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  • Project Management Essentials for the “Accidental” Project Manager

    Bob Starinsky, Principal, Tradewinds Group, Inc.

    People often start working on (and managing) projects almost by accident. When you suddenly find yourself responsible for managing an important project but aren't really sure about how to go about making it happen, you’re an "accidental" project manager. Whether you're the newly minted "accidental" project manager, or you're someone who frequently finds yourself serving on a client-focused project team, or you simply want to know more about project management, this is the right workshop for you. MORE >

    Have you recently "fallen" into the role of an accidental project manager? At one time or another, we all do (or will)! The good news is that you can be successful - without being an expert on project management! This short workshop is designed for individuals with little or no prior knowledge of project management, but who know what they’re doing now is either not enough, or simply isn’t working.

    This workshop covers what you need you know about managing a small to medium-sized project with confidence. You'll learn an easy-to-follow process for taking your project - regardless of its' purpose or size - from beginning to "done", as well as the critical "need to know" project management terminology, concepts and techniques that you can apply immediately toward helping you keep your project running smoothly.

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  • Process Improvement Strategies for Smaller Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations

    Bob Starinsky, Principal, Tradewinds Group, Inc.

    Business process improvements can have a transformational effect on any business or non-profit organization. Processes that remain the same over time can impede an organization's efficiency and growth prospects; however an organization that works to continuously improve its' processes can create opportunities well beyond its current capacity. MORE >

    Process improvement takes on many different forms and every business has its own unique processes and systems in place. Attendees of this presentation will learn valuable techniques to help them engage their own organizations in meaningful process improvement.
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  • Solving Climate Change with a Solution We Can All Like

    Mike Zanillo, Community Outreach Coordinator, Citizens Climate Lobby / Citizens Climate Education

    Climate Change has been called ’NOT the BIGGEST challenge of OUR time, but, the BIGGEST challenge of ALL time’. The topic can be confusing to many. Often, there is uncertainty of what Climate Change is, what are its effects and what can be done about it. MORE >

    In today’s media-rich environment, many issues are in the news, but, often not at a significant level of depth. One of the topics of growing interest to many engaged groups is the topic of Climate Change. The discussion related to Climate Change can be confusing to many. The Citizens Climate Lobby and Citizens Climate Education, are national nonprofit, non-partisan organizations that provide presentations to groups such as Rotary Clubs, League of Women Voters, college clubs and other local groups

    The presentation will educate, enable, and entertain your group members. The presentation can include short videos, slides, stories and time for audience questions. While the length of the presentation is at your discretion, the following topics will be covered.

    Learn about a simple, comprehensive, Climate Solution that is:
    - Supported by several major business organizations
    - Rapidly growing in public support
    - Is designed to appeal across partisan groups
    - Many view as the most effective climate policy
    - Will speed a transition to renewable energy
    - Considered as being a fair and just policy
    - Provides for economic growth and jobs

    After participating in our meetings, participants often feel more informed, energized and hopeful for a future stable climate. There will be no solicitation of donations or attempts to sell anything.

    Please contact me if you would like to discuss this opportunity for a presentation of this timely topic.

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  • Games Prospects and Buyers Play

    Bryan McDonald, Partner/Owner, onPurpose Growth

    Old ways don't open new doors. We hear two things consistently these days: everybody sells or everybody is in sales. Nobody wants be sold. The question we ask ourselves is how do these two things coexist? The traditional way of selling leaves your prospects wanting something different and you, wanting more prospects! In The Games Buyers & Prospects Play session, we will have a roundtable discussion that includes the underlying psychology driving your buyer's and prospect's behavior. MORE >

    We will present how the elite sales professionals and entrepreneurs, across industries, change the rules of the game and thus change the behaviors to improve the outcomes of their sales efforts.

    If you struggle with:

    ✦Having prospects that you thought sounded positive but never respond to follow up
    ✦Prospects that meet with you regularly and never pay for your service aka free advice
    ✦If you have ever said “I wish I just have smarter clients”
    ✦Frankly, if you are just tired of doing the same old tactics that never feel right nor, get you where you want to be, The Games Buyers & Prospects Play may just open the door to new possibilities for you.

