Rosie Zilinskas

CEO, No Woman Left Behind

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  • Discover How To Unlock The Leader Within: 3 Hidden Principles To Empower You To Get A Seat At The Table

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Discover How To Unlock The Leader Within: 3 hidden principles to empower you to get a seat at the table.

    During this presentation, the audience will learn:

    • The three hidden principles to unlocking the leader within that will get you a seat at the table. MORE >

    • The real reason you’re getting passed up that your boss will never tell you.

    • How to finally take charge of your career development and advancement for good.

    • Why employees who do everything right still struggle to move up the ladder.

    • How to uncover your blind spots through mentoring.

    • How to eliminate doubt and insecurity on your next career step, permanently.

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  • 3 Simple Steps For Women In the Corporate World To Stop Being Left Behind

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Do you really want the title and money you deserve? Find out the 3 Simple Step For Women in Corporate America to Stop Being Left Behind

    -Discover the 2 characteristics must you possess to get started on your new career.

    -Find out how to uncover your blind spots. MORE >

    -Figure out how to ask for the support that you need.

    -Identify how you are holding yourself back through limiting beliefs.

    -Start taking simple action steps that make the difference in your career.

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  • "Rosie’s style of coaching is deliberate, passionate, and motivating. Her life story and past experiences of hard work has made her tenacious and that shines through in her motivational tactics of helping others achieve success. Her unwavering engagement and involvement in her thoughtful guidance of my career journey has been instrumental in achieving my goals." Tiffany Aiken

    "Rosie has played a meaningful role in my professional development and advancement since the early days of my career. She has instilled confidence within me and provided invaluable guidance with her tenured experience and proven success through her various leadership roles and expertise in the insurance industry." Allison Apke