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  • Trying to fit in almost killed me! Is it worth it?

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    Quanna's mission is to share her experience to bring awareness on "The Evils of Plastic Surgery" and hopefully educate someone about the Risk, the Complications, or and even DEATH that one may experience! MORE >

    They're many programs that's being advertise about reconstruction Plastic Surgery! However, we never see or hear about the people who get turned away, because they are too damaged and no Doctor would touch them!

    The only time we hear about "The Evils of Plastic Surgery" is when it’s too late, when someone didn't make out of surgery.

    I believe 90% of people who got or want to get Plastic Surgery is only because they know or seen someone who "body" looks prefect or/and getting all the attention.

    I spent years looking for the right doctor so I can look like everybody else. Monday June 15, 2015, I went in for a tummy tuck and liposuction procedures. The only thing that came from that procedure was being hospitalized for over 50 days, surgery after surgery, Trauma, Complications, Nerves Damage, Life long Scarring, Appearance Deformities and it even could’ve caused me death, just for a quick fix!

    I want to bring awareness about the Risk, for voluntary surgery!

    Is it worth it?

    I'm not totally against plastic surgery because Plastic surgery is necessary for some!

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  • You don’t have to be beaten black or blue to be a victim of Domestic Violence

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    Many people that's in relationships right now don’t even know they are victims of Domestic Violence. I was in many relationship for years, being a victim of Domestic Violence and didn't even know it. I believe that they're over 90% of people that believe that you have to be physically abused, to be a victim of Domestic Violence. Domestic Violence come in many forms. I've been physically, mentally, emotionally, verbally, sexually and financially abused. My goal is to inform everyone; women, men, young, old, married and single about all the different types of Domestic Violence because you don’t have to be beaten black and blue to be a victim of Domestic Violence! MORE >

    My Story, My Truth.
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