Vicki Burger

Professional Organizer, Productivity Coach and Entrepreneur, SPIFF

Free Educational Speaker in Chicago

  • Organizing Your Home or Office

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Educational

    Organization is essential for building and sustaining a great life. Clutter is chaos and if you have physical clutter, your likely have mental clutter as well. In this workshop we will have fun designing YOUR "organizing makeover". We will review a simple process for classifying, sorting and reducing your "stuff". MORE >

    Next we will consider how to determine the ideal organizing system to support the way your work. Finally, we will help you determine the best ways to motivate you to make time to maintain your system and continually evaluate and improve it.

    Organizing is not a "one size fits all" process. Each of us work, at home and in our professions, in different ways and our systems for organizing need to reflect these differences to be effective and sustainable. Throughout this workshop many of my useful "tips of the organizing trade" will be shared.

    I love to integrate stories and humor into my presentations to engage audiences. I look forward to talking with you to discuss how this workshop can be customized for your group.

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