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  • Understanding and Improving Team Dynamics (For Your Business & Customer Service): Using Hostage & Crisis Negotiation Methods with Active Listening Skills

    Stacey Jenkins, M. Psych, Founder, Adjunct Professor, Crux Conception

    As a Homicide Detective and Hostage Negotiator, Stacey not only uses Active Listening Skills (ALS) in situations of crisis involving expressive individuals, he also uses the skills to help resolve everyday life and business situations. This presentation will allow businesses to use the "Team Project Model" to help their team members cooperate with each other, with the focus on utilizing distinctive intensities within individual elements among members of a team. MORE >

    Attendees will discover (Learning Points):

    The individualities of a Team concept
    The difference between Team concept and group concept
    The methods by which Teams are utilized within their Company/ Establishment
    The idea of self-managing teams
    The value of how things are said
    The different messages that can be conveyed through how someone hears a word.
    How Team Dynamics in the business sector has changed over time.
    The loss of translation in a message when used in text/email.
    Utilization of Communication skills to increase work and business productivity

    Stacey’s presentation will illustrate that the above model is acceptable. However, a team will not communicate effectively if a team that has been taken apart and separated due to disconnection and lack of communication.

    As with all teams, each team was placed together because at the initial conception of the team; it was assumed that the team element is within the excellent working order. However, the appreciation of the team model must be well-oiled, and if not, members of the team will individually lack the proper function that is necessitated for TEAMWORK and fail to produce.


    By using ACTIVE LISTENING SKILLS (ALS), a method developed by the FBI, every team member will increase productivity regarding their specific missions, and when united, the team members will form successful finalization of their team-goal. By applying ALS, the team’s entire task will be the result of a collective productive representation of their work.

    Stacey’s experience as a Scholar (Forensic Psychology), Adjunct Professor (Group Dynamics/Psychology), and Hostage Negotiator has allowed him the ability to create a method for CIVILIANS to use regarding the application of Communication Skills.

    The attendees will take with them SKILLS used by Hostage/Crisis Negotiators, which have been Converted for personal, business, and everyday use.

    Key Takeaways:

    Minimal Reassurances (Building rapport and encourage individuals to continue talking):

    * Attendees will learn to use sounds especially on the phone, to let one person know the other is there and listening. Such as, “Oh?” “When?” and “Really?”

    * Attendees will learn to utilize these forms of questions, comments, or sounds that do not interfere with the flow of conversation but will let the other individual know that you are there and listening.

    Paraphrasing (This skill clarifies content, highlights issues and promotes a give and take between you and another, it tends to make the other individual a better listener):

    * Attendees will appreciate the skill of summarizing what they have just heard and repeated it back in their own words.

    * The skill demonstrates listening, creates responsiveness and establishes rapport because it is evident that you have heard and understood.

    * Usually, paraphrasing begins with the words, “Are you telling me…” “Are you saying…” or “So, what your saying is….

    Mirroring/Reflecting (useful when you are at a loss for words)

    * Attendees will learn to use this skill when they need clarification.

    * The skill provides an opportunity for the individual to think about what you have said.

    * This skill allows the listener to asks for more input without guiding the direction of the other individual’s thoughts

    * This skill elicits information when you do not have enough to ask a pertinent question.

    Open-Ended Questions (The primary use of this skill is to get individuals to talk)

    * Attendees will learn to encourage individuals to say more without directing the conversation.

    * This skill is used to have your questions answered with more than just a “yes” or “no.”

    * This skill gets information using fewer questions, they typically begin with: how, what, when and where.

    * Attendees will discover how to avoid using Closed-end questions such as “why.”
    * “Why” questions tend to steer the conversation toward blame and shut down communication.
    * “Why” questions also tend to pass judgment.

    * This skill gives a feeling of interrogation that makes rapport building difficult and causes you to work harder at thinking up new questions.

    “I” Messages (Used when communication is difficult and intense):

    * The attendees will discover that “I” messages enable them to let the other individual know how he/she is making you feel, why you think that way, and what the other individual can do to remedy the situation.

