Bill Hammack

Theatre Junkie

Free Entertainment Speaker in Chicago

  • All About The Theatre of Western Springs

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Entertainment

    The Theatre of Western Springs is a very successful community theatre that has as its mission “to entertain, to educate, and to inspire across the generations through the art of live theatre.” As managing director of TWS for 8 years, Bill is in a unique position to talk about the history, the present and the future of this venerable playhouse. He illustrates his talk with photographs from past productions and fascinating looks behind-the-scenes of this 87 year-old institution. MORE >

    Note: This presentation requires the venue to supply a projector. Mr. Hammack will supply a laptop computer.
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  • Why Shakespeare?

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Entertainment

    So what’s so great about Shakespeare? Bill answers this question in a 50 minute presentation that he calls “a performance oriented lecture” where he illustrates the greatness, versatility, and astounding genius of The Bard by performing and dissecting several of his speeches and monologues. He also talks about Shakespeare the man, and reveals some little known facts and insights about Elizabethan England, Shakespeare and how his body of work came to us. MORE >

    This is not a dry academic lecture, but rather a lively and entertaining exploration of some of the works of the greatest writer that ever lived.

    Much of Bill's presentation is visual, and requires the use of a projector and screen.

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