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  • Five Marketing Principles Every Business Must Get Right to Maximize Results

    Mark James, Founder & President, Performance Advisors Group, Inc.

    Have you ever heard someone say this about their marketing: “We tried that and it didn’t work?” or, "We are not seeing the marketing results we expected." They are probably missing one or more of these principals. And it is costing time and money. Attend this presentation to see how these five key principals will help you: MORE >

    - Avoid the marketing “shiny key” syndrome
    - Prevent the "winging it" trap
    - Visualize marketing as a journey
    - Make better informed marketing decisions
    - Validate results
    - Understand what customers really care about
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  • Stuck: How Culture Makes or Breaks a Business

    Robert Starinsky, ASBC, Principal, Tradewinds Group, Inc.

    For better or worse, your business has a personality of its' own. It's referred to as the corporate culture. It is everything you can't see - and more; it is the secret sauce influencing how work gets done (or doesn't) on a day-to-day basis in your organization. A healthy, positive corporate culture can be a competitive advantage. A toxic culture? That's not a story you want to tell! MORE >

    what do you know about your corporate culture? Chances are, not as much as you think. This insightful presentation for business owners and managers provides helpful information on understanding, improving and leveraging your corporate culture as a competitive weapon, especially as you plot your return to normal in a not so normal world.
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  • Best Practices for Managing Remote Work and Remote Workers

    Robert Starinsky, ASBC, Principal, Tradewinds Group, Inc.

    The global pandemic has forced big changes in the way we work. Although the global pandemic increasingly appears to be in our rear view mirror, Remote Work and Remote Workers are here to stay! MORE >

    If you've just been getting by as a manager in the new normal of remote work, your days may be numbered unless you're ready, willing and able to manage work and workers differently in this newly emerging work world.

    This presentation provides a fast-paced introduction to the techniques and best practices you'll need in your toolbox as a manager in the new world of remote work.

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  • How to Grow Mental Muscle to Thrive in Challenging Times

    Julie Bronsteatter, Personal and Executive Coach, J Bronsteatter Coaching

    We all know the importance of physical fitness, but mental fitness is not taught. There are 3 core muscles you could be using RIGHT NOW to increase your happiness and success. The session is based on the research and teachings from the book “Positive Intelligence,” by Shirzad Chamine.

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  • Leadership and Coaching

    Julie Bronsteatter, Personal and Executive Coach, J Bronsteatter Coaching

    There’s more to leadership then, well, leading. In fact, the most successful leaders use coaching techniques to get the most out of their teams. This session offers 5 easy tips on how to approach leadership through a coaching lens, creating a powerful connection with lasting impact.

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  • Optimize Your Customer Journey! Rebuild Your Marketing & Sales Infrastructure For Growth.

    Troy Sandidge, The Strategy Hacker® • I Maximize B2B Profitability • International Speaker

    Optimize Your Customer Journey.
    Rebuild Your Marketing & Sales For Sustainable Business Growth.

    Stop marketing for fans.
    Start marketing for money. MORE >

    When is the last time you looked at your customer journey through the eyes of your ideal customer? Is your journey optimized and systemized to give the right value at every stage? Are your marketing, branding, SEO, and selling initiatives in alignment with where you are in your business right now? Some businesses' customer journeys and initiatives are stuck on awareness mode when they need to switch to sales, acquisition, and conversions mode.

    Let me share with you a 5-point customer journey blueprint that you can modify to fit your current situation. I'll then show you how to expand your marketing and sales tactics and effectiveness using your actual customers. We'll also debunk some myths many businesses are still doing that are costing them sales, repeatable buyers, and causing them to fail.

