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Child Care Benefits Expert / Working Mother / Television Personality, MomSub

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  • “Reduce Stress in your Workforce: Unleashing the Power of Child Care Benefits for Enhanced Productivity and Engagement”

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Do you have employees who arrive late, leave early, feel distracted, miss work, or even leave their position entirely because they struggle to find child care that fits their working life? Your organization can explore the burgeoning trend of child care benefits in the workplace and the transformative impact they wield on both employers and employees from increased retention and recruitment to improved job satisfaction and work-life balance. Discover how companies embracing this trend are not only fostering a more supportive work environment but also reaping significant rewards in terms of employee productivity and mental well-being. MORE >

    With more employers than ever prioritizing benefits that help employees struggling in and outside of work, it's time for your organization to learn the secrets to unlocking the full potential of your workforce through innovative child care benefits.

    Speaker Diane Moca understands the problem as a working mother who faced the common struggle of navigating the maze of child care options, only to spend her first four years of motherhood trying 12 different alternatives from daycare to neighborhood babysitters to agency placements before landing on the right care provider for her career and life.

    In this enlightening session, Diane details the myriad benefits that arise when employers provide resources to assist their workforce in finding, arranging, managing, and financing child care solutions. From full-day care or before- and after-school options to summer-only arrangements or evening and weekend care, this presentation explores how catering to diverse needs yields tangible advantages.

    Learn how such initiatives lead to reduced absenteeism for employees who have access to backup options when their regular provider is unavailable. Discover how employees experience greater peace of mind knowing their children are well-cared for and how their enhanced work-life balance translates into heightened job satisfaction and productivity, driving overall organizational success.

    Moreover, Diane delves into how companies offering comprehensive child care benefits enjoy increased retention rates and become magnets for top talent during recruitment. By prioritizing the well-being of employees' families, these organizations create a culture of loyalty and commitment that reverberates throughout the entire workforce.

    Finally, Diane explains the different programs available for employers, from subscriptions for child care referral platforms to contributions to offset the cost of care. You will learn how to revolutionize your workplace and propel your company toward a brighter, more prosperous future.

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  • Discover What’s Really Wrong In Your Life And How To Fix It!

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self-Improvement

    For years, my vision for my life was to HAVE IT ALL -- manage kids, spouse and work successfully. But the harder I tried to accomplish that, the less fulfilled, happy and healthy I felt. I was unaware that I was neglecting a critical component in life that didn't seem important but was eating away at my sanity. By sharing my story and what I did to turn my life around, your group will learn the four main categories and six key areas in life that we must all nurture, and audience members will engage in an interactive session to help each person discover which component they need to fix and the steps to bring their life into balance. MORE >

    My presentation begins with the emotional journey that allowed me to develop my Goal Awareness and Achievement Formula. I explain how drastically life changed when there were so many demands on my time that I felt out of control and in a constant state of frenzy. After having two kids, working as a journalist and developing my own real estate business, I began to feel frustrated and overwhelmed every day. I was having chest pains and yelling at my kids and husband all the time. I realized I had to change my way of thinking or risk continued erosion of my physical and mental health. I began listening to dozens of audiobooks on productivity, passion and joy. I followed the guidance and insights of these authors. Through overcoming denial, becoming aware of what was really wrong, ending the cycle of blaming others, taking on personal accountability for my situation, putting in the hard work of changing my attitudes and habits, and maintaining patience throughout the process, I drastically improved my life.

    I'm now accomplishing more than ever in pursuits that are meaningful, and I have control over my schedule to be able to spend quality time with my family. I am on a mission to help others do the same.

    Many professionals feel we are pulled in too many directions and don't know how to meet the high standards of our bosses, our family, our friends and ourselves. I have discovered some of the secrets for making it all work through books, courses, coaches and interviews with successful professionals. I’ve spent more than a decade of my life studying how to do it all – taking in hundreds of articles about raising happy and healthy kids, about striving for career aspirations and running a successful business, about keeping a marriage fresh and lively yet deeply meaningful and long-lasting. At this point in life I have turned my study to the real-life heroes living their dreams and discovered what they went through to manage everything -- career, kids, spouse, home, health, fitness, style, finances, spirituality, growth, and purpose.

    As a result of interviewing working moms for my Working Mom Warrior YouTube channel, I now have a greater understanding of the motivation that can enrich women’s lives every day. I am creating a community of working moms who share and prop each other up, instead of competing. I am offering their insights and the lessons of my own transformation to groups who would benefit by hearing specific details showcasing how anyone can mold their life to feel invigorated and successful on a daily basis.

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