Eliminate the Fear of Leaving Your Comfort Zone During the COVID Crisis

Change happened suddenly. You didn’t plan for major disruption. The COVID crisis turned your world upside down and thrust you right out of your comfort zone, big time. Certainly, leaving your comfort zone, especially without warning or preparation, is frightening and instead of moving forward in a new direction, you find yourself immobile, as if a brick wall was surrounding you. As a result, fear of leaving your comfort zone stifles growth, halts progress, and negatively impacts behavior leading to an overwhelming sensation of not in control.

Instead of being comfortable doing your work, you find change discomforting, intrusive, and limiting your overall performance. From her book, The Comfort Zone Illusion and with over 25 years of experience leading personal, professional, and organizational change, Dr. Susan Neustrom unravels the mystery of the comfort zone, unmask the fears that hold you captive, and provide simple strategies to eliminate fear and create an adaptable work environment for successful change now and in the future.

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