Get your “BUT” out of the way!

We all have those awesome thoughts dripping with possibility, we get a smile on our face and consider how nice it would be then, out of nowhere comes “BUT”. The whole show stops when the “BUT” gets in the way. The thinking then turns to all the reasons why we “CAN’T” realize the vision that we were given. We must not let what we can’t do get in the way of what we can do. For me this has made all the difference. There was a time in my life when it seemed that failure was following me around however, that was not the case, you see; I was following failure around. I was being mis-informed by mis-informed people. This realization has made all the difference in my life.


I spent a lot of time in bad company;

I thought it was with friends, but they were robbing me;

By choice so many times I let them, steal my day;

I was robbing them too, in exactly the same way;

As I’ve grown older with the passage of time;

And the ladder of success, I started to climb;

And oh how I wanted my friends to go;

In the midst of their comfort, to life they said no;

I started reading books, I found myself inside the zone;

Anything worthwhile is never accomplished alone;

This statement spoke volumes and resonated in my head;

For in order to lead, you must first be led;

With the law of association at the forefront of my mind,

My past associations, I had to leave them all behind;

To seek out those that shared my desire;

For achievement in life that was several levels higher;

For life is lived on levels and arrived at in stages;

A simple fact that I learned, cause I kept turning pages;

As I write these words, to the past that I look;

My very first mentor was in the form of a book;

His name is David Schwartz and doctor is his gig;

He spoke to me through the pages of, The Magic of Thinking Big.

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