    * “When you said that, I feel….” or “I feel…. when you said….”

    Effective Pauses (Silence)

    * The attendees will develop this skill to use when emphasizing their point.

    * Silence can be very useful on several levels because most people are not comfortable with silence and will fill it with talk.

    * The attendees will discover to use silence just before or just after saying something important.


    This lecture/workshop can last from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours.

    The lecture is approximately 30 minutes.

    The workshop is 1 hour.

    The workshop consists of PARTICIPATION from the attendees, using ROLE PLAYING scenarios to give them an authentic feel applying their skills.

    Further, if time is not permitted for a 1.5-hour session, at least 1 ROLE PLAYING scenario will be implemented into the 30-minute lecture.

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  • Theology & Spirituality

    Dr. Cliff Brickman, Doctor, Therapist, Researcher, Wellness Clinic, The Still Soft Voice

    Dr. Brickman will discuss the religious topics covered in media like FoxTV, such as “to be religious, you must be judgmental,” “how many religions will kill you if you leave it?” and “as Americans with our PC, and our priorities, we should all have our heads examined.”

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  • Domestic Violence: Treating the Abuser

    Rob Johnson, LCPC, Crossroads Counseling of Chicago

    It is not widely recognized that the perpetrators of domestic violence need help. In Partner Abuse Intervention, participants learn skills for handling conflict. Rob will discuss the background, curriculum and outcome of this intervention.

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  • Transgender Identity and A Third Gender of the Future

    Melanie Griffis Jones, MA, LPC, ACCTH, TraceSuccessful and Griffis/Jones & Associates

    I have been working as a therapist with individuals with Gender Identity issues for close to 15 years. When I started most of my clients were mature adults who suffered from fear, shame and guilt. They kept this part of their lives as a deep secret, sometimes not even telling those closest to them about their gender issue. Today, with celebrities going public with their gender changes and TV shows and movies featuring trans individuals, I am seeing more and more teenagers "coming out" as transgender. It is almost becoming "in" to be trans among younger people. MORE >

    Years ago when I first started talking to groups about gender identity, there would be uncomfortable murmurs in the audience. Then I stated that everyone in the room knew someone one was transgender but just didn't know that about them. Today, almost everyone does personally knows someone who identifies as trans; either in their own family, at work, or via a friend talking about someone else in their life.

    While I am thankful having a gender identity issue isn't the terrible secret or shame it was 15 years ago, a new concern has surfaced. Having doubts or confusion about gender identity doesn't always mean a person should change from male to female or female to male. Rushing into hormones and surgeries without due process is now causing as many suicides as did identifying as trans 10 years ago. Truly getting to know oneself and how to identify as male, female, non or bi, gender fluid or whatever the newest key word is for those who see themselves as neither male or female, regardless of genital organs.

    My other concern is with those who want to change immediately and unethical doctors willing to go along with that. There are guidelines to follow, there is extensive counseling to work through, and resolving other issues first all need to be part of the process of coming to a healthy place with one's gender, one's body and one's mind. I welcome helping individuals work through all of this and the general population to better understand all the components of gender identity.

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  • We talk Cyber Security But: What about Protecting your company’s data, by psychologically evaluating potential Espionage and Spy activity?

    Stacey Jenkins, M. Psych, Founder, Adjunct Professor, Crux Conception

    Company’s today should be equipped to safeguard administrative tools for their company to complement its data security effectively. The Board of directors and its administration treat the protection of their data to warrant the risk of a breach of data, and this includes PERSONNEL. MORE >

    In today’s world of CYBER-RISK and CYBER-SECURITY, we sometimes forget about the individuals, or dare I say SUSPECTS behind the BREACH, ATTACH or THEFT. We neglect these individuals until it is too late, and the damage has been done. Individuals such as:

    EDWARD J. SNOWDEN The media hails him as a “whistleblower,” but MR. SNOWDEN stole DATA belonging to the NSA and disseminated said data to individuals with unauthorized access.

