Michael Gow

CEO, Vision Worldwide Consultants, LLC

Free Business Speaker in Chicago

  • Life imitates sport

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    As a former University of Illinois two-time All-Big Ten football player that achieved success not only on the playing field but in business as well as personal life I look to inspire, motivate and educate through my stories and experiences. Each presentation is customized to reflect the goals of the event and will entail active participation and engagement from audience members. As in sports life can quickly change for better or worse. How we deal with those changes determines whether we succeed or fail. What we call luck, what we call chance is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. My athletic success was based on a mindset that I have successfully used in life and business. I believe my experiences will empower others to live successful, happy and productive lives. MORE >

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  • 15 Days to Better Health-The 30 minute workout

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Health & Fitness

    My presentation is intended for all those who want to become healthier as soon as possible. For as little as 30 minutes a day you can achieve better health and fitness. I believe there is nothing more important in our lives than good health. Many days we wake up either feeling great or not and how we deal with our health dictates how our lives will be mentally or physically. I am not a physician or a professional physical trainer/therapist. MORE >

    I have taken no medical classes or use trainers at health clubs. But what I have is a lifetime of sports activities and experiences that I believe will be beneficial to everyone. It is very important to take action sooner versus later not only to maintain good health but to address any health related issues where physical activity will be beneficial. Why did I choose the title “15 days to better health? I believe if someone who dedicates 15 consecutive days of proactive exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes they will not only see signs of better health but more importantly it will lay the foundation to a change in your lifestyle as your health is very important and those 15 days will be the start of a lifetime of better health.
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