Jean Kuhn


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  • The Power of Facebook Live, How to Build Credibility & Sales in 3 Minutes

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    In this entertaining complimentary 45 minute presentation, Certified Master Speaker, Jean Kuhn, shows your audience how to go from ordinary business owner to “Expert/Celebrity” business owner and why that’s important to getting new customers. MORE >

    Your audience will learn how to make content rich videos in a matter of minutes with their phone, tablet or desktop to create raving fans and buying customers. Something their competition is not doing... yet.

    Your audience will learn:

    * How to increase their customer reach
    * How to retain clients that stay longer and spend more money
    * How to get over 1000 views from their videos
    * How to create instant credibility
    * Hear real-life statistics that Jean and her clients are getting as they are building their businesses and getting new clients from video
    * To finally have fun with their marketing while making more money.

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  • The Hidden Revenue Streams in Your Business That Are Keeping Your From Earning What You Want

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Certified Master Speaker and Marketing Maven, Jean Kuhn, knows your local small business owners are not making enough money. Let’s help them. Look around, how many of your local businesses have closed their doors in the past 5 years? MORE >

    Small Business Owners (SBOs) get so caught up in the daily grind of running their business, taking care of customers, employees, worrying about payroll, and paying the bills, they don’t have time to figure out how easy it can be to increase their income. I know it’s true, because it was true for me when I first became self-employed and it took me 17 years to figure it out.

    Every business owner has revenue streams in their business they have either forgotten about, don’t see, or don’t have the time to implement. Countless (SBOs) close their businesses because they don’t make enough money. While I can't see dead people, I can see revenue potential, it's my "sixth sense.“

    What if I could show your SBOs where they are losing money in their business?

    What if I could show your SBOs the revenue stream(s) they can’t see in their business?

    When a SBO thrives and makes more money, they put it back into the local economy, they create jobs, and the local government gains more tax dollars. A true, win/win.

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  • Jean is an inspiring leader, full of passion, energy and dedication. She encourages and motivates you and ensures everyone is on track to achieve the success they desire.

    She has great problem solving ability and is very innovative in her ideas. She is a charismatic leader, very humble and polite, quite inspiring and motivating to other everyone she works with but does not compromise on the issues of discipline and targets.

    She possesses great technical and leadership skills, and also grasps new concepts quickly which she immediately teaches to others. She is business-smart and has great networking skills; Jean is a very practical thinker, a strong leader who is results-oriented and has the stats to prove it.

    She can bring out the best in everyone she works with if they are willing to put in the hard work. She is a true champ and an excellent individual to know. I have been so pleased that someone made that first connection to her. If you do not know her, I highly recommend you get to meet her or read her books (now completing number three and four!) and then be introduced.”

    Lynn Lionhood - Legal Shield