Lee Eisenstaedt

Co-Founder, Leading With Courage Academy

Free Business Speaker in Chicago

  • Nine Behaviors of Leaders With Courage

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    In this interactive presentation, attendees will discover the nine behaviors to be alert for that can derail a leader's career; The five questions that need to be asked of employees, clients, and prospects that reveal their unmet and emerging needs; The four attributes of an effective Leader With Courage; and insights and best practices of 38 CEOs who have beaten the odds of being successful in the C-Suite. MORE >

    The presentation is themed around the 9 innings of a baseball game and a mix of sports and business stories are shared throughout it.

    Awareness of the ideas that are shared during the presentation will allow participants to:
    1. Avoid or minimize the obstacles to their success
    2. Increase their effectiveness at implementing their plans
    3. Create an environment of trust and esprit de corps
    4. Mitigate career and business risk

    This presentation will resonate with:
    1. New and emerging leaders in any business setting
    2. Anyone with responsibility for people, encouraging innovation, and/or implementing plans

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