Pro bono public speaking is an effective marketing tool – Business Ledger

Daily Herald Business LedgerWhether you love it or dread it, public speaking is a fabulous marketing tool for your business, product or service. The post-talk objective is to have a line of people waiting to shake your hand and ask for a business card or two (or three).

Many people find that public speaking yields wonderful advantages both personally and professionally. First, it’s a great form of networking; second, it’s terrific public relations; and third, if it’s a pro bono presentation, it’s goodwill and community service.

In a traditional networking situation you meet for short periods of time with a limited number of people. Your time is typically divided into a conversation where you learn about the other person and their business, and they learn about you and your business.

Imagine an event where the entire room of people pays close attention to you, and you’re presented as the expert in your field. That’s networking at its finest. It’s important to stick around after the talk to answer questions one on one and exchange business cards. Many possible marketing opportunities are lost if you dash out.

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By Andy Richardson, Business Ledger
Oct 3, 2016