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  • Seeing Into Strength

    Robert Kingett, Author

    Robert Kingett is no longer accepting speaking requests through Free Speakers so visit Robert's website for the most up to date speaker topics and pages at

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  • No Impossible

    Hajer Rikabi, President and Founder, Thrive Coaching CORP

    There is nothing called I can't, we all have different and unique powers within us. If we can create a small chance to know ourselves better, we would see that power clearly like a full moon in a clear night. Then we can make it the source of our future's achievements. In fact every achievement in our lives is from that invisible power. And without a doubt knowing it and learn how to use this power will have a successful impact in our lives. MORE >

    For instance let me ask you:
    How many times you were surprised by the action you took and thought for a moment that nothing is impossible? I guarantee for you that you had a few if not many. Because It is the power of trying to live and staying safe, and you can change that perspective to make a better life and your dreams to come true.

    *Example of powerful decisions:

    -Taking a risk because it's the best though right now to your best knowledge, even though it may have consequences.
    -A decision you took that you have never thought about but the urge of staying safe or forbidding a harm to you or your beloved ones.

    BIG Q : Why when it comes to a good decision to make your life better you hesitate?
    This possible decision doesn't have to be for urgency or just to survive. Instead think of it like it might be your only decision you have to make to be the person you wish to be in your mind and dreams.

    For me It took me 24 hours to take the decision that turned my life 360 degree.
    When was my first thought about this decision? At 12:00 AM believe it or not.
    Searched about this idea I had and asked myself what do I have to make it work, honestly I thought I had nothing.
    But I know I learn fast and I'm willing to make it work.
    And I did it I was a completely different person.From house wife and people pleaser to self love and I'm working to create a new awareness in my community and nation to enjoy my life and to leave wiser generation behind me.

    Ask yourself: What's stopping me from being the person that I want to be?
    What I want to add to this world? and if so,
    What are my possibilities?
    Cause you have some...............

    لايوجد شي اسمه لا استطيع, كلنا نملك قوى مختلفةوفريدة من نوعها موجودة بداخلنا.
    لو استطعنا خلق فرصة صغيرة لنتعرف بها على انفسنا بطريقة افضل , فقط حينها نستطيع ان نرى القوة الداخلية خاصتنا بوضوح كما يرى القمر في ليلة صافية.
    ومن هنا نستطيع ان نجعل هذه القوة مصدرا للنجاح . وفي الواقع كل نجاح في حياتنا كبير كان ام صغير هو من هذه القوة الخفية. ومن دون شك معرفتها والتعلم كيفية استخدامها سيؤدي الى تاثير ناجح في حياتنا.

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  • Success Is an Inside Job

    Scott Hansen, CEO, Scott Hansen Consulting

    When it comes to increasing business, 20% is skill set, while 80% is mindset. After this presentation, you will walk away with a ton of new confidence and a new way of thinking about you, and your business.

    Scott covers topics such as: MORE >

    - The most important thing you can do before 8am
    - The "iceberg" effect on Entrepreneurs
    - Are you a Negative Nancy or Positive Pauly
    - Stop comparing yourself with others

    If your company needs some motivation, inspiration, and mindset training, this is the perfect presentation for you.

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