Laura Lewis-Barr

Founder, Training 4 Breakthroughs

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  • Building Trust to Enhance Excellence in Your Organization

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    In decades of research across all industries, the presence or absence of trust is the most important ingredient in an organization’s performance. High trust teams collaborate more effectively, operate faster, and achieve sustainable results. The number one job of any leader is to inspire trust. Trust releases the creativity and capacities of individuals to do their best work. The great news is that trust can be repaired and high trust cultures can be created and sustained. MORE >

    Participants will:
    • Examine two dimensions of trust
    • Explore the costs of low cost and the benefits of high cost cultures.
    • Use EI to increase congruence and trust at work.
    • Understand the power of stories communicate positive intent and build a trusting culture.
    • Analyze organizational structures that build or decrease trust.
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  • Emotions Can Be A Trusted Guide and Helpful Friend

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    Emotions are a form of intelligence that is 80K times faster than the “higher thinking” rational brain. Learning to understand and manage our emotions means that we can utilize this form of intelligence to make better decisions, and manage our work and relationships so that we are happier, healthier, and more productive. Learn scientifically proven ways to manage your emotions and how to better understand their power and purpose. MORE >

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  • Using the Power of Play — Explore Emotional Intelligence with Legos

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    A workshop filled with play and insights into how we communicate, what gets in the way, and what we’d like to change or build in ourselves, our teams, and communities. This is the ultimate "hands-on" workshop. A fun way to explore basic concepts in emotional intelligence and communication.

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  • Using Emotional Intelligence Skills to Survive and Thrive During Tough Conversations

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Prepare yourself to face difficult conversations with courage and confidence. Discover best practices in preparation and delivery of challenging content. During this interactive workshop participants will: MORE >

    > Explore how basic Emotional Intelligence concepts of self-awareness, empathy, triggers, and hijacking can help or hinder us during emotional conversations.
    > Recognize the many benefits of not avoiding, but instead “leaning into” challenging conversations.
    > Understand and practice a proven 3-part method for conducting difficult conversations to produce good outcomes.
    > Explore different delivery habits that help and hinder communication including observation vs. evaluation, and owning vs. projecting a message.
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