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  • Get a Great Date – Do You Know What Holds You Back?

    Molly Hillig Rodriguez, Molly Hillig, RN, MPH, Relationship Expert, Molly Hillig Rodriguez - Empower Yourself Coaching

    The truth is there are no tricks, no gimmicks, just steps to evolve yourself into a stellar dater and find great love. Each human desires to have a great dating career and find love. Learn to do it! This interactive workshop will change the way you look at dating. Too many people today look at dating all wrong and are left feeling overwhelmed. They do not have the right dating tools. MORE >

    What you will learn:
    How to date with meaning and success this year
    Why people ghost, bail or turn out to be not what you hoped?
    How to see results with your time and money
    How to be more attractive

    You will learn great dating skills, the best and successful daters in the world know them.

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  • Take the Mystery Out of Selling Your Home

    Dale Tippett, Managing Broker, DALE D. TIPPETT, Licensed Real Estate Managing Broker

    Especially if you haven't moved for a long time or feel overwhelmed with change, you will learn how to deal with the challenges home owners face when they are hesitant to sell their homes, even though they know that they should. Join the discussion on what to do and how to do it to make your next move less stressful. MORE >

    We'll talk about the process of selling your home, getting help with your stuff, the professionals involved and more... A must for adult children and Baby Boomers.
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  • Transgender Identity and A Third Gender of the Future

    Melanie Griffis Jones, MA, LPC, ACCTH, TraceSuccessful and Griffis/Jones & Associates

    I have been working as a therapist with individuals with Gender Identity issues for close to 15 years. When I started most of my clients were mature adults who suffered from fear, shame and guilt. They kept this part of their lives as a deep secret, sometimes not even telling those closest to them about their gender issue. Today, with celebrities going public with their gender changes and TV shows and movies featuring trans individuals, I am seeing more and more teenagers "coming out" as transgender. It is almost becoming "in" to be trans among younger people. MORE >

    Years ago when I first started talking to groups about gender identity, there would be uncomfortable murmurs in the audience. Then I stated that everyone in the room knew someone one was transgender but just didn't know that about them. Today, almost everyone does personally knows someone who identifies as trans; either in their own family, at work, or via a friend talking about someone else in their life.

    While I am thankful having a gender identity issue isn't the terrible secret or shame it was 15 years ago, a new concern has surfaced. Having doubts or confusion about gender identity doesn't always mean a person should change from male to female or female to male. Rushing into hormones and surgeries without due process is now causing as many suicides as did identifying as trans 10 years ago. Truly getting to know oneself and how to identify as male, female, non or bi, gender fluid or whatever the newest key word is for those who see themselves as neither male or female, regardless of genital organs.

    My other concern is with those who want to change immediately and unethical doctors willing to go along with that. There are guidelines to follow, there is extensive counseling to work through, and resolving other issues first all need to be part of the process of coming to a healthy place with one's gender, one's body and one's mind. I welcome helping individuals work through all of this and the general population to better understand all the components of gender identity.

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  • Domestic Violence: Treating the Abuser

    Rob Johnson, LCPC, Crossroads Counseling of Chicago

    It is not widely recognized that the perpetrators of domestic violence need help. In Partner Abuse Intervention, participants learn skills for handling conflict. Rob will discuss the background, curriculum and outcome of this intervention.

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  • Why Some Divorce Lawyers Hate Me

    Melanie Griffis Jones, MA, LPC, ACCTH, TraceSuccessful and Griffis/Jones & Associates

    I am a certified mental health professional professionally trained as a Divorce Mediator. Using my services rather than two attorneys can cut the cost of getting a divorce dramatically. That is why some divorce attorneys don't like people to know about me or my peers. MORE >

    Since over 50% of all marriages end in divorce (and the rate is even higher for 2nd or 3rd marriages) I want to share information about how couples can secure a divorce without spending thousands of dollars on attorney fees and can avoid much of the anger and bitterness that too often results from the disagreements they have.

    It is only in the past few years mental health professionals, rather than lawyers, have been trained in all facets of divorce mediation. I can explain why therapists make better mediators than attorneys. Our listening skills, calm behavior, non-judgmental attitude all are better suited to deal with sensitive issues. Compassion and empathy usually aren't adjectives used to describe lawyers yet they are necessary traits for a therapist.

    Key words like "Free and Equitable" make each divorce different in the eyes of the court. I know the "How and Why" 100% of all issues need to be resolved before filing divorce documents and when it is possible to use one attorney for a nominal fee rather than two - spending far too much of either parties earnings.

