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The Breakthrough Strategist, NRH Enterprises LLC

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  • Speaking But Not Making Sales? 5 Critical Mistakes That Keep You From The Money… And How To Fix Them

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Are you frustrated giving talks and not making sales? Do you struggle to attract your perfect clients no matter what you try? Join Nadine Haupt and discover why your talk is leaving you broke, and the simple strategies to make more money through speaking.

    In this content-fueled session you’ll learn: MORE >

    - EASY, no-cost things you can do right now to instantly double or triple your sales during live presentations….big or small.
    - The #1 reason entrepreneurs FAIL to make a sale when giving a talk
    - 5 Steps to command EXPERT status in your field.
    - The SECRET to getting prospects to buy now….without being aggressive.
    - And most important, how to LEVERAGE your unique knowledge and expertise to create freedom, flexibility and financial abundance!

    Do NOT let interested clients walk away without securing the benefit of your amazing product or service. They came to learn and BUY from you. Give them exactly what they need to say, “YES!” to investing in themselves.

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