Frequently Asked Questions from Speakers

How do I join
It’s easy… Click on the orange “Become a Speaker” tab at the top of every page. Review the three different membership levels. Click “Join Now” for the membership you want. Follow the process by filling out the membership forms.

Do speakers need a professional headshot?
You will need to upload a photo in your profile. Speakers should present themselves in a professional manner. Please don’t use selfies or group photos. Hey, we just want you to get lots of requests.

How many groups in Chicago use your speakers?
Groups! Oh boy, do we have groups. Over the past 19 years, more than 1,200 groups in the Chicagoland area have used

How do you introduce new speakers to groups?
When ten or so new speakers join, we send out a “New to” email newsletter to approximately 1,200+ contacts who have used our service in the past. Hopefully, this gets you started with a bang.

I just got a request, now what?
Contact the person right away to discuss the details of the request. It is a firm policy of that you call the group within three days of the request. Go over the details, the date, the directions, etc. Be sure to exchange phone numbers. Frequently, the contact person will request a written bio about you. Many of these groups publish your information in their organization’s newsletter and/or send a press release to their local newspaper.

Does getting a request mean I have to book the gig?
Absolutely not. After the request is made, you and the group member have a personal talk or email exchange to decide if you’re right for each other. Either party can then decline or accept.

How far do I have to travel for a request?
It’s totally up to you. Some speakers travel anywhere, others have limits. Almost all speakers will travel to the suburbs of Chicago or into the city if they’re suburban based.

Can I sell stuff? What about my book?
Products for sale are not appropriate. Authors may bring books to the talk, but any sales pitch needs to be extremely low key.

Can I pass out handouts or business cards?
Absolutely. Most groups like handouts that relate to your presentation such as your slide deck. Often times there is a line of people to speak with you after your presentation is over.

How do I upgrade my membership?
We can help with that. Contact the team at (312) 585-7677.

Is my information secure?
Absolutely. We never share your information anywhere else. Promise. For more information please read our Privacy Policy.