Vicki Burger

Owner, SPIFF...Downsize | Organize | Move

Free Self-Improvement Speaker in Chicago

  • Declutter, Downsize and Organize Your Stuff!

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self-Improvement

    This workshop will help you determine what goes and what stays. We also discuss specific resources for finding new "homes" for unwanted items, including donating, selling or disposing. Participants comment that they leave my presentation with a better idea of the financial and emotional advantages of "decluttering and downsizing", as well as ideas for approaching loved ones that they are may be assisting with the process. MORE >

    Why would you want to "declutter and downsize"?
    - Sell a home more quickly
    - Reduce the cost of your move (by moving less stuff)!
    - Prepare to move to a smaller home
    - Begin distributing your memories and keepsakes “your way”
    - Maintain a safer more efficient home -"aging in place".
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  • Organizing Your Home and Office

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self-Improvement

    In this workshop we will have fun designing each participant's "organizing makeover". We review a simple process for classifying, sorting and reducing "stuff". Next we will discuss how to determine the best organizing system to support the way your work. Finally, we will discuss the best ways to make the time to maintain your system and continually improve it. MORE >

    Organizing is not a "one size fits all" process. Each of us work in different ways. Our systems for organizing need to reflect these differences to be effective and sustainable. Throughout this workshop many of my usefull "tips of the organizing trade" will be shared.

    I integrate case studies and humor into my presentations to engage audiences. I look forward to talking with you to discuss how this workshop can be customized for your group.

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