    •William Binney (NSA) •Jose Ignacio Lopez (GM) Chief of productions accused of corporate espionage. •Steven Louis Davis (Gillette) Pled guilty to theft of trade secrets.

    •Patricia Dunn (Hewlett-Packard) Involved in a spying scandal.

    •Ross Klein and Amar Lalvani (Starwood Hotels) downloaded confidential Starwood information to use later at Hilton.

    •We talk about protecting data. •We talk about outside forces seeking to obtain our data by unconventional means. •I will speak about PROTECTING or DATA that is stolen from trusted individuals within.

    MY PRESENTATION WILL ENGAGE THE AUDIENCE: We will focus on their psychological motivations, to identify the emotional precursors. Combining open-discussions, media, and PowerPoints, to illustrate, cultural adaptation, borderline personality disorder, mental autopsy, precursors to ESPIONAGE, and SPYING.

    The presentation will give participants innovative insights to conduct psychological field profile/assessments and verify potential risk factors. This presentation will outline the mental aspects regarding a Data Breaching and possible prevention Data Loss.

    Furthermore, this presentation will demonstrate that with the proper preparation, one can evaluate an individual whose psychological profile dictates that they retain the potential to perform CORPORATE ESPIONAGE.

    One of the most severe threats facing our Businesses and Corporations is the threat of a DATA BREACH. Regardless of the motivation, nature of their associated tactics, techniques, and procedures; the breach in DATA pose a stiff challenge to the existence of your organizations future.

    The persistent nature of this threat and the expectation that it will continue to rank as the most likely scenario; Board executives and administrators will need to contend with soon. The goal of my presentation is to inform Executives/Administrators key signs to help reduce/prevent DATA loss using corporate espionage and theft.

    My workshop will contain two main sections: • The first section will discuss the PSYCHOLOGY of spy/thief, • The second section will deal with the process of identifying individuals who seek to harm the company.

    The first section will cover a brief history of CORPORATE ESPIONAGE and incidents involving same.

    The psychological concepts behind DATA BREACHES (within) and CORPORATE will be discussed thoroughly.

    For this segment, I will be utilizing role-playing scenarios to introduce to the PARTICIPANTS how “everyday people skills” can be used to conduct a Criminal/Psychological profile to aid in determining potential corporate spies/thieves.

    As stated earlier:

    That said, executives should safeguard administrative tools for their company to complement its data security effectively. The Board of directors and its administration treat the protection of their data to warrant the risk of a breach of data, and this includes PERSONNEL.

    In today’s world of CYBER-RISK and CYBER-SECURITY, we sometimes forget about the individuals, or dare I say SUSPECTS behind the BREACH, ATTACH or THEFT. We neglect these individuals until it is too late, and the damage has been done. Individuals such as:

    EDWARD J. SNOWDEN The media hails him as a “whistleblower,” but MR. SNOWDEN stole DATA belonging to the NSA and disseminated said data to individuals with unauthorized access.

    •William Binney (NSA) •Jose Ignacio Lopez (GM) Chief of productions accused of corporate espionage. •Steven Louis Davis (Gillette) Pled guilty to theft of trade secrets.

    •Patricia Dunn (Hewlett-Packard) Involved in a spying scandal.

    •Ross Klein and Amar Lalvani (Starwood Hotels) downloaded confidential Starwood information to use later at Hilton.

    This second section will focus more on people reading skills and identifying micro-expressions. This segment of the workshop will help the PARTICIPANTS identify the traits, behaviors, and body language of individuals.

    The conclusion at the end the second section will consist of a hands-on practice session: I will ask PARTICIPANTS to apply what they have learned by identifying potential RISKS by profiling random social media accounts of individual, based on photographs, social media postings, likes, friends, and so forth.

    • Note: not only have past participants found this method fun, but they have also found it to be reliable and proven reliable. I utilize this method throughout my profiles of gang members, narcotics traffickers, white-collar criminals and more.