    Trained as both a divorce mediator and a mental health professional, I serve as a non-biased, neutral facilitator eager to help resolve areas of disagreement and prepare the Memorandum of Understanding needed to expedite a simple divorce document and secure an Uncontested Divorce. We all have first or second hand knowledge of bitter and expensive divorces. Letting the world know there is a better option is my motivation to speak to your group.

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  • Personal Safety and Self Defense

    Joe Rosner, Self-Defense Teacher, Best Defense of Illinois

    Joe will tell how to recognize and avoid dangerous situations and how to react to them if necessary. Programs are available for realtors, healthcare professionals as well as the general audience.

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  • Workplace Safety: The Deterrence of Workplace Violence

    Stacey Jenkins, M. Psych, Founder, Adjunct Professor, Crux Conception

    Dallas, Texas. A 60-year-old man entered his place of work, drew a firearm, and shot his manager to death. The unwilling recipient had just recently been married was the mother of 7 children. The offender did not have a criminal past, and there was not a sign that he intended to execute a crime or developed any problems with his manager. Moreover, this demonstrates just how problematic it is to forecast a violent workplace episode. An elder gentleman with no apparent disputes with his manager does not appear expected to be a shooter. To justly safeguard ourselves and our employees, we must stay attentive and organized to take safety measures against acts of violence in the workplace. MORE >

    Key Objectives

    *Outline workplace violence and clarify the specific types of workplace violence
    *Produce critical elements concerning workplace violence
    *Discuss the risk aspects of probable disorder within a workplace
    *Explain methods to avoid physical abuse at the office
    *Prioritize procedures taken following a violent workplace encounter
    *Describe the necessity of instilling/adhering to policies regarding workplace violence
    *Discuss how to use Active Listening Skills incorporated with Conflict Resolution

    Whom the lecture is intended for:
    Executives, Human Resources, Administrators and Management, Global Heads of Safety and Health, Health and Safety Directors and Risk Management.

    We talk about safety regulations and safety compliance yet, in today’s society, with the rising numbers of mass attacks regarding Active Shooters; we sometimes overlook the fact that our employees may also need to be safeguarded from the human aspect of harm.

    This presentation will outline agendas that can be tailored to each company. Not all industries need every component, but then again, a model program enhancement method contains mutual fundamentals.

    The presentation will discuss and provide cost-effective tuitions for fostering a prevention package:

    •Creating a policymaking panel.
    •Surveying current conditions.
    •Resolving and executing guidelines.
    •Setting up a private data gathering and assessment base (reporting potential risks)
    •Develop an education program.
    •Reexamining pre-employment assessment methods.
    •Reviewing layoff and termination methods.
    •Setting up a crisis response strategy (schools have active shooter drills, and so should the workplace)
    •Testing and enhancing the program on a proceeding with a premise.
    •Implementing a highly productive employee assistance program (EAP)

    This checklist could make creating a program appear overwhelming.

    However, THIS PRESENTATION will eustatically display the many corporations have several factors in an efficient system currently in place. Such as access control, safety measures and property safeguard packages, sexual harassment guidelines, minimum specifications of conduct and employee assistance programs.

    •Psychological profiling, using everyday interpersonal skills
    The presentation, by use of role-playing scenarios, will use realistic appropriateness, which for attendees to utilize using ordinary people skills.

    Provide socio-psychological characteristics of the individual, to assist in identifying the psychological makeup. For example, comments a disgruntled employee would make to a co-worker or a disturbing post on social media outlets. These are all indicators associated with "Risk Factors."

    The topics discussed in my presentation will exhibit significant outlines that will motivate individuals to participate with enthusiasm; this innovated method is aimed at captivating, diverse consortiums while incorporating various points of the Crisis Intervention model.

    Most profilers are not psychologists and unlike TV, have a law enforcement background. Therefore, the attendees will learn to utilize your everyday people skills to outline a risk assessment.

    •Workplace Violence Financial Data:
    The presentation will discuss financial impacts on companies as a result of workplace violence
    -$3 or more is retained for to each dollar invested in workplace safety
    -$121 billion annual losses are attributed to workplace assaults
    - Lawsuits associated with workplace violence cost companies an average of $500,000 for out-
    of-court settlements.

    10 Takeaways

    1. What is workplace violence? Certain elements describe violence in the workplace. They include harassment, physical assault, verbal abuse, and threatening conduct. There is a growing recognition that every form of workplace violence implies an attack on an individual’s dignity and is likely to create a risk to their safety and health.