    Here's an audible that breaks this down:

    • Use Social Media & Digital Marketing
    • Learn Concepts & Infrastructure To Better Your Sales Process & Build Sales Systems
    • Get A 5-Point Customer Journey Blueprint
    • Leaarn How To Implement C.L.O.V.E.R. Business Framework™
    • Apply The D.A.R.T. Marketing Methodology™ To Improve Marketing Tactics

    Best For:
    • B2Bs & Corporate Organizations With Small Teams
    • Small-Medium Size Businesses With No Marketing Team & Third-Party Marketing Agency Needing A Plan
    • Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Freelancers, Organizations Looking To Improve Their Marketing & Sales Systems
    • Business Looking To Level-Up Marketing & Sales Strategies

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  • Increase Your Cash Flow Fast

    Jean Kuhn, Business Strategist/Consultant, Bounce Solutions Jean Kuhn

    Business owners, retail or service-based, all say the exact same thing. ‘We need more customers so we can earn more money.’ It’s tough out there for business owners in 2021. Jean Kuhn “has the backs” of business owners and delivers the hard facts, the truth and some laughs, on what it takes to become the leader in their industry and a “celebrity” in their business. MORE >

    Jean shares her story of buying 2 bankrupt businesses and turning them around in 12 short months and adding $100,000 to their bottom lines. And she did it with NO customer list and NO marketing budget.

    Jean is the perfect speaker if attendees: Want more customers, Want to make more money, Want to more free time, Want to reduce employee turnover

    Takeaways: You don't need a list or a big budget, Low cost/no cost marketing strategies, Tools to turn employees into lead

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  • Project Management Essentials for the “Accidental” Project Manager

    Robert Starinsky, ASBC, Principal, Tradewinds Group, Inc.

    People often start working on (and managing) projects almost by accident. When you suddenly find yourself responsible for managing an important project but aren't really sure about how to go about making it happen, you’re an "accidental" project manager. Whether you're the newly minted "accidental" project manager, or you're someone who frequently finds yourself serving on a client-focused project team, or you simply want to know more about project management, this is the right workshop for you. MORE >

    Have you recently "fallen" into the role of an accidental project manager? At one time or another, we all do (or will)! The good news is that you can be successful - without being an expert on project management! This short workshop is designed for individuals with little or no prior knowledge of project management, but who know what they’re doing now is either not enough, or simply isn’t working.

    This workshop covers what you need you know about managing a small to medium-sized project with confidence. You'll learn an easy-to-follow process for taking your project - regardless of its' purpose or size - from beginning to "done", as well as the critical "need to know" project management terminology, concepts and techniques that you can apply immediately toward helping you keep your project running smoothly.

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  • Process Improvement Strategies for Smaller Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations

    Robert Starinsky, ASBC, Principal, Tradewinds Group, Inc.

    Business process improvements can have a transformational effect on any business or non-profit organization. Processes that remain the same over time can impede an organization's efficiency and growth prospects; however an organization that works to continuously improve its' processes can create opportunities well beyond its current capacity. MORE >

    Process improvement takes on many different forms and every business has its own unique processes and systems in place. Attendees of this presentation will learn valuable techniques to help them engage their own organizations in meaningful process improvement.
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  • Games Prospects and Buyers Play

    Bryan McDonald, Partner/Owner, onPurpose Growth

    Old ways don't open new doors. We hear two things consistently these days: everybody sells or everybody is in sales. Nobody wants be sold. The question we ask ourselves is how do these two things coexist? The traditional way of selling leaves your prospects wanting something different and you, wanting more prospects! In The Games Buyers & Prospects Play session, we will have a roundtable discussion that includes the underlying psychology driving your buyer's and prospect's behavior. MORE >

    We will present how the elite sales professionals and entrepreneurs, across industries, change the rules of the game and thus change the behaviors to improve the outcomes of their sales efforts.

    If you struggle with:

    ✦Having prospects that you thought sounded positive but never respond to follow up
    ✦Prospects that meet with you regularly and never pay for your service aka free advice
    ✦If you have ever said “I wish I just have smarter clients”
    ✦Frankly, if you are just tired of doing the same old tactics that never feel right nor, get you where you want to be, The Games Buyers & Prospects Play may just open the door to new possibilities for you.

    Join us and we will discuss a way to change your results!

    You will walk away with:

    ✦Understanding the commonly accepted selling steps
    ✦Learn about what is driving your prospects/buyers reactions
    ✦Discover the inherent conflict between the 2 above, that stops/slows down your sales
    ✦Be introduced to some key concepts that break the old model

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