Karen L. DeRose

Certified Financial Planner, DeRose Financial Planning Group

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  • Your Prosperity Picture – A Five Step Program to: Manage your Money, Design Your Life, Create Your Future

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Financial

    Women are often conflicted about money. On one hand, they're more financially powerful than they ever have been, according to the Federal Reserve, controlling 51% of all wealth in the United States.1 On the other hand, 60% of them describe their investing and planning skills as "below average."2 MORE >

    "Your Prosperity Picture" seeks to help financial advisors build assets by bridging that divide with an entertaining, interactive, and inspirational approach rarely seen in the industry. Attendees are introduced to the key steps to creating prosperity, participate in five interactive discussions, and work with a unique hands-on visualization tool to help them connect their money with their lives. They leave armed with tools to potentially see personal financial management as a powerful means to a desirable end, see themselves as worthy, capable managers, and see their financial advisor as a valuable partner in helping them get there.

    1. Financial Advisor magazine, "Financial Advisors Need to Focus More on Female Clients," by Mike Byrnes, December 2012. Used with permission.

    2. Real Simple magazine "Women and Money," by Geraldine Sealey, September, 2012.

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  • Retirement Planning – From Incubation to Manifestation

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Financial

    This program will focus on the psychological and financial strategies and opportunities that help people transition to retirement.

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