Jean Kuhn

Business Strategist/Consultant, Bounce Solutions Jean Kuhn

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  • Increase Your Cash Flow Fast

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Business owners, retail or service-based, all say the exact same thing. ‘We need more customers so we can earn more money.’ It’s tough out there for business owners in 2021. Jean Kuhn “has the backs” of business owners and delivers the hard facts, the truth and some laughs, on what it takes to become the leader in their industry and a “celebrity” in their business. MORE >

    Jean shares her story of buying 2 bankrupt businesses and turning them around in 12 short months and adding $100,000 to their bottom lines. And she did it with NO customer list and NO marketing budget.

    Jean is the perfect speaker if attendees: Want more customers, Want to make more money, Want to more free time, Want to reduce employee turnover

    Takeaways: You don't need a list or a big budget, Low cost/no cost marketing strategies, Tools to turn employees into lead

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  • Jean is an inspiring leader, full of passion, energy and dedication. She encourages and motivates you and ensures everyone is on track to achieve the success they desire.

    She has great problem solving ability and is very innovative in her ideas. She is a charismatic leader, very humble and polite, quite inspiring and motivating to other everyone she works with but does not compromise on the issues of discipline and targets.

    She possesses great technical and leadership skills, and also grasps new concepts quickly which she immediately teaches to others. She is business-smart and has great networking skills; Jean is a very practical thinker, a strong leader who is results-oriented and has the stats to prove it.

    She can bring out the best in everyone she works with if they are willing to put in the hard work. She is a true champ and an excellent individual to know. I have been so pleased that someone made that first connection to her. If you do not know her, I highly recommend you get to meet her or read her books (now completing number three and four!) and then be introduced.”

    Lynn Lionhood, Legal Shield