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  • The Leadership Secret: How authenticity and Being will skyrocket your results in record time.

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Many Leaders today do not have the support they need. As a result, many Leaders operate in unconscious patterns - bouncing between fear, feelings, and automatic reactionary behaviors called fronts. The cost of this kind of Leadership is enormous. MORE >

    Leaders set the tone for the organization and are the largest influences of culture. When Leaders are unsupported, this trickles down to the rest of the organization, impacts team coherence, workplace morale, and employee effectiveness.

    But the good news is that this issue is transformable. By supporting Leaders in understanding 1) what makes excellent Leadership, 2) the gaps keeping them from excellence, and 3) the structures necessary to close these gaps, we can support Leaders in stepping into a new, more authentic version of themselves.

    Leadership from this place is empathetic, integrous, and incredibly powerful. Those who lead from this place of authenticity can expect a more engaged team, far better results, and a much happier workplace.

    This talk centers on the Unconscious Triangle - a simple framework for supporting Leaders in understanding who they are Being on a moment-to-moment basis. This awareness allows them to craft a new, more authentic vision for themselves as Leaders, and create external support structures that enable them to live into this vision over time.

    While this is especially helpful for Managers and Executives with established leadership positions, this conversation is also incredibly useful for individual contributors and those with leadership aspirations. A more comprehensive and authentic understanding of why we do the things we do enables us to have conversations about showing up in totally new and never-before-possible ways.

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  • Well-Being is The Way: Why radical self-care and energy management are the keys to a successful future.

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    When we envision success, we often tend to envision more work - longer hours, higher output, more focus. But what if this was a misconception? What if extraordinary results had less to do with how much we worked, but rather the quality and potency of the energy we brought to the task? MORE >

    In this conversation, we address the illusions and misconceptions of “hustle culture”, why Well-Being is the secret weapon of high-achievers, and practical tips, strategies, and practices to up-level and upgrade your self-care.
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  • Feedback as Fuel: How to rapidly accelerate your career and Leadership through feedback.

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    There are few facets of the modern workplace that create as much stress and anxiety as feedback. While we appreciate and welcome positive feedback, constructive feedback is often one we avoid - it’s hard to hear what’s not working. MORE >

    But, what if feedback was actually the main key to unlocking a more stress-free and exciting career?

    In this conversation, we address why getting feedback can be a confronting process, how to positively relate to and empower constructive feedback, and practices, tips, and strategies for actively leveraging feedback for career advancement.

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  • In today's highly virtual world, where most of us are exhausted by the amount of time we spend on screens, it is no small feat for a group of distributed people to feel seen, heard, and motivated all at once. Hayden facilitates exactly that.

    Through leveraging his super powers of presence, compassion, and intellect, Hayden has a unique ability to ground, connect, and propel a group forward.

    If you are considering hiring Hayden for a workshop or speaking engagement, do it. You (and your team or community) will be glad you did.

    Alyssa Petersel - CEO & Founder, MyWellbeing