Joseph Orsolini

President, College Aid Planners, Inc.

Free Financial Speaker in Chicago

  • Why the Student Loan Bubble is Now Your Problem

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    If you thought the student loan bubble was just a Millennial problem, think again! The trillion dollar student loan bubble is bursting and the millennial generation will not be the only ones feeling the repercussions. This eye-opening program details the depth of this country’s student loan crisis, how it is spreading beyond the millennial generation, and why it is becoming your problem as well. MORE >

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  • Don’t Pay the College Sticker Price!

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Financial

    For most families college tuition is the largest expense they will face. Unfortunately, many families go into this stage in life uninformed and unprepared. Learn strategies that enable families of all income levels (not just low or moderate‐income) to make a college education more affordable and less of a financial burden.

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