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  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence

    Nicole Caley, MBA, APM, ARM, APSC, President & Founder, Payables Solutions Partners, LLC

    If you have made the critical decision to take on the role of a leader, and you want to be great at it – it requires an in-depth look at yourself and a practice of self-awareness on all levels, personally and professionally. This is the starting point of emotional intelligence. While the definition might seem simple, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is understanding and managing yourself and also understanding and managing others, the application of emotional intelligence continues to be a challenge. MORE >

    Join me as we learn why EQ is critical to your success and take away the tools that will teach you that leading from the heart might just be the best thing you can do!
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  • Building & Motivating High Performing Teams

    Nicole Caley, MBA, APM, ARM, APSC, President & Founder, Payables Solutions Partners, LLC

    In today’s world, the most sought out organizational leaders are part manager and part HR professional. Join veteran leader Nicole Caley in this session to learn skills necessary to elevate you into a true leader, instead of simply a manager. We will discuss how to identify your leadership style and how to develop the interpersonal skills needed to take charge. By learning to examine functional conflict and create strategies, you will not only staff your function effectively, but lead it to its fullest potential as well — building a high-performing team. MORE >

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  • When was the last time you asked: “Why?”

    Bob Starinsky, Management Consultant, Tradewinds Group, Incorporated

    Why are some organizations successful performers, when other, very similar organizations, are marginal performers at best? The answer is simple. Successful organizations constantly reinvent themselves, by questioning the status quo. In today's business environment, change is the only constant. MORE >

    Organizations that regularly, if not constantly, engage themselves in self-reflection and self-improvement, are the organizations that stand the greatest chance of not merely success, but outright survival in today's hyper-competitive marketplace. These are organizations that are asking themselves tough questions about what they want to be, how to get there and the best possible way of getting things done. They are future oriented and action oriented at the same time. Quite simply put, today, every organization is in two businesses at the same time - their day-to-day, or "core" business and the "change" business.

    This presentation provides leaders and managers of organizations of all types with practical advice and techniques for engaging in continuous, self-reflection and self-improvement intended to keep their organizations laser-focused and lean.

    NOTE: This presentation is available to business and non-profit organization audiences in the west and northwest suburban areas only.

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  • 5 Must-Know Technology Tips for Business Leaders to Save Time and Money

    Daleele Alison, CEO, RooksDM

    As business leaders we have all heard the little voice in our head saying -- I know there is an easier way to do this. Sadly, we never explore it further, because we just don’t have enough time. Join us to learn must-know tips from Daleele Alison, founder and CEO of RooksDM, a technology consulting group. Daleele will share the secrets to success that he uses to help his clients every day. You will walk away knowing how to streamline processes to become more efficient... in-turn saving you time AND money.
    MORE >

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Own Business

    Daleele Alison, CEO, RooksDM

    Leaving the security of a full-time job to start your own business can be overwhelming, exhausting, and down-right scary. The good news is... it doesn’t have to be. Join us to learn from someone who has been in your shoes before and has successfully made the transition to becoming a full-time small business owner. MORE >

    Daleele Alison, founder of RooksDM a technology consulting group, will share all the ups and downs of his journey -- including where to start, where he got stuck, and how to start seeing success. During this presentation you will walk away with an ultimate guide to starting your own business.
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  • Five Marketing Principals Every Business Must Get Right to Maximize Results

    Mark James, Founder & President, Performance Advisors Group, Inc.

    Have you ever heard someone say this about their marketing: “We tried that and it didn’t work?” or, "We are not seeing the marketing results we expected." They are probably missing one or more of these principals. And it is costing time and money. Attend this presentation to see how these five key principals will help you: MORE >

    - Avoid the marketing “shiny key” syndrome
    - Prevent the "winging it" trap
    - Visualize marketing as a journey
    - Make better informed marketing decisions
    - Validate results
    - Understand what customers really care about
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  • Business Improvement Einstein’s Way – How Einstein’s Three Rules of Work Can Help a Business Succeed in the “New Normal”

    Mark James, Founder & President, Performance Advisors Group, Inc.

    Albert Einstein once said, "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." Einstein believed you have to think about things differently and his three work rules provide us with the means do so. No one knows what will happen in the future. But, following Einstein’s rules can get your business ready for whatever does. Attendees will come away with practical ways to use Einstein’s three rules of work to: MORE >

    - Fix performance barriers
    - Discover opportunities amidst difficulty
    - Make two truths of human behavior your ally
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  • Crushing the Competition with Service

    Hank Ebeling, Owner, H4 Training

    How do you compete in today's highly competitive business landscape? The answer? Delivering outstanding customer service and an outstanding customer experience. Learn all the proper tactics and strategies to do this to help your business thrive in 2021. No matter your industry, no matter the year, service never goes out of style!

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  • Discover How To Unlock The Leader Within: 3 Hidden Principles To Empower You To Get A Seat At The Table

    Rosie Zilinskas, CEO, 19 Stages LLC

    Discover How To Unlock The Leader Within: 3 hidden principles to empower you to get a seat at the table.

    During this presentation, the audience will learn:

    • The three hidden principles to unlocking the leader within that will get you a seat at the table. MORE >

    • The real reason you’re getting passed up that your boss will never tell you.

    • How to finally take charge of your career development and advancement for good.

    • Why employees who do everything right still struggle to move up the ladder.

    • How to uncover your blind spots through mentoring.

    • How to eliminate doubt and insecurity on your next career step, permanently.

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  • 3 Simple Steps For Women In Corporate America To Stop Being Left Behind

    Rosie Zilinskas, CEO, 19 Stages LLC

    Do you really want the title and money you deserve? Find out the 3 Simple Step For Women in Corporate America to Stop Being Left Behind

    -Discover the 2 characteristics must you possess to get started on your new career.

    -Find out how to uncover your blind spots. MORE >

    -Figure out how to ask for the support that you need.

    -Identify how you are holding yourself back through limiting beliefs.

    -Start taking simple action steps that make the difference in your career.

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