Yes we Can! We are the solution to climate change.

Climate change is an immediate and serious threat that must be addressed this decade. We will briefly touch on the impact of climate change that is evident today as well as the basic science of global warming. However, our main focus will be on the fact that the solutions to climate change are already here. We have the technology to “drawdown” our atmospheric carbon dioxide and prevent catastrophic climate change.

The “doom and gloom” scenario often heard on the news is not the reality of sustainability. Instead, we will embrace grounded optimism that recognizes our achievements, acknowledges future uncertainites while remaining hopeful that what we do in the present will shape the future. We will invite participants to consider individual actions to reduce their carbon footprint while inviting participants to join us at a local level to advocate for community, state, national and international action.

Presentations are individually tailored to your group and we are especially excited to present to youth and school groups where we provide raffle prizes to motivate students to take action.

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