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  • How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

    Nancy Belda, President, Quantum Leap

    Have you EVER set a goal of ANY kind only to lose your "oomph" and crash land? Nancy's humor, story telling, sound advice and time tested "rituals," elevate your ability to set AND ACHIEVE your goals thereby getting you "from where you are to where you want to be" in life. MORE >

    You'll never run across, in the junk drawer, grease and coffee stained, your list of goals. You'll never say to yourself, "Oh boy!!! when did I write this?" Instead, Nancy will share with you techniques to use that keep your goals ever present on your "to do" list.
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  • “Amped-Up” Leadership!

    Lee Ann Piano, Keynote Speaker, John Maxwell Team Member

    Shift your mindset from manager to leader and master the strategies that will release a flow of passion, purpose and enthusiasm into
    your leadership and throughout the organization.

    Take A-Ways:

    • Develop communication that truly inspires others
    • Five ways to build a high performance team
    • Discover your leadership “sweet spot” to create loyal followers

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  • Resiliency is the ability to overcome challenges

    Nancy Belda, President, Quantum Leap

    Who hasn't had to overcome challenges? And why do some "bounce back" without much effort while others "stall" in the process. Resiliency is the ability to overcome challenges of all kinds – trauma, tragedy, personal crises, and plain ‘ole’ life problems. MORE >

    Nancy's "take" on resiliency uses stories, humor, real life situations to overcome life's challenges AND re-emerge more personally powerful, more focused and more successful at handling life's "curve balls."
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  • Success Is an Inside Job

    Scott Hansen, CEO, Scott Hansen Consulting

    When it comes to increasing business, 20% is skill set, while 80% is mindset. After this presentation, you will walk away with a ton of new confidence and a new way of thinking about you, and your business.

    Scott covers topics such as: MORE >

    - The most important thing you can do before 8am
    - The "iceberg" effect on Entrepreneurs
    - Are you a Negative Nancy or Positive Pauly
    - Stop comparing yourself with others

    If your company needs some motivation, inspiration, and mindset training, this is the perfect presentation for you.

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  • You Have Everything You Need To Succeed!

    Cherise N Ragland, Producer, Actress, Public Speaker, Author

    In This Session Cherise Nicole speaks from a chapter in her book "You Can Soar" on You Have Everything You Need To Succeed! Cherise encourages listeners that they already have everything they need for success RIGHT NOW! She encourages people to stop waiting for "perfect conditions" before moving forward pursuing their dreams. MORE >

    People are waiting on your creativity, your crazy invention, your amazing recipe, your book, and your home product solution. As long as you're convinced that you need more money, more time, or another degree you'll never get started. It only takes paper and pen to write a business plan, when you believe in yourself, others believe as well and you will attract everything else you need.
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  • You are CREATIVE! (Oh yes you are!)

    Karyn Ross, Owner, Karyn Ross Consulting

    Think that creativity is only for artists? That creativity is 'bolts of lightning that come down from the sky' or 'flashes of inspiration' that happen to...someone else??? Well, think again! Creativity is actually about putting knowledge and ideas from previous experiences together in new and different create new and different things - and new and different ways of doing things! And even better - just like anything else - creativity can be learned and practiced! MORE >

    If you - and your team - would like to learn some quick, easy and simple techniques to improve your creativity, then this fun, hands-on, interactive, CREATIVE presentation is for you!
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  • Faith, Joy & Sanity: How to Stay Zen on the Ride Called Life

    Kendra Von Esh, Author | Speaker | Faith and Leadership, Kendra Von Esh

    If your to-do list is impossible, your stress level teeters on lethal, and you don’t have enough time for sleep, let alone pray, this story of faith in chaos is for you. Kendra Von Esh knows first-hand the unrelenting demands of a corporate executive, caring for her family, and finding time for herself. But when she stopped the madness and made time for God, it all got easier. In her personal story of rediscovering her faith, Kendra will inspire you to live a more joyful life through faith and prayer. She'll show you how letting a higher power take the wheel leads to a more personally rewarding and professionally successful life. MORE >

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  • Get your Grit on: The Key Component for Success

    Linda Liberatore, President Founder, Secure Pay One

    Sometimes it’s necessary to take a risk at a time when others won’t. This session will discuss being bold enough to take big steps. Persist and persevere during tough times. Find out how to combine business sense with life skills while letting go of the fear of seeking out the necessary resources. Start channeling energy in a way that will help you thrive in any career or new business.
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  • Emotions Can Be A Trusted Guide and Helpful Friend

    Laura Lewis-Barr, Founder, Training 4 Breakthroughs

    Emotions are a form of intelligence that is 80K times faster than the “higher thinking” rational brain. Learning to understand and manage our emotions means that we can utilize this form of intelligence to make better decisions, and manage our work and relationships so that we are happier, healthier, and more productive. Learn scientifically proven ways to manage your emotions and how to better understand their power and purpose. MORE >

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  • Make networking work for you

    Linda Liberatore, President Founder, Secure Pay One

    Opening a business puts forth plenty of challenges. Success is in large in part due to networking skills and the ability to create buzz surrounding yourself and your business. Learn how to get more from your events. Showcase your contributions. Find out where to go, who to talk to, and what to pay attention to in order to extend your network. Don't be afraid to go big. Regardless of future career plans, the ability to network is essential to any professional's success.
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