I am available to speak to any group, organization or company regarding all aspects of self-defense. My presentations can include a discussion of the law of self-defense, situational awareness and de-escalation, different levels of force (from simple deflections to joint locks to striking and the use of weapons), discussing the various weapons and targets of the body, and explaining the basic concepts of self-defense (from proper stance to specific techniques for dealing with common street attacks). The discussion can also include concepts for dealing with attacks with clubs, guns and knives, as well as how knives, clubs and improvised weapons can be used for self-defenses.

My presentations can either be general in nature, covering many of the above topics, or I can focus on any issues or topics which the group specifically wants to cover, and can include some basic demonstrations of the techniques and concepts which are being discussed. My presentations are 1 hour or less, generally done on weekday evenings or weekends, and I usually limit my travel to a 25 mile distance from Lincolnshire.

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