The Carrot and Stick are Obsolete – How to Deploy the Right Employee Incentives in Today’s Business Environment

Are your incentive programs delivering desired results? Incentives work, but you must get them right to positively impact performance and avoid wasting time and money.

The traditional approach to improving workplace behavior was often characterized by a “lady-or-the-tiger” experience which ignored that employees are motivated in different ways and underestimated the importance of connecting personal meaning to what they do.

This VIRTUAL OR IN PERSON presentation will reveal best practices any business can and should do to ensure employee incentive programs are working properly. Attendees will come away with knowledge and tips concerning:
• Why incentives are a tactic, not the strategy
• Commitment and support of leaders
• Choosing right incentive structure
• Audience selection
• Goal setting
• Communicating what, who, how, and why
• Avoiding element of chance
• Choosing the right recognition and rewards
• Keeping it fresh and appealing

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