Sherry Duda

Chief Executive Officer, Alex Reidy & Company

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  • Your Culture is Your Brand

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Research shows an alarming disconnect between companies’ identity on the outside, (what they promise to consumers and customers), and the actual employee experience within the organization. Your corporate brand doesn’t just stand for a promise, it stands for a promise delivered. When a company doesn’t deliver what they say is important, its reputation and image can be drastically tarnished when the word spreads... and it will... through social media, sometimes within
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    Consider the impact, after the media reports on unsatisfactory working conditions in a company’s
    factory. If consumers believe these problems are allowed to continue, their perception of the brand will be damaged, and they’ll find alternative products or solutions. The truth is we hold leaders accountable if their corporate culture doesn’t live up to their promises. It’s easy to make promises. The tougher part for matrixed organizations, especially during accelerated growth and transition, is to keep their collective promises.

    Does your organization's culture reflect your brand promise?

    In this session, we'll discuss how you can assess the quality of your organization's brand and culture alignment and prescribe steps for improvement. We'll debunk the myths around how difficult culture change is and share how a Fortune 100 company tripled its EBITDA in less than two years by focusing on cultural levers that make the difference.

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  • The DNA of Effective Change

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    As organizations face global competition, technological advancements, and the delivery of loyalty-building customer experiences, they will also face the need to change the way they do business. During periods of change, business leaders are under intense pressure to deliver results fast.

    Your team is looking to: MORE >

    -Efficiently reach the defined future state
    -Exceed performance expectations in the transition state
    -Manage and minimize transition costs
    -Build internal change capability

    Agile organizations lead by developing anticipated capabilities and by advancing temporary advantages. They can quickly add, modify and delete elements of their portfolio with speed and elegance. Learn how to develop an agile and proactive response to change, while capturing value from change and transformation initiatives.

    How did the EBITDA of a Fortune 100 petrochemicals company go from $.9bn to $2.7bn in less than two years, while undergoing a massive business transformation? The opportunity is in knowing which change levers to use to make the biggest impact. The detail and intensity of a change plan must match the level of risk and complexity created by the change.

    In this discussion, we offer a repeatable process to improve financial and operational delivery during change and transformation. You'll learn the top ten levers that Fortune 100 global companies use to successfully transition the workforce from acceptance to commitment.

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  • The ROI of an Effective Talent Strategy

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    If you are like most senior teams, you are investing in a human capital strategy to guide your growth. MORE >

    A strategic talent blueprint sequences talent plays to attract, retain, develop and deploy talent in key roles. You depend on talent processes like succession planning, change management, and talent development to accelerate your performance. Is your organization realizing a return? Unfortunately, many don’t benefit from the performance improvement and cost-savings opportunities that are possible.

    Trends show insufficient talent pipelines, unexpected talent departures that negatively impact mission-critical capabilities, and a wave of baby-boomer retirements on the way. The business case for a strategically managed talent function is compelling. The realization that talent shortfalls can constrain growth, impede successful mergers, and derail strategy has senior teams paying close attention to their talent plan.

    In this session, we'll discuss the top levers that Fortune 100 companies use to fuel their growth and the top six talent management pitfalls to avoid.

    When properly designed and executed, a talent strategy can be a source of competitive advantage.

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