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  • The History Connected to Celebrating Certain Days of the Year

    Marcella Davis, Retired CPS Teacher

    Human beings are social beings. We have certain aspects in our lives that re-enforce our commonality as people. One of those aspects is the celebration of certain times during the year. However, most of us celebrate those days, without really understanding the reason for making those days special, or why we eat certain foods on those days. MORE >

    For instance, Halloween is celebrated by wearing spooky costumes, telling ghost stories, or decorating with pictures of witches and goblins. We carve pumpkins, and go trick or treating. Every one of those aspects in the celebration of Halloween is tied to a belief, or a historical reason.
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  • On the Trail of the Ancient Ones

    Terry Poppleton

    Join Terry as he takes you on a journey to another place and another time. The place is the Four Corners region of the U.S. and the time is a thousand years ago. On this journey we will visit such storied places as Chaco Canyon, Mesa Verde, and Hovenweep. Discover how this remarkable culture flourished, changed, and survived in the challenging environment of the American Southwest. MORE >

    During the presentation, he will answer the following questions:

    Who were the Anasazi “Ancient Ones”?
    Why was their culture remarkable?
    How did this culture change?
    Why did they leave the Four Corners area?

    The presentation takes approximately 30-45 minutes. I will need a computer projector and screen.

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  • A Crisis of Caring

    Renee N. Duba, Founder, Sonder Private Wealth Management

    "There are only four kinds of people in the world: those who have been caregivers, those who are currently caregivers, those who will be caregivers, and those who will need caregivers." - Rosalynn Carter. MORE >

    Caring for elderly family members is oftentimes an all-consuming situation, consuming time, emotion, and money. This lively presentation will provide the audience with knowledge and resources that can help you and yours manage a crisis of caring.
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  • Estate Planning 101: Trusts Aren’t Just for the Pritzkers

    Matthew Margolis, Partner, Margolis Weldon LLC

    Learn the difference between Wills and Trusts and why a will isn't enough protection. Understand the vast importance of powers of attorney and the consequences of not having them in place.

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  • Long Term Care: Don’t Go Broke!

    Tom Kedzie CFP®, MBA, Financial Planner, RetireWell

    In this presentation you will learn:

    * How to protect your house and income.
    * What Medicare and Medicaid cover.
    * Types of care: home, assisted living, and nursing home.
    * How to pay for long term care without paying annual premiums.

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  • So you want to run for office?

    Nic Zito, Entrepreneur and Elected Official,

    Have you ever thought of getting involved in local politics by running for a position? Learn from my story of how I tangibly got involved in my local community and won election.

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  • A Virtual Tour For Seniors – How To Start A Free WordPress Website, Blog or Combination

    Michael Yublosky, Vice President, JEM Consulting div., A-BnC Parties and More, Inc.

    Most fellow seniors I talk to air similar complaints about isolation, loneliness, filling their time, lack of social contacts, etc. This is especially true in these difficult times. I have also learned that every senior has their own story to tell, whether in words, pictures, videos or crafts. MORE >

    WordPress is an online publishing tool to help convey or archive that story. I fell in love with it in 2009 and have seen it grow and expand and wish to convey its potential to other seniors as well.

    WordPress has expanded over the years and can now be easily used as a stand-alone web site with an optional blog, or a combination of both. This Internet platform can be used for personal publishing, sharing photos, even for small business purposes, etc. You can present yourself, write, display your artwork or poetry, promote your hobby, have a resume site and more.

    A great way to get familiar and discover its potential is through this free interactive tour on how to set up a free site. I provide online virtual tours for seniors and groups.

    Sometimes it just takes seniors helping seniors explore new activities.

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  • Raising Innovative Children

    Stephen A. Di Biase, Ph.D., President, Premier Insights, LLC.

    "10 Secrets for Raising Innovative Children" describes what parents can do to help their children build upon their natural tendencies to be innovative while offering a buffer to the potential damage they'll experience when they begin their formal education at age 5. There is significant evidence that from age 5 to age 20 the typical person experiencing the traditional US educational system will lose almost all of their capabilities for being innovative. MORE >

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  • Planning for Old Age is Fun! Said No One Ever.

    Renee N. Duba, Founder, Sonder Private Wealth Management

    "Live fast and hard, die young and have a good looking carcass!" Noel Duba, my father. MORE >

    It really does seem as though no one plans for what may happen as they age. If you have ever cared for an aging parent, then you know how important having a plan for aging can be. This fun, somewhat irreverent talk will provide audience members with a complete guide to establishing a plan for aging that will support family and caregivers should the time come. We will cover the legal, financial and other issues that make up the components of a good plan.
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  • Carbon Pricing – What’s In It for You?

    Mike Zanillo, Illinois State Coordinator, Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL)

    **** COVID-19 Note - Available as Virtual Session via Zoom ****
    There’s growing support for carbon pricing as a necessary step to address climate change. It’s supported by 88 countries and a broad array of public interest groups yet most Americans know very little about carbon pricing. MORE >

    The discussion related to Climate Change can be confusing to many. Often, there is uncertainty of what Climate Change is, what are its effects and what can be done about it.

    The Citizens Climate Lobby, is a national nonprofit, non-partisan organization that provides presentations to groups such as Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs, League of Women Voters groups, college clubs and other local groups.

    The presentation will educate, enable, and entertain your group members. The presentation can include short videos, slides, stories and time for audience questions. While the length of the presentation is at your discretion, the following topics will be covered.

    Come to learn how Carbon Pricing:
    • Is viewed as the most effective policy for climate action
    • Will speed a transition to renewable energy
    • Considered as being a fair and just policy
    • Provides co-benefits of economic growth and jobs
    • Is gaining support on a bi-partisan basis
    • How you can support a carbon pricing policy

    After participating in our meetings, participants often feel more informed, energized and hopeful for a future stable climate. There will be no solicitation of donations or attempts to sell anything.

    Please contact me if you would like to discuss this opportunity for a presentation of this timely topic.

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