Sarah Finch

Leadership Development Facilitator/Speaker/Coach

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  • Keys to Leadership

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    We don't teach people to drive by just handing over the keys, yet we put people in leadership positions without giving them the skills they need! As people add leadership responsibility, they often need to unlearn some learned or reflexive behaviors that will become leadership pitfalls. Through Sarah's work with thousands of leaders over the years, she knows key skills that leaders need and the habits they have to change to be effective and achieve results. Your audience will walk away knowing: MORE >

    • The three core skills all leaders need
    • What habits get in the way and how to change them
    • How to measure leadership success
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  • Winning the Game of Change

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Change in business is such the norm these days that times with limited change almost feel abnormal!  Despite the fast pace of change, many leaders still fumble when asked to lead a change.  Sarah has spent years working with companies going through massive change, and has helped those leaders reduce the resistance and maximize buy in so the change happens smoothly.  Your audience will walk away with tools to approach change effectively. MORE >

    • Biggest mistakes leaders make when implementing change
    • How to plan for change...even when you don't know it is coming
    • The building blocks that lead to a successfully implementing change
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