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  • Women and Investing – Financial Strategies for Women Today

    Ted Buckley, Mooney Lyons Financial Services

    Financial Strategies for Women Today: Every woman, single or married, widowed or divorced — needs to plan ahead for personal and financial security. Women today have careers, start businesses, run households, raise children, and help aging parents. The workshop is designed to help you strengthen your financial future. I’ll have specific information for women who face divorce or widowhood, as well as many other concerns that could directly affect your family’s finances. The presentation offers sound, practical strategies that you can use immediately. MORE >

    We will focus on six key action items designed to help you:
    • Get your financial house in order - Prepare for the unexpected
    • Put your money to work by investing
    • Build a healthy nest egg for retirement
    • Face financial hardship
    • Understand your Social Security options
    • Address estate and legacy issues

    Workbook that contains a wealth of information, including exercises that are designed to help you assess your current situation.

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  • How Tax Planning Changes Through Four Stages of Retirement

    Ted Buckley, Mooney Lyons Financial Services

    Do you know how tax planning changes through different stages of retirement? In retirement, your tax rate may vary widely over the years based on the timing and order in which you use different sources of money to pay for expenses. It is important to apply the tax code in an organized and efficient way. Learn how to create a retirement tax strategy. MORE >

    You will learn:
    • The critical tax questions to answer before retirement.
    • The surprises that often make retirement more expensive.
    • The four stages of retirement and important tax actions in each stage, including tricky IRA challenges.
    • Mistakes to avoid when it comes to investments, health care, and estate planning.
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  • Understanding Social Security: A Look at the Bigger Picture

    Gregory Kurinec, CFP®, MRFC, Certified Financial Planner

    Are you or someone you know ready to begin receiving Social Security? If you are going to collect Social Security benefits in the next 10 years you should attend this educational session. In this session, you will learn: MORE >

    • When to take benefits - sooner or later?
    • Working while getting benefits
    • Taxation and Social Security
    • Spousal Benefits

    Learn what you need to know to maximize the benefits you have earned!

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  • Essentials of Estate Planning

    Gregory Kurinec, CFP®, MRFC, Certified Financial Planner

    Essentials of Estate Planning covers the estate planning process from beginning to end. We will look closely at the need to plan, the most common planning techniques and the documents used in the planning process. The class will explain the difference between a will and a trust and will give attendees an understanding of: MORE >

    • Probate
    • Wills vs. Trusts
    • Power of Attorney for Healthcare & Financial matters
    • Guardianship Appointments

    At the end of this class attendees will have a thorough understanding of what steps they need to take to protect their spouse and heirs.

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  • Managing Expenses with Inconsistent Income

    Kyle Bennett, Financial Coach, Prosperity Launch, LLC

    Welcome to a crucial journey in financial empowerment. In our presentation we address the unique challenges individuals face when income varies from month to month. We delve into understanding the dynamics of inconsistent income, assessing your financial stability, and equipping you with actionable strategies to regain control over your financial future. MORE >

    In this illuminating session, we explore flexible budgeting, building an emergency fund, mastering cash flow management, and navigating the intricate world of debt and credit. Along the way, we'll provide valuable tools, resources, and expert insights to guide you towards financial confidence.

    Join us as we embark on a transformative journey to financial stability and prosperity. Your financial well-being is our priority, and together, we'll chart a course towards a more secure and prosperous future.

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  • Retired – What do you want to do for the next 30 Years?

    Ted Buckley, Mooney Lyons Financial Services

    Are you anxious about the day-to-day change of no longer working? Even if you have been retired for years, you can still uncover areas that are NOT about the money that can surprise you. If you are single, widowed, or divorced this workshop can also point you in the right direction for your retirement. Discussion on all aspects of retirement except the money. You will complete a free workbook in this seminar to develop a game plan just for you! MORE >

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  • Financial Literacy – The Basics

    Renee N. Duba, Founder, Sonder Private Wealth Management

    We live in a world now where the responsibility for a lifetime of financial well-being rests solely in our own hands. The increasing complexity of the financial choices and decisions we face have exposed a dismal reality: most folks do not have an adequate understanding of the financial principals, behaviors and attitudes that will foster financial well-being. MORE >

    In this interactive presentation, we discuss what financial literacy means and why it’s critically important for a life of financial security and enjoyment. Topics include the components of literacy and basic principles upon which attendees can learn to gain control over day to day financial matters, build for retirement, and enjoy the things in life they love today.

    This is an intro to a series of presentations that include Budget Building, Retirement Planning and Investing. Can be customized for your organization.

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  • Wills, Trusts and What Every Family Needs To Know About Estate Planning

    Robert J. Varak, Law Offices of Robert J. Varak

    *COVID-19 Update* I have conducted several online webinars and Zoom-based conferences for small groups and would be happy to do so for your organization as well. Most people know that they should have a will, but why? When should you have your first will drafted? What is the difference between a will and a trust? How do I make sure that my children will be taken care of in the event of a family tragedy? What is probate and how does it work? I will give direct, understandable answers to these questions and any others you might have about the world of estate planning. MORE >

    Attendees will leave this talk knowing all the basics of the estate planning process, how to go about finding a qualified attorney, what is involved on their part and how much the process should cost them. It's the perfect one-stop primer to learn about wills, trusts, guardianship, powers of attorney and other sometimes intimidating but universally important topics.
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  • Savvy Social Security Planning for Baby Boomers

    Tom Kedzie CFP®, MBA, Financial Planner, RetireWell

    In this presentation you will learn:

    * When you should apply for Social Security.
    * How to optimize benefits.
    * When it makes sense to delay benefits.
    * Strategies for coordinating spousal benefits.
    * How to increase survivor benefits.

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  • Estate Planning: Get Your Financial Affairs in Order

    Tom Kedzie CFP®, MBA, Financial Planner, RetireWell

    In this presentation you will learn:

    * How to keep your house out of probate.
    * Find out what happens if you don't have a will.
    * How to use a revocable living trust.
    * Why you need a power of attorney for healthcare and property.

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