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  • The Power of Authentic Storytelling

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    In a digital world where most forms of content are reaching a saturation point, everyone is an expert in everything, and competition is fiercer than ever, what is a brand to do? How can your message not only rise above the noise but truly connect with your target audience? Honesty. Originality. Transparency. But the challenge brands face today is how can they be heard? What good is it to tell your story if no one can hear it? And how can anyone hear your story if it sounds like every other story out there? MORE >

    - Learn how to convey the story of your brand in multi-dimensional ways that set you apart from everyone else
    - Understand how to use social media not to become the noise, but merely silence the noise while establishing your own voice
    - Discover strategies to humanize your brand while showcasing your brand's uniqueness without overdoing it

    ** Session can be customized by business type, social media needs to address, etc.

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  • The Art of Not Being Defeated

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    Life is difficult. Our lives are constantly "under construction" and so are our goals and dreams. What happens when life throws you a curve ball you didn't expect? What do you do when it feels like all is lost and you want to give up? This session tackles the reality and fear of defeat. MORE >

    - How to deal with life-altering situations
    - Strategies on how to dig-deep and make something happen despite obstacles
    - Q and A on personal techniques that helped me get back on my feet

    ** Session can be customized to be more Faith-based or Motivational-Based

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  • The Core Fundamentals to Create Incredible Video Marketing

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    A video is a powerful tool to connect with people, businesses, grow your audience, establish your brand, optimize your website for search engines, generate leads, and even increase sales of your product and services. Many people and businesses still haven’t taken advantage of the power that video gives you. MORE >

    You as a creator have so much freedom and no matter what style, length, tone, message, or topic you want to incorporate in your videos, there is an audience and platform for you!
    Today anyone can create great videos from their phone, and video-friendly platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Twitter are easily available to spread your content.

    Do not be intimidated by video but do be prepared to work at it. If your goal is to create "viral videos" then you are sadly mistaken what video marketing is all about. The foundation of any good video or series of videos is the story. Once you learn the art of being a storyteller and can tell your story effectively, you will be well on your way to establishing a strong video marketing strategy. This program will walk you through the core fundamentals from discovering your "why", establishing your niche audience, developing your story, choosing the right platform(s), making adjustments to your videos and how you deliver them, and ultimately evaluating what is going right and wrong and adjusting accordingly to hit your goals.

    In the end, the hope is to walk away with practical video marketing strategies that you can easily use to create and grow your brand or business.

    • Discover the power of video and how important it is
    • Learn how to convey the story of your brand in multi-dimensional ways that set you apart from everyone else using video
    • Get a solid foundation on the art of storytelling
    • Grasp how video can seamlessly fit with the rest of your digital marketing and social media marketing
    • See the types of videos that are driving results right now
    • Create videos that make an impact and drive action
    • Learn how to create and implement a video marketing strategy
    • Tackle how to optimize videos for searchability, increase views, grow your community, get more shares and engagement, and create content that keeps your audience wanting more
    • Understand how to use social media to promote and establish your own voice with video
    • Discover examples of people and brands who are owning various social mediums (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter) strictly with video
    • Get information on what camera equipment and software would be necessary (best fit for you) depending on video marketing aspirations and goals

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  • Level Up: The Demand for Soft Skills Is the Future of Education

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Educational

    Synopsis: LinkedIn’s 2018 Workforce Report found that the four most in-demand soft skills are within leadership, communication, collaboration, and time management. MORE >

    3 percent of HR Managers say technical skills are much easier to teach than soft skills—work ethic, communication skills, emotional intelligence, and a whole host of personal attributes that are crucial for career success. What we find a bit frightening is that 44 percent of top executives report this skill set as the largest gap experienced in the workforce. And 14 percent believe this gap is most prominent when it comes to the crucial skill of leadership.

    Yes, technical skills will get you in the door today, but soft skills will open future doors. Team building, motivating, and delegating are all much easier for those with excellent soft skills. Still, however, the importance of these skills continues to be greatly undervalued.

    The biggest mistake companies seem to make is assuming that people know how to behave on the job.
    You wouldn’t hire a new software engineer without testing his or her technical aptitude, correct? So why not give the same consideration to soft skills? You cannot assume that everyone knows and understands the importance of being on time, taking initiative, being friendly, and producing quality work.

    - Soft Skill vs Technical Skill
    - Discover how far one can go with soft skill and lacking technical skills versus the opposite
    - Learn why now is the time to focus on soft skills
    - Strategies on how to develop soft skills for the next generation of leaders
    - Answer the question, why C students tend to be leaders of billion-dollar companies

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  • The Power of Social Media For All Businesses

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Looking to grow your business primarily using social media? The undeniable truth is Social Media is a platform for real networking, growth, and engagement for any business irrespective of the industry. Social media marketing, when done right, allows you to amplify your content to a highly targeted audience with content that connects. MORE >

    This session will break down social media to key concepts and give the tools to expand your reach with social.

    ** This session can be customized for audience type and social media platforms you would like to put emphasis on.

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