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  • Sicks & Stones – How Words Frame Your World

    James H. Carpenter Barnes, Ph.D., Founder, All I Imagine, Inc

    Sticks and Stones – Power of Words to Frame Your World MORE >

    In a single moment of time we can speak words which can have an impact for the next 10 years, positively and negatively. This isn’t a new discovery. For years I spoke without regard for the far-reaching consequences attached to what I said. Whether out of foolish jesting, - or raging anger. Negative destructive words cut two ways… going into the life of the hearer and when they come back to the life of the speaker. This workshop answers these questions:

    Where does the spoken word gather its power?

    How can I use the language of the physical realm to my advantage in life?

    We explain that the language of the mind is thought, while the language of the body is an experience. How both work to advance or hinder success.

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  • The Art of Not Being Defeated

    Troy Sandidge, Vice President Creative Services | Social Media Jedi | Motivational Speaker

    Life is difficult. Our lives are constantly "under construction" and so are our goals and dreams. What happens when life throws you a curve ball you didn't expect? What do you do when it feels like all is lost and you want to give up? This session tackles the reality and fear of defeat. MORE >

    - How to deal with life-altering situations
    - Strategies on how to dig-deep and make something happen despite obstacles
    - Q and A on personal techniques that helped me get back on my feet

    ** Session can be customized to be more Faith-based or Motivational-Based

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  • Best Mom Ever!!

    Tracie Main, Author, Speaker, Actress & Momma

    'Where Moms Become Best Moms'
    Invite Tracie to speak to your mom's group! In this seriously funny and heart-warming mom'o'logue, Tracie shares her real-life journey of embarking on her Best Mom Quest in pursuit of the Best Mom. After turning from glamourous actress to a struggling stay-at-home mom on the block, Tracie decided she wanted to rise above and become the best mom for her family. She's excited to share all she's learned on her journey, so every mom can achieve Best Mom Success! MORE >

    -The true meaning of Best Mom
    -5 Habits of the Best Mom
    -How to avoid the dreaded 'Beast'Mom
    -Mommy’s Magic Words
    -Plus, so much more!!

    Great for all kinds of mom events!

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  • Faith, Joy & Sanity: How to Stay Zen on the Ride Called Life

    Kendra Von Esh, Author | Speaker | Faith and Leadership, Kendra Von Esh

    If your to-do list is impossible, your stress level teeters on lethal, and you don’t have enough time for sleep, let alone pray, this story of faith in chaos is for you. Kendra Von Esh knows first-hand the unrelenting demands of a corporate executive, caring for her family, and finding time for herself. But when she stopped the madness and made time for God, it all got easier. In her personal story of rediscovering her faith, Kendra will inspire you to live a more joyful life through faith and prayer. She'll show you how letting a higher power take the wheel leads to a more personally rewarding and professionally successful life. MORE >

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  • Getting Out of the Average Mindset

    Joshua Reed, President/Founder, Tier One Consulting LLC

    We have a tendency of limiting our true abilities by creating an average mindset. This talk will be an eye opening experience for you to reference in everyday life. Whether you are trying to boost your overall day to day activities, increase your motivation, or simply increase your self confidence, there are certain guide lines that can help you perform better in your career and in overall life. Everyone is capable and has the potential to unlock their true ability, let me help you unlock yours. MORE >

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  • The Success Principles

    Nancy Belda, President, Quantum Leap

    Jack Canfield, author and co-creator of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" and "The Success Principles", shares in his book, 64 "principles" on how to get to where you want to go. Nancy shares examples, stories and her brand of humor to illustrate some of the most important principles that success driven individuals make a daily habit of performing. MORE >

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  • Got a dream? Test It!

    Lee Ann Piano, Keynote Speaker, John Maxwell Team Member

    What is the difference between a dreamer and someone who achieves their dream? The answer lies in answering ten tough dream test questions.This presentation is pure motivation and provides a step-by-step plan that anyone can begin using immediately to see, own and reach their dream. MORE >

    Lee Ann helps participants raise the odds of achieving their dream by expertly guiding them through the ten questions. Don't leave your dreams to chance.This presentation is a must-have for those who are looking to achieve real success.
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  • Self-Motivation: The Secret Strategy to Face Your Fear and Do It Anyway

    Cassandra Lee, President / CEO, SSANEE Training & Consulting Group, Inc.

    In “Self-Motivation: The Secret Strategy to Face Your Fear and Do It Anyway,” you will learn from Cassandra “D.I.V.A. of Dialog™” Lee insight about the concepts of self-motivation and fear. In addition, you will analyze ways in which self-motivation can help you to overcome your fear. Moreover, you will receive three (3) practical strategies to help you tap into your self-motivation so you can face your fear and do it anyway. MORE >

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  • Why are some people so good at persisting?

    Nathan Kontny, CTO, Rockstar Coders

    Few people know the story of Momofuku Ando. From multiple bankruptcies to multiple stays in prisons that included torture and starvation, Ando persisted to finally invent instant ramen noodles, a company now worth 7 Billion dollars. Persistence is clearly important, but is it just something we're born with? Or, is there something deeper to help us become better at sticking with the trials in our way? MORE >

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  • Find Your True Calling

    Kathleen Peterson, Coach, Trainer & Muse, Equinox Associates, Inc.

    Avoid the 3 Common Mistakes Professional Women Make that Keep Them Stuck in the Status Quo (and Away From the Life They Crave) MORE >

    During this 3-hour workshop you'll discover:
    • The 7 keys to bring your True Calling into vivid focus;
    • A powerful method to create time for your True Calling, EVEN with a hectic schedule;
    • An easy-to-follow, 3-STEP SYSTEM to sustain long-term success and live the life you were always meant to have.

    You have a unique purpose on this planet. Are you using your gifts to the fullest?

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