    Join us and we will discuss a way to change your results!

    You will walk away with:

    ✦Understanding the commonly accepted selling steps
    ✦Learn about what is driving your prospects/buyers reactions
    ✦Discover the inherent conflict between the 2 above, that stops/slows down your sales
    ✦Be introduced to some key concepts that break the old model

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  • Talent Management

    Ozias Washington, Career Coach, Constant Organizational Development

    “People are our greatest asset” is a cliché. Smart organizations don’t just want people; they want talented partners—people who fit the organizational culture and can perform within it at a high level to achieve mutual benefit. An organization’s talent strategy represents perhaps the single greatest factor in its success, and an opportunity to differentiate itself from competitors. MORE >

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  • 8 Ways to Turn Your Service Into a Product

    Jason Pittman, President, ExitAdvisor

    Service companies have been among the worst hit by this pandemic. Consumers and businesses have drastically cut their expenditures on services to conserve cash and avoid human contact. However, we're still buying products that meet an immediate need: MORE >

    • Instead of buying open-ended consulting services, we're buying specific online training products (contributing to the rise of Zoom shares, which have doubled since January)
    • Instead of hiring personal training services, we're buying products that allow us to stay fit at home (in March, Italians bought 236% more home gym equipment from Amazon than they did during the same period last year)
    • Instead of enjoying a fantastic dining experience, we're buying alcohol to take the edge off (the sale of spirits, like Vodka, are up 75% from the same period last year)

    To capitalize on this flight to purchase products that meet an immediate need, service providers need to "productize their service," which is the topic of of this presentation/webinar.

    Sign up for this, and you will:

    • Discover 3 reasons service companies are getting hit hard now
    • Learn the surprising secret Harvard Professor Theodore Levitt taught his students about why we buy
    • See how 9 service businesses transformed themselves into product companies
    • Get the 8-step formula for productizing your service

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  • The Exit Checklist: A 5-Step Personal Action Plan For a Happy (And Lucrative) Exit From Your Business

    Jason Pittman, President, ExitAdvisor

    For a successful exit, you need to be able to say a hearty “Yes!” to two important questions: 1. Is your business ready for you to exit? 2. Are you ready to exit? It’s an easy question to ask, but it can be difficult to answer. This is why we’ve created a five-step action plan to ensure you have a happy, lucrative exit from your business.
    MORE >

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  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence

    Nicole Caley, MBA, APM, ARM, APSC, President & Founder, Payables Solutions Partners, LLC

    If you have made the critical decision to take on the role of a leader, and you want to be great at it – it requires an in-depth look at yourself and a practice of self-awareness on all levels, personally and professionally. This is the starting point of emotional intelligence. While the definition might seem simple, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is understanding and managing yourself and also understanding and managing others, the application of emotional intelligence continues to be a challenge. MORE >

    Join me as we learn why EQ is critical to your success and take away the tools that will teach you that leading from the heart might just be the best thing you can do!
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  • Building & Motivating High Performing Teams

    Nicole Caley, MBA, APM, ARM, APSC, President & Founder, Payables Solutions Partners, LLC

    In today’s world, the most sought out organizational leaders are part manager and part HR professional. Join veteran leader Nicole Caley in this session to learn skills necessary to elevate you into a true leader, instead of simply a manager. We will discuss how to identify your leadership style and how to develop the interpersonal skills needed to take charge. By learning to examine functional conflict and create strategies, you will not only staff your function effectively, but lead it to its fullest potential as well — building a high-performing team. MORE >

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  • 5 Must-Know Technology Tips for Business Leaders to Save Time and Money

    Daleele Alison, CEO, RooksDM

    As business leaders we have all heard the little voice in our head saying -- I know there is an easier way to do this. Sadly, we never explore it further, because we just don’t have enough time. Join us to learn must-know tips from Daleele Alison, founder and CEO of RooksDM, a technology consulting group. Daleele will share the secrets to success that he uses to help his clients every day. You will walk away knowing how to streamline processes to become more efficient... in-turn saving you time AND money.
    MORE >

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