Speak More and Sell More with Confidence

Nadine HauptAfter more than twenty years in Corporate America, I decided to strike out on my own and launch my business coaching and consulting business in 2014.  Throughout my career, speaking has always played an important role in my success.

As the first female trackside engineer in IndyCar racing, there were plenty of opportunities to speak both on and off camera.  My ability to explain complex technical issues in a way fans could understand thrilled the media – so much that I was regularly interviewed on ESPN, local news stations, and other media outlets.

After racing, I became an expert on alternative fuels in the commercial trucking industry.  I was consistently invited to speak at international conferences, trade associations, and Wall Street analyst meetings.  It was my talent to speak with the right strategy, presentation structure, and delivery method to deliver high value and get real results that opened up so many opportunities.

In my corporate presentations, I always had a flood of people rushing up to me at the end of my talk to exchange business cards and connect further.  It was EASY to make new contacts that furthered my work in technology research, market development, and customer behavior.

So, when I took the leap from Corporate America into entrepreneurship, I knew speaking would be the most effective and efficient way to market my new business.  Utilizing the same strategy, structure and delivery method, I expected to easily build my client base.

But the results were dramatically different.  Instead of a rush to meet me after my talk, I saw the happy faces of satisfied guests walking out at the door. I apparently gave them everything they needed.  I taught great material, and answered all their questions. They left feeling confident that they had everything they needed to get the transformation I demonstrated.

What was so different from my corporate presentations?  Why was I not engaging with these folks afterwards?  Where was the opportunity for follow up?  How was I going to build a business when I had no leads or sales generated from all these free talks?  Something had to change.

So, I started investing in myself to learn sales conversion and lead generation techniques from the leading experts.  And what I learned was this:  there is a distinct difference between educating, training and selling.  The magic was in the MIX.  I was lacking the clarity…..the focus…..and the right STRUCTURE to create the results I desired.

As a result, I developed my proprietary “Speak More Sell More Blueprint” – the exact structure I teach my clients on how to command expert status in their field, attract perfect clients, and enjoy massive sales without being “salesy” by delivering just one strategic, structured and authentic signature talk.

The Speak More Sell More Blueprint


Packaging your knowledge and expertise in an organized fashion is absolutely the first step to communicating your value in a structured and strategic way that converts into clients and sales. Getting clarity and focus on the transformation you provide and your unique signature process is the KEY to leveraging your time, energy, and resources to attract and receive the riches in your niche.


To pave the road to the money, you need to position yourself, your audience, and your topic.  Many times the work you are called to do – the mission you are driven by – is directly related to a personal story in your life.  Telling your powerful story to create an instant connection with your audience is the secret to developing a relationship that leads to a sale.  It also helps the audience to know they are in the right place.


How do you hook your audience and inspire them to take action?  You share success stories.  Throughout the talk structure, sprinkle in the success stories of your clients so that audience members can self-identify as potential clients.  When you incorporate this step of the blueprint into your signature talk, you help your perfect clients eagerly pull out that credit card to buy from you – the expert in your field.


You got into business to make a difference in the world and help others.  But in reality, you have to make a profit to deliver on your mission.  When you build the transition from providing great value to making your offer in the right way, you have the confidence…the belief in yourself…to ask for the sale, feel authentic doing it, and expect results – without feeling like a sleazy salesman in the process.


The best talk in the world will fall flat without the confidence in delivery. Your physical presence, how you manage the stage, presentation materials and props – they all add to the communication of value to your audience.

How you see your audience also has an impact.  It’s about mastering your inner game.  Shifting your thoughts so that the energy you bring to your talk invites and attracts your perfect match clients. In this segment, I work with clients to develop the most effective way to create lasting and sustainable results – not just in sales, but also in all aspects of your business and life.

The Speak More Sell More Blueprint is the definitive structure that allows you to organize your knowledge in a way that positions you as the expert, leverages your expertise, and attracts your ideal clients with ease.  One signature talk delivered with clarity and confidence to boost your sales across multiple platforms.


Nadine Haupt is an internationally recognized author, professional speaker, certified coach and mentor for motivated, results-driven professionals who want to break through barriers, accelerate their impact and income substantially, and fall in love with Monday mornings.