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  • Heart, Hustle, & Muscle: The Real Estate

    Marcus Carter, Marcus Carter, Carter Property Solutions LLC

    In a consumer driven market, many seek financial freedom and fall prey to snake oil salesmen offering life altering results based on a catchy pitch. MORE >

    The wealthy keep to themselves, adding mystery to fulfillment and success. Well I'm here to let the cat out of the bag. In this fast paced, results driven presentation, Marcus Carter uses real estate to describe an attainable, realistic path to wealth and success.

    In this presentation, participants can look to gain:

    1. Keys To Discovering What Works For You To Pursue Success And Efficiency
    2. The 3 Key Elements The Most Productive People Have At Their Disposal
    3. Actions Steps To Make Change Right After This Talk!

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  • The Coach’s Toolkit: The Silver Bullet to Developing Sales Producers

    Bill Bartlett, Owner & CEO, Corporate Strategies & Solutions, Inc. A Sandler Training Center

    This practical and engaging workshop will teach you how to roll out a simple, yet effective, prospecting plan that will fill your team's pipeline, leverage technology and set better appointments.

    If your salespeople are: MORE >

    -Avoiding cold and warm calls
    -Concerned about new business numbers and constantly feeding the funnel
    -Worried about a revenue plateau or shrinking market share

    Walk away with a coaching strategy to drive more productivity, consistency and accountability when it comes to new business development.

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  • Getting Your Prospect’s Attention in Times of Uncertainty

    Bill Bartlett, Owner & CEO, Corporate Strategies & Solutions, Inc. A Sandler Training Center

    Live or virtual program designed for professionals who must sell and drive bottom-line revenue. Participants will walk away knowing: MORE >

    *How to deal with prospects who are stuck
    *Use the appropriate tonality, style and energy to get the prospect to talk
    *Drive transparent, ethical conversations; avoid sounding like the stereotypical salesperson
    *Engage the prospect in the first 30 seconds
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  • Effective Teamwork

    Bryan Krup, I/O Psychologist, Coach and Talent Consultant, Krup Consulting

    This workshop will help you increase your effectiveness as a team by improving communication, understanding the value of each members style and combatting the five destructive behaviors.

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  • LinkedIn for Small B-2-B Business Marketing – A Virtual Presentation

    Michael Yublosky, Vice President, JEM Consulting div., A-BnC Parties and More, Inc.

    LinkedIn is about building relationships through networking. LinkedIn is not mass marketing, advertising or selling direct to others. Rather, it's social business. Who you are connected to doesn't matter. What really matters is who your first level connections are connected to and who those first levels can introduce you to that are targeted, potential clients. MORE >

    As a search engine similar to Google, LinkedIn was originally built to help companies and recruiters find qualified candidates to fill positions. Therefore, you must understand how search engines work in order to leverage LinkedIn to your benefit. Using that knowledge will enable your business to get found on LinkedIn when someone has a need you can fill, or a question you can answer.

    Wishing and hoping that someone will find you simply doesn't work anymore. You do need a plan, rather than taking a nonchalant attitude. Your plan must be coupled with proper strategies and tactics to successfully grow your business on LinkedIn.

    In my virtual presentation I will cover the above topics and also touch on target marketing, branding, increasing visibility, etc. I will also answer questions from the participants.

    In 2017 I was chosen as one of only 10 LinkedIn members in English speaking countries to help facilitate conversations and assist members via the LinkedIn Forums for the community team pilot. The program was extended quarterly for one year after the initial trial when in-house LinkedIn personnel took over.

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  • Reopening, Cleaning, and Health in a Post-COVID World

    Robert Kravitz, President, AlturaSolutions Communications

    As facilities all over the country begin to re-open, their primary concern will be the health of building users. This applies to office buildings, schools, retail outlets, restaurants, hotels, and all commercial facilities.

    What steps should building and business owners and managers take to accomplish this? MORE >

    As a writer for the professional cleaning industry, I have written several articles about this and would like to discuss it with building and business owners and managers. Some of the topics covered in this presentation will include the following:

    • Why we must know how to conduct a "high-touch" audit.

    • Why we must find out if our cleaning contractor (or in-house staff) and their crew have been trained and certified in cleaning "best practices" and infection control measures.

    • Why we need to know what type of cleaning equipment is being used in the facility and why it matters.

    • Why we need to know the difference between cleaning and disinfecting

    • Why we need to know which types of disinfectants to use and how to use them properly.

    • Why cleaning validation is crucial now and how we go about it.

    The point of covering these issues is that building and business owners as well as managers are ultimately responsible for the health of building users.

    The more they know about cleaning, the healthier their buildings and business operations will be and the more likely they can begin their own financial recovery.

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    Dianne M. Michels, Human Resources Futurist,

    Transition Human Resources from a transactional role to a strategic one and become a trusted, indispensable business partner for maximum impact on the enterprise and the people as they fulfill on their mission of "Results Matter . . . and people are at the heart of it! MORE >

    Learn about the key components of a Possibility Partners Workplace and the consequential role HR can play in that workplace transformation. You will gain an understanding of the following components:
    - Cultures where "Everybody Matters" and everybody believes in the inherent worth and dignity of every human being;
    - Communications "Best Practices" that are a demand for authenticity and openness as possibility partners engage in conversations that ignite collaboration, creativity, and community in unleashing our purpose, power, and potential, to actualize new possibilities and partnerships in the world for the greater good;
    - Replacing the annual performance review -- I have yet to meet ANYONE (employee or employer) who says they owe their success to their annual review process -- with regularly scheduled, year-round conversations that build mutual respect and trust, while focusing on results!
    - Defining the 12 conditions required to support the people in accomplishing the results that matter;
    - Shifting the experience of work as a burden to survive to one of a gift of participation, contribution, and self-expression;
    - Developing leaders who are supportive, encouraging, and insightful, without diminishing your sense of choice, agency, and ownership for results. Agency is defined as the capacity of individuals to act independently and to make their own free choices.

    Can be presented virtually via ZOOM.

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  • Murder by Zoom

    Marie Genevieve Pawlak, Managing Principal , Prime Alchemy a division of Planning101 Group

    Life is too short to be killed by Zoom meeting!
    Meetings should be an opportunity to connect, learn, encourage, and get things done. So how do you make your meetings better for everyone when you have to do them virtually? This talk will review the six ways people have tried to kill others in zoom meetings and how to stop them. You will laugh, cry, and admit that you have been attempting to destroy your co-workers. In the end, you will walk out with an action plan on how to make your next virtual meeting a great meeting. MORE >

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  • Leading Virtual Teams

    Marie Genevieve Pawlak, Managing Principal , Prime Alchemy a division of Planning101 Group

    Virtual teams present a unique set of challenges, but also a unique set of opportunities. How do you establish clear team expectations based on mutual trust and commitment when you are not face-to-face? Learn ways to foster an environment of trust, loyalty, and collaboration in a virtual world. We will explore ways to lead virtual teams and what the differences are from in-person team leadership. MORE >

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