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  • How B2B Businesses Can Take Advantage of the Power of LinkedIn

    Robert Kravitz, President, AlturaSolutions Communications

    LinkedIn is one of the most powerful marketing tools B2B organizations can have. Its power comes in making the right connections. This talk will focus on how to connect with people and organizations you want to do business with, and then ways to context those connections to build your businesses. The discussion will also discuss the value of crafting powerful “pain letters.”
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  • Enriching Your Nonprofit Through Planned Giving

    Robert J. Varak, Law Offices of Robert J. Varak

    Learn how to establish a system whereby your organization can systematically improve its funding via the estate plans of potential donors. Most nonprofits receive periodic and inconsistent donations via this revenue stream, but I will explain how to utilize planned giving programs to improve fundraising across the board, not only via bequests. MORE >

    A small investment of time and resources on behalf of your nonprofit can result in a significant return, as well as improved branding and standing in your field. It's an overlooked aspect of development, and my presentation will draw on my experience advising nonprofits to give you all the tools necessary to leverage this opportunity to the fullest.
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  • Best Practices for Managing Remote Work and Remote Workers

    Robert Starinsky, ASBC, Principal, Tradewinds Group, Inc.

    The global pandemic has forced big changes in the way we work. Although the global pandemic increasingly appears to be in our rear view mirror, Remote Work and Remote Workers are here to stay! MORE >

    If you've just been getting by as a manager in the new normal of remote work, your days may be numbered unless you're ready, willing and able to manage work and workers differently in this newly emerging work world.

    This presentation provides a fast-paced introduction to the techniques and best practices you'll need in your toolbox as a manager in the new world of remote work.

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  • Building Trust to Enhance Excellence in Your Organization

    Laura Lewis-Barr, Founder, Training 4 Breakthroughs

    In decades of research across all industries, the presence or absence of trust is the most important ingredient in an organization’s performance. High trust teams collaborate more effectively, operate faster, and achieve sustainable results. The number one job of any leader is to inspire trust. Trust releases the creativity and capacities of individuals to do their best work. The great news is that trust can be repaired and high trust cultures can be created and sustained. MORE >

    Participants will:
    • Examine two dimensions of trust
    • Explore the costs of low cost and the benefits of high cost cultures.
    • Use EI to increase congruence and trust at work.
    • Understand the power of stories communicate positive intent and build a trusting culture.
    • Analyze organizational structures that build or decrease trust.
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  • The Art of Communication

    Robb Hill, Founder/President, R Hill Enterprises Inc

    A forcefully energetic and entertaining speaker, Robb hill knows how to deliver content-driven programs designed to empower and encourage your team. A financial adviser for over 18 years, Robb has helped hundreds of people redefine their financial objectives and prepare for a better financial future. MORE >

    Communication is the foundation of relationships, whether it is with family, community, church or business- communication can make or break relationships. Excellent communicators are also attentive listeners. Robb Hill will decipher the communication conundrum and help improve communication resulting in accountability and productivity.

    Robb Hill inspirationally empowers others to rise to higher levels and overcome the inertia to see the changes they desperately desire. Robb shows audiences how to move from inactive, to proactive, and step out of their negativity into a positive and creative life path.

    The Effective Communication Environment:

    The ability to engage your customer is a skill that needs to be cultivated for maximum effectiveness. The non-verbal aspects of communication are of special importance. Participants learn techniques to gain cooperation from others and help customers express their ideas with clarity which in turn allows the service aspect to exceed the customers expectations.

    Identify and apply different communication styles.
    Gain a better understanding of verbal and non-verbal communication.
    Communicate ideas more clearly and project a positive image.
    Learn the assertive language to get your point across.
    Tap into their own personal style to become a more authentic communicator.
    Learn how to effectively give and receive feedback, and much, much more.

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