    The protection of a company’s data is not just an issue for the IT department. Data security is a crucial element of a corporation’s security mainframe, necessitating executive surveillance. The breach of data has immediate licit consequences, which executives must comprehend.

    The topic of data security must be addressed in every board meeting and said boards should be equipped with the tools to obtain proficiency, which will allow them to encounter with matters surrounding data security.

    MY PRESENTATION WILL ENGAGE THE AUDIENCE: Therefore, for this workshop, we will combine open-discussions, media, and PowerPoints, to illustrate, cultural adaptation, borderline personality disorder, psychological autopsy, precursors to ESPIONAGE, and SPYING.

    The presentation is fun, excite, informative and addictive.

    Further, the presentation is lengthy (but not dry nor ever dull), it averages about 1.5 hours. However, it can be condensed to approximately 45 minutes. What I would do (and this involves summarizing all my lectures/presentations) is to reduce my open discussions (Q&A from the audience) and limit my role-playing scenarios.

    However, the role-play segment gets the attendees involved and some even attempt to test their new-found aptitudes soon after. For example, some would attempt to use said skills while at dinner, lounge, and so forth. However, it can be reduced to one or two “mock-type scenarios.”

    This segment is vital because it proves sound regarding the utilization of one’s everyday skills to psychologically profile.

    I have used this method in the past regarding COLD HOMICIDE CASES, PREPARATIONS before INTERVIEWING SUSPECTS and PROFILING current cases.

    This lecture/presentation will conform to discussions regarding cyber-attacks/incidents and will entail the psychological unmasking of individuals behind the attacks.

    For example; a car thief would look at the vulnerability of the anti-theft system protecting a vehicle. However, how does that thief know what weaknesses to look for, the same goes for

    The necessity for societal psychosomatic tactics is also suggested by the fact that significant cybersecurity episodes from motivations as wide-ranging as monetary profit and radical/philosophical dissent. These are frequently initiated by cliques, as opposed to a single person acting by him/herself.

    My goal is to offer attendees additional preventive measures by exposing abilities they have within, the purpose of this segment is to make individuals aware of influences that they have, using one’s observational skills to detect the behavior of potential attackers.

    Key takeaways from the:

    Performing assessments on a psychological and cybersecurity platform

    Enhanced abilities to evaluate security efficiency within his/her organizational structure

    Authentic mock scenarios regarding attack vectors and how to respond or set up a novel response system in response to same (this method is formatted to my active shooter drill, it pertains to the aftermath and the preparation to make a quick recovery and training for the aftershock).

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  • The World Today

    Dr. Cliff Brickman, Doctor, Therapist, Researcher, Wellness Clinic, The Still Soft Voice

    Dr. Brickman will explain how the primary solution to the world’s woes is not a military one, but rather a psychological and cultural one. He will discuss how better military equipment by itself won’t do it.

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  • Bullying: When the Victim Becomes the Aggressor

    Stacey Jenkins, M. Psych, Founder, Adjunct Professor, Crux Conception

    There have been several lectures and presentations delivered to parents, educators, and students regarding Bullying and its outcome. However, we seldom hear about what turns the Victim into becoming the aggressor and potentially causing mass acts of violence. Stacey’s Anti-Bullying method is an approach that was carefully selected and proven academically sound. Appropriated from the Scared-Straight scheme (minus the cursing and yelling). Stacey’s delivery will outline the emotional, vicious and retaliatory facets of BULLYING (from a VICTIM’S perspective). MORE >

    Further, this lecture through audience participation via; ROLE PLAY scenarios, students, with proper preparation, can adapt and gain both compassion and understanding to the psychological harms, which could dictate an act that could potentially involve violence resulting in mass casualties.

    Using Criminal Profiling Techniques, Stacey will Profile Social media accounts (not associated to any audience member) of individuals who are “BEEFING” or “HARASSING,” to display insecurities surrounding bullying including the emotional and dangerous scares it launches.

