It’s Not About You… It’s About Bacon! Relationship Marketing in a Social Media World

If you are looking for a “How-to” social networking presentation, then this is not for you. This is a “Why-to” presentation. If you have been overwhelmed and confused by all the conflicting examples and theories about why social networking works for some and not for others, this presentation will be an eye-opening breath of fresh air.

You will learn why relationships, both new and nurtured ones, are golden for you and your business. We will demystify using the internet and social media to successfully market your business. In this ever-changing world of instant gratification and measurable communications, you need to know the tools and methodologies that create real interaction and engagement.

You will learn some actionable techniques ( Brian likes to call $100 ideas) that are sustainable, repeatable, and profitable for your business. This presentation will help you get noticed, become memorable and top of mind, and grow your brand and business through tested and proven face-to-face and social networking techniques.

45-60 minutes

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