Rosie Zilinskas

CEO, No Woman Left Behind

Free Motivational Speaker in Chicago

  • Unlock The Leader Within ~ Discover the 3 Ways We Sabotage Career Advancement

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    Women contribute to their stalled careers without even knowing it. We start from an uneven playing field from day one. Women earn $0.77 cents for every $1.00 earned by men. Companies promote 87 women for every 100 men. MORE >

    Women unknowingly block advancing their careers by not standing up for themselves, not asking for raises and promotions, and not being confident in their contributions and worth. When women accept unacceptable situations, it has a serious impact on their earning potential, career advancement, leadership opportunities, and overall wellbeing. It doesn't have to be this way.

    Rosie has coached hundreds of women to dream big and build the thriving careers they deserve. Rosie educates, motivates, and inspires women to become the leaders they are meant to be. Her goal is to help women break past invisible barriers, accomplish the previously impossible and create exhilarating wild success.

    "Rosie was a major contributor to the success of one of our most important events of the year. She was a powerful and engaging presence who connected with our audience on many levels. Her content was inspiring and motivational while also being tangible and actionable. She received rave reviews from attendees. Rosie exceeded our expectations as one of our headline speakers, tailored her presentation to meet our needs and was a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with her in the future."
    Donna Harwood, Associate Marketing Director

    Learning objectives:
    ·Dispel the three myths that are silently destroying your career.
    ·Learn how to put yourself first in line for your next promotion.
    ·Empower yourself with the wonders of your most powerful asset!

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  • “Rosie Zilinskas is a dynamic, impactful speaker who argues with passion the importance of women fighting for advancement in their workplace. Citing industry trends and personal experience, Zilinskas presentation encouraged professional women to reach beyond their grasp and had the data to back up the reason for taking the leap.

    One of our best attended breakout sessions, attendees included prominent women from local businesses and public-facing roles who sought out her presentation in a standing-room-only crowd. Interactive and compelling, Zilinskas left the crowd feeling energized and abuzz with possibilities. We would absolutely welcome Zilinskas back to speak at another seminar in the future!”

    Andrew W.