    Social media is the custom for our children, they use their cellular phones, computers, and added means to interconnect every day. Frequently, these devices are exploited as harmful techniques to bully other children, sexting, and additional acts, which can advance to violence.

    Participation is KEY, therefore, expect Stacey to move around the lecture area to get students involved. To do that, Stacey lightens the mood and shares with the audience a personal story to allow them to see that “we are all human,” and that we all have issues in our lives, which people can and will use against us to HARM, BULLY, or HUMILIATE.

    By using Stacey’s method of HUMOR and Affection titled the “DR. DRE METHOD.”

    Attendees will learn to:
    D. DISCOVER the cause of their Stress (Bullying)
    R. RECOGNIZE that the Stress is affecting their lives
    D. DODGE future Stress elements
    R. REGAIN self-esteem
    E. EQUALIZE the threat of Stress reappearance (by talking to someone and never keep it in)

    As a former SCHOOL RESOURCES OFFICERS, now Homicide Detective and Scholar, Stacey is confident that his lecture will benefit not only the Students but School Administrators as well.

    That said if you ask any educator what’s the most severe threat facing our educational system: he or she will most likely say, that it is the threat of an active shooter.

    The lecture will assist WITH DEVELOPING an added perception about PERSONALITIES, RUMORS OF BULLYING, HOW TO REACT TO THREATS MADE BOTH IN SCHOOL OR ON SOCIAL MEDIA and the ability to evaluate them and incorporating them into an informative narrative, which will benefit school superiors/administrators alike.

    Dear event organizer,

    You are probably saying to yourself that this seems lengthy? The length of my presentation is two hours, but it can be condensed and has been condensed in the past; to 90 minutes with advanced notice.

    Key takeaways from the lecture:

    * Emphases on all aspects of Bullying and Victimization
    * Stresses on protecting the Victim and best-advanced programs/methods
    * Your Students will get the maximum quality professional training imaginable
    * Emphases on safe/courteous social networking and anti-cyberbullying
    * Coping Methods to overcome obstacles regarding peer-pressure and “Fitting-In.”
    * Motivate individuals to participate in the ANTI-BULLYING movement with enthusiasm
    * The student body will lean to produce a safe educational atmosphere for all their classmates
    * Awareness of disability-targeted bullying & harassment and in schools

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  • Travel Hacking

    Edwin Goitia, Founder and Visionary, I Am A Brand

    Often travel is seen as a luxury and an expensive hobby, but there is a way to access the world with less money or resources - travel hacking. Edwin dives into this incredibly hot and trending hobby that has picked up the pace globally with people of all ages and backgrounds.

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  • Take the Mystery Out of Selling Your Home

    Dale Tippett, Managing Broker, DALE D. TIPPETT, Licensed Real Estate Managing Broker

    Especially if you haven't moved for a long time or feel overwhelmed with change, you will learn how to deal with the challenges home owners face when they are hesitant to sell their homes, even though they know that they should. Join the discussion on what to do and how to do it to make your next move less stressful. MORE >

    We'll talk about the process of selling your home, getting help with your stuff, the professionals involved and more... A must for adult children and Baby Boomers.
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  • Get a Great Date – Do You Know What Holds You Back?

    Molly Hillig Rodriguez, Molly Hillig, RN, MPH, Relationship Expert, Molly Hillig Rodriguez - Empower Yourself Coaching

    The truth is there are no tricks, no gimmicks, just steps to evolve yourself into a stellar dater and find great love. Each human desires to have a great dating career and find love. Learn to do it! This interactive workshop will change the way you look at dating. Too many people today look at dating all wrong and are left feeling overwhelmed. They do not have the right dating tools. MORE >

    What you will learn:
    How to date with meaning and success this year
    Why people ghost, bail or turn out to be not what you hoped?
    How to see results with your time and money
    How to be more attractive

    You will learn great dating skills, the best and successful daters in the world know them.

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