completed proposal that represents you and your organization’s ability to get the job done. Also understanding the essential components of the review process is critical toward any award winning application.
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  • Building Trust to Enhance Excellence in Your Organization

    Laura Lewis-Barr, Founder, Training 4 Breakthroughs

    In decades of research across all industries, the presence or absence of trust is the most important ingredient in an organization’s performance. High trust teams collaborate more effectively, operate faster, and achieve sustainable results. The number one job of any leader is to inspire trust. Trust releases the creativity and capacities of individuals to do their best work. The great news is that trust can be repaired and high trust cultures can be created and sustained. MORE >

    Participants will:
    • Examine two dimensions of trust
    • Explore the costs of low cost and the benefits of high cost cultures.
    • Use EI to increase congruence and trust at work.
    • Understand the power of stories communicate positive intent and build a trusting culture.
    • Analyze organizational structures that build or decrease trust.
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