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  • “Establishing Your Professional Persona: 5 Steps to Crafting a Compelling Brand Identity”

    Tammy Cook, Productivity Coach, Tammy Cook Coaching

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Are you a small business owner trying to build your following and your list?
    Are you ready to create a clear, compelling voice for your business, that magnetically draws ideal prospects to you? MORE >

    If you are struggling to find followers and build your presence, no matter the amount of marketing and outreach you do, it could simply be because this key foundational piece is missing.

    This foundational piece is most often skipped over when beginning a business - crafting a compelling brand identity that connects with your target audience. Once you get this step right, you will be positioned as the go-to expert in your niche, and you will attract ideal clients with much less effort.

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  • “Learning” to Win

    Bob Miller, Founder and CEO, PFCC Group

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    In a world who's knowledge doubles every 5 years we all have to be continuous learners. If you are not growing you are coasting and coasters go down hill. I'm sure many of your competitors aren't coasting. MORE >

    The good news is that we have access to more information and knowledge than any other generation. The bad news is we have access to more information and knowledge than any other generation! As business leaders and associates we have to answer some serious questions.

    1. What do we need to learn?
    2. Where do we begin?
    3. How much time can we invest?
    4. How much is it going to cost?
    5. How will we get a return on my investment

    "Learning" to Win, addresses these concerns and provides some insights into how you and your organization can build and strengthen a continuous learning culture.

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  • 10 Soft Skills Every Leader Needs

    Bette Lawrence-Water, Founder and Principal Consultant, Spectrum Strategic Solutions

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Having the technical skills and knowledge to successfully execute your job duties is only one part of being the best you can be in the workplace. In addition to these “hard” skills, we also need “soft” skills. Soft skills are those skills which allow us to effectively work with others. No matter what your position, organization, or industry, you work with people! Taking the time to build effective soft skills can contribute to a more efficient, more harmonious, and more productive workplace, as well as to your own overall job happiness and satisfaction. MORE >

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  • 21st Century Leadership

    Scott Hansen, CEO, Scott Hansen Consulting

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    In this high energy presentation, High Performance Coach, Scott Hansen, shares the importance of "21st Century Leadership Rules" that you must know. If you don't adapt these, your business might get left behind

    In 21st Century Leadership, you and your organization will walk away with the following: MORE >

    - Learn the importance of becoming a better leader
    - The (3) Income Producing Activities all business owners need to know
    - How to be more efficient and productive in your day
    - The importance of saying "NO" in your business
    - The One productivity strategy that Warren Buffet uses


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  • 3 Myths about diabetes that are keeping your health hostage

    Iuliana Lixandru, L.Ac., MSOM, Vitality Natural Wellness

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Health & Fitness

    If you suffer from diabetes it's important to understand as much as you can about this condition and how it impacts your health and one of the best ways to do this is by first learning common myths that can lead to a misunderstanding about what's going on in your body. Once you are aware of the myths that can be harming you, you can move on to focusing on your health and finding solutions that can help improve it. MORE >

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  • 3 Myths about hormones that are keeping your health hostage

    Iuliana Lixandru, L.Ac., MSOM, Vitality Natural Wellness

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Health & Fitness

    If you struggle with fatigue, brain fog, weight gain or mood imbalances this is the talk for you! You are probably wondering what caused these symptoms and if you’ll ever feel better. This presentation is not only going to provide information about how your body functions but also it will give you insight into how to overcome any hormonal imbalances and empower you to find a greater sense of well-being. MORE >

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  • 5 Must-Know Technology Tips for Business Leaders to Save Time and Money

    Daleele Alison, CEO, RooksDM

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    As business leaders we have all heard the little voice in our head saying -- I know there is an easier way to do this. Sadly, we never explore it further, because we just don’t have enough time. Join us to learn must-know tips from Daleele Alison, founder and CEO of RooksDM, a technology consulting group. Daleele will share the secrets to success that he uses to help his clients every day. You will walk away knowing how to streamline processes to become more efficient... in-turn saving you time AND money.
    MORE >

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  • 8 Ways to Turn Your Service Into a Product

    Jason Pittman, President, ExitAdvisor

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Service companies have been among the worst hit by this pandemic. Consumers and businesses have drastically cut their expenditures on services to conserve cash and avoid human contact. However, we're still buying products that meet an immediate need: MORE >

    • Instead of buying open-ended consulting services, we're buying specific online training products (contributing to the rise of Zoom shares, which have doubled since January)
    • Instead of hiring personal training services, we're buying products that allow us to stay fit at home (in March, Italians bought 236% more home gym equipment from Amazon than they did during the same period last year)
    • Instead of enjoying a fantastic dining experience, we're buying alcohol to take the edge off (the sale of spirits, like Vodka, are up 75% from the same period last year)

    To capitalize on this flight to purchase products that meet an immediate need, service providers need to "productize their service," which is the topic of of this presentation/webinar.

    Sign up for this, and you will:

    • Discover 3 reasons service companies are getting hit hard now
    • Learn the surprising secret Harvard Professor Theodore Levitt taught his students about why we buy
    • See how 9 service businesses transformed themselves into product companies
    • Get the 8-step formula for productizing your service

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  • A Boomer’s Survival Guide in the post Coronavirus Era

    Terry Nugent, Partner, AlphasNext, LLC


    In the aftermath of the virtually unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic, how should the Baby Boomer manage the financial challenges posed by the virus crisis? In this session, you will lean: MORE >

    - What to do (and not do) in volatile markets
    - How to manage income and expenses
    - How retired, semi-retired, independent contractors, W-2 employees, and business owners can develop coping strategies tailored to their situations.
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