Marie Genevieve Pawlak

CEO, Prime Alchemy a division of Planning101 Group

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  • Murder by Meeting: Reviving the Workplace One Meeting at a Time

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Life is too short to be killed by meetings! Whether virtual or in-person, meetings should be an opportunity to connect, learn, encourage, and get things done. So, how do you make your meetings better for everyone? MORE >

    In this fun and engaging talk, we'll dive into the seven ways people unknowingly sabotage meetings and, more importantly, how to stop them. You will laugh, cry, and maybe even admit that you’ve been guilty of a few meeting crimes yourself. But don’t worry, we’re here to help!

    Join us to discover:

    The seven deadly meeting sins that drain energy and productivity.
    Practical tips to transform your meetings into productive, engaging sessions.
    Techniques to foster better communication and collaboration, whether virtual or in-person.
    Real-life examples of meeting makeovers that have led to remarkable results.

    By the end of this session, you'll walk away with a clear action plan to make your next meeting not just good but great. Say goodbye to boring, ineffective meetings and hello to a more vibrant, productive workplace!

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  • Border Patrol: Keeping Your Sanity with Clear Boundaries

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Ever felt like you're walking a tightrope between what's expected, what's communicated, and where the lines are drawn? You're not alone! Dive into an exhilarating journey with us as we unravel the art of juggling expectations, mastering the craft of crystal-clear communication, and drawing boundaries that everyone respects (and maybe even appreciates!). MORE >

    We’re here to share game-changing strategies and insights in a world where the only constant is change, and the lines often seem more like squiggles. Join us for a session that promises not just lightbulb moments but fireworks! Expect to laugh, nod in agreement, and maybe even facepalm as we explore the often comical, sometimes challenging, but always crucial world of expectations, communication, and boundaries.
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  • The Case for Kindness: Leadership’s Secret Ingredient to Success

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self-Improvement

    What if kindness were put on trial? In today's fast-paced world, does it really pay to be kind in leadership? How does kindness contribute to success and organizational health? MORE >

    In this insightful and humorous talk, we’ll explore what it truly means to be kind and how kindness can transform your leadership approach. We’ll delve into the tangible benefits of kindness, debunk myths, and highlight real-world examples of kind leadership driving success.

    Join us to learn:

    The compelling case for kindness in leadership: why it matters and how it pays off.
    How kindness can enhance team dynamics, boost morale, and improve productivity.
    Practical strategies to incorporate kindness into your leadership style without compromising on results.
    Stories of leaders who have harnessed the power of kindness to achieve remarkable outcomes.
    By the end of this session, you’ll understand why kindness is not just a nice-to-have but a must-have in today’s competitive business environment. You’ll leave with actionable insights to infuse kindness into your leadership and create a more positive, productive workplace.

    Discover how being kind can be your secret ingredient to lasting success!

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  • The Alchemy of Motivation: Elevating Workplace Performance

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Are you ready to transform your workplace and inspire your team to achieve peak performance? Join us for a fun and enlightening session on "The Alchemy of Motivation," where we'll dive deep into the science of what truly drives us to do our best work. Discover the secrets behind creating a motivating culture, practical strategies for leaders, and how to foster a sense of purpose and autonomy in your team. MORE >

    In this engaging and interactive talk, you'll learn:

    The latest research on intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and why it matters.
    How to build a workplace culture that motivates and inspires.
    Real-world examples of successful motivation strategies from top companies.
    Techniques to sustain long-term motivation and track engagement.

    Through storytelling and hands-on exercises, you'll leave with actionable insights and tools to elevate your team's performance and create a fulfilling work environment. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to turn motivation into your team's superpower!

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