    2. For certain occupations, violence is among the leading causes of death among employees. In keeping with Injury Facts 2016, violence is the third leading cause of the death of healthcare employees in addition to workers in business and professional services like law, media, and education.

    3. It is essential to implement prevention strategies that deal with workplace violence. These strategies can include redesigning workspace to avert entrapment. The access to employees’ work areas should be controlled. Also, good lighting outdoors and indoors needs to be maintained.

    4. Disgruntled employees can stir up workplace violence to extremes such as murder.
    Anger, combined with paranoia and depression, leads to some form of explosion, which highlights this kind of workplace violence. Even though murder cases are rare, unfortunate incidences related to discontented workers occur.

    5. Training and preparation should be accessible to all employees to manage work-related violence. Providing insight and training to employees is essential in recognizing and preventing workplace violence. Many employees consider instruction in the management of work-related disorder as necessary for their official function.

    6. Responding to violent incidents is fundamental in mitigating workplace aggression.
    Various measures can be implemented to respond to violent incidents. They include isolating or securing the work area, medical attention should be sought for victims, and the issue should be reported to the supervisor.

    7. It is highly significant to know the warning signs of workplace violence.
    Several people engage in violence due to robbery, ideology, or revenge. There may not be a precise way to foretell an attack; it is pivotal to be aware of the behaviors of co-workers that may indicate future violence. These include excessive use of drugs or alcohol, unexplained absenteeism, depression, and resistance to changes.

    8. Psychosocial and physical violence can happen in the workplace. Generally, psychological abuse is often higher than of physical aggression. Of the different forms of mental disorder, harassment or bullying is more prevalent as compared to sexual harassment. Women, especially younger ones, tend to be more vulnerable to sexual harassment in the place of work than men.

    9. Human resource management should explore the motives of individuals who have engaged in workplace violence. Through interviews with such people, specific factors can be identified. For instance, workers who participate in workplace aggression have thought about it for a period. Also, this could be days, weeks, or months, and even years. For that reason, they could have done some practiced and rehearsed it.

    10. There are several measures that managers can execute to tackle cases of workplace violence. Managers can reduce the propensity for workplace violence through three distinct actions. First, it is fundamental to have relatively fair policies of employment. Second, there should be a rational system of discipline by ensuring that the rules of the workplace are identified beforehand. Third, there is an appropriate and wrong way to fire an employee. Therefore, concrete facts should be demonstrated.

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  • Unintended Impact: One Athlete’s Journey from Concussions an Amateur Football to CTE Dementia

    Jim Proebstle, Author

    Tragic CTE Dementia Outcome from Concussions in Amateur Football Inspires a New Book: As an athlete, Dick was revered; yet, success turned traitor as the concussions received in high school and Big Ten (MSU) football led to a world of confusion, poor decision-making, and confinement defined by a wheelchair in a long-term care facility. In his multiple levels of impaired functioning, the opportunity for Dick to “get it”—life, that is—was over. He just didn’t know it. Dick was my brother. MORE >

    Nobody will remember a backup college quarterback, but Dick’s story bridges the glamour of NFL football—its high-profile athletes and its $billion settlement for players with CTE dementia—and the millions of anonymous amateur football players who may suffer with the same concussion-induced devastation of CTE dementia. Unintended Impact covers the drama from childhood to adulthood, including numerous personal and business episodes that serve as warnings that something had been derailed. In 2015, with today’s focus on CTE, lack of knowledge is not acceptable. Yet in Dick’s life, lack of knowledge was just one of the underlying factors contributing to the heartbreak of his tragedy. How many other Dick Proebstles are there?
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  • Fatal Incident

    Jim Proebstle, Author

    Inspired by the true events of an Air Transport Command aircraft disaster in Alaska in 1944, Fatal Incident reveals the dark secrets of a WW II conspiracy and cover-up of how twenty U.S. military deaths have gone unsolved for over 70 years. The story will attract men and women interested in intrigue, Russian espionage, and heart-pounding drama; as the human emotions and lives of people in love, separated by war, are changed forever. MORE >

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  • The World Today

    Dr. Cliff Brickman, Doctor, Therapist, Researcher, Wellness Clinic, The Still Soft Voice

    Dr. Brickman will explain how the primary solution to the world’s woes is not a military one, but rather a psychological and cultural one. He will discuss how better military equipment by itself won’t do it.

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