Marie Genevieve Pawlak

Managing Principal , Planning101 Group

Free Business Speaker in Chicago

  • Stop killing people at meetings!!!

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Life is too short to be killed by meeting!
    Meetings should be an opportunity to connect, learn, encourage, and get things done. So how do you make your meetings better for everyone? This talk will review the 11 ways people have tried to kill others in meetings and how to stop them. You will laugh, cry and admit that you have tried to kill your co-workers. In the end, you will walk out with an action plan on how to make your next meeting a great meeting. MORE >

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  • The Case for Kindness

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Educational

    We all know the English proverb
    "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar" but what does it really mean in the world of today? Does it really pay to be kind? How does kindness really help us in today's fast-paced world? This talk will provide insight and humor to what it really means to be kind and how being kind is the secret ingredient to being successful. MORE >

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  • Stop creating employee engagement surveys and start creating employee experiences!

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Want to get more engagement out of your workplace, think about your employee experience. Studies show that a well-designed employee experience leads to greater levels of engagement, involvement, customer services and brand commitment. The truth is that it's hard to build an engaged workforce if you don't provide the right experiences. This talk will give you the tools you will need to get your action plan started. MORE >

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