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  • Do You Need to Address Business Continuity?

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    If you are like most business owners, you probably expect your data and telecommunications equipment to work during business hours, without a glitch. You expect computers to function and dial tones when an employee picks up the handset. You expect incoming call volumes to be handled so your organization can operate as seamlessly as possible. In short, you expect business continuity under all conditions. MORE >

    So what happens when a disaster strikes and your internet or telecommunication service is discontinued for hours, days or weeks? Can your business survive?
    There are situations where a business continuity plan is essential!

    Business continuity planning addresses the potential for these situations in advance. With some careful pre-planning, businesses can remain profitable and effective even in the face of a man-made or natural disaster and any accompanying outages. A business continuity/adaptation plan provides many important benefits:

    » The most crucial areas of operations continue to function so the organization remains profitable
    » Employees remain on the job despite the altered conditions
    » Clients continue to receive uninterrupted service
    » Lives may potentially be saved (if power is crucial to a health care function at the time of the outage)
    » The business owner can live with the peace of mind that the operation is “bulletproofed”

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  • Designing and Delivering Voice and Data Solutions for Businesses with Multiple Locations

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Coordinate your desk phones with your cell phones, communication applications with your iPad, voicemail & faxing with email, MPLS routing with SIP and VoIP traffic, centralized colocation, bandwidth & internet, voice access with fail over and more. All on one monthly invoice with only one place to call for service & support. MORE >

    Key Benefits to XCLUTEL's Multi-Site Implementations

    Total accountability / no finger pointing
    One monthly invoice for all locations
    One place to call for service and support

    Be part of an interactive Discussion on how to use best of solutions customized for